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not good anymore

always dried up or over cooked at your stegar illinois location, pieces small, no meat anymore. no more going there.


Englewood, Ohio Rt. 40 The fish is so thin that it barely holds together. I'm diabetic and unable to eat a lot of the chruncy crust which is over 90% of the meal. I now go elsewhere.

pot heads

whent to the Muskegon Michigan ljs and the workers were out back smoking pot including a manager

A Recommendation

1. Add a 12 Shrimp Platter 2. Make the 1 Fish and 3 Shrimp a regular menu item.

No Compaint Just a Question!

I really like Long Johns But I wish it was separate by it's self again. Also wish you would sell your Tartar S. Retail!

shortage of food every time

we ordered the family meal and they only gave us half of what we ordered I have a wife and a hungry teenage boy to feed. half of the time we go to LJS we are shorted

poor service

I just left the van buren ar long john slivers. I had to wait forever through the drive thru. Not only did I not receive my drink I wasn't handed the receipt so I had to Google just to call an try an get my drink. The manager brushed it off like it wasn't her problem. Never spending another penny. Rude and very unprofessional.

tasteless food

tasteless meals. the fish taste like chicken. the chicken taste like shrimp everything is cooked in the same deep fryer. making everything taste the same. I'm never going back.


Most horrible experience of my week. The manager at the store on NW 23rd and meridian wasn't on the clock, so because I got animated when I complained, and he threatened to assault me. I am calling the police. Slowest food ever. I think that they may have to catch and kill the fish first

Pay check

I recently quit at long johns silvers and called on a Thursday and my final pay check and the manager was currently mad and me and said I can't come till Saturday so I come in on Saturday wasting my gas and turns out my check was lost and I need to know if I can get somthing in return with my check like gas money or a bonus

Disgusting worker

There was a worker laying on a counter in the N Belt location in St Joseph MO. There was a picture taken BY A MANAGER and posted on FB. It's spreading like wild fire. I can promise you no one who sees it will ever go there again! Myself included!

Disgusting Act of worker

My husband went into long John silvers located on Morgantown Rd Uniontown pa. 15401. Upon reaching the counter a woman was placing an order with the worker, when my husband noticed he had a large string of snot hanging from his nose the worker just swung his head to shake it off as he was already waiting on a lady. my husband turned around and walked out he said the lady he thinks followed. where are the managers at to over see these kind of disgusting workers you know they act like that in front of a customer they act just the same in front of all co-workers! we will never eat at long johns again. sherry of Uniontown

Unprofessional Management staff

We were in Lauderhill, Fla. having dinner and the Manager came out to the dinner room with an employee to write her up, we heard the hole conversation which was very unprofessional, the lady started crying, because she knew were we listening to the conversation, we will no longer be visiting this establishment due to the manager behavior

bad bussiness

Just came from LJS on mangum Rd in Houston. Only one person working there poor guy.waited 15 mins for my order also saw another car waithing. Got tired and left

Menu knowledge

My son in Kentucky advised me that LJS has a special for the entire month of Sept. I called the Staples store several times; received recording that it was not in service! I then called the Saratoga store, and the Manager could not tell me if they had that offering. I asked what they had on sale and was told she did not know!!!?? I told her what my Son had advised, she did not know of it and sounded slightly incoherent. They stores are in CORPUS CHRISTI, TX. The time is 3pm.

worst visit

Hi I visited your long john silvers in Peru, indiana Thursday sept. 4th I would just like to say it was the absolute worst visit ever first they had all these young snobby disrespectful people behind the counter they showed no customer appreciation. The food took over an hour to get to us and as I'm typing this I still have not received it! I've very disappointed and not looking forward to another visit.

lousy service and food

I went to the store in Pontiac, IL and had the worst experience. I attempted to contact corporation online and got messed with and unsuccessful. CONSUMER BEWARE. AVOID THIS FRANCHISE

racist chain

You advertised for the free fish fry today and when I attempted to Find a location I discovered all the participating locations were up north. They were for lack of better words all in white neighborhood's.I think that is awful. There is No explanation you can use or words to Say to explain this so called marketing strategy. You never intended to really give anything you only hoped to sell with the anticipation of offering something. This was a awful Find considering were eat there a lot. I will be telling anyone who will listen this story. We will No longer go to your establishment.

Bad store

Never go to long johns in melbourne fl. This was the worst experience I have ever had at this location. Under new management and employee was very rude and unprofessional. I will never ever eat at this store again and I suggest you don't either. Bad service, rude employee taking order and manager didn't care. I have been to this location a lot but never again. I always ring the bell when I leave but not thus time and always call the survey and give a good result but not this time.

thick cut cod

We go to the KFC/Long John Silver store in Ledgewood, nj But for the last year or so Long John Silvers no longer carries the Thick cut cod meal. Please bring the Thick cut cod meal back? This cod meal is so much better then the current fish meal because you get much more fish and less breading. Maybe it was not selling? But we loved it. Now we just buy the KFC chicken breast meal. Thank you

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