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Today, Sunday July 20, 2014 at the Rodi Road, PennHills, PA restaurant I had the worst experience I have known at a drive thru in my life. I paid for 4 meals and received 3 of them. The ones I received were not even correct. The workers were rude and we had to wait a ridiculous amount of time. I will not be back


I live 5 minutes from a LJS in Canton Texas. We eat there On a very regular basis. But until the air conditioner Is fixed, we won't be back. It's miserablely hot. I feel really bad for the young employees, especially those cooks. The lazy owners should care more about the customers and employees.


I went to the Jackson MI location and asked if the fish was cooked with the shrimp and was told everything was deep fried together people with sea food allergies can't eat food that has been cooked with shrimp these items should be cooked in separate deep fryers

At your own risk

The KFC/LJS in Somerset PA needs some much needed attention from corporate. They no longer carry LJS fries which I love. But my last visit I got an L1 and the shrimp had no batter on and was dry. Some obviously doesn't know how to throw down shrimp. I was also no offered any condiments nor were there any in my bag. I don't want to lose LJS again. But this store needs looked at ASAP. Thank you.

Waynesville, NC Store

Would love to have a store in the Waynesville NC or Maggie Valley NC area! There are TWO stores in Asheville, less than 10 miles from each other, why not re-open one in Waynesville, or a new one in Maggie valley?

I worked there until today the store manager michelle harris had me pick up fries off floor and cook them and she served them to customers this was last draw this is second time she done this at mesquite. Store in texas

You people in the head quarters need to really look at all your locations the one here in van Buren ar is nasty needs painted trim work and cleaned frequently

needs lobster bites brought back

Really like the long john silvers crab cakes & went to buy the lobster bites but you stopped having them so left with nothing. They were great. Bring them back


You need to start accepting checks ill never return again until you start accepting checks. and the food is very greasy.

Has the food changed this much?

Been several years since we ate here, but Placerville, Ca. had very good food. We have none near us in Walla Walla, Wa. and would sure like to see one built here. We have no seafood restaurant closer than 50 miles.

Lobster Bites

Worst thing I ever tasted. Next time I want lobster, I'm going to go to Red Lobster.

What happened

What happened to the Long John Silver in Ames, IA. I went there quite often and one week they were there and the next week they were gone with no notice.

Supposed to have great tasting food

My son and I went to a LJS store here in Des Moines Iowa last Saturday night for a 8 piece fish meal, been a while since we had been their but has always been one of our favorite places to eat fish, Something was different this time, the batter was different and greasy, Did not taste that great and shortly afterwards our stomachs began to ache on the way home. Next day I called the store and explain to Mgr. what happened and was told that LJS did change their cooking oil type. YUK, Bring back the old way that people enjoyed !!

need a long john silvers in franklin nc

we love long john silvers, we did have one in franklin nc but it went out can you bring it back. i am tired of going to murphy nc for it . thank you

Supposed to have great tasting food

In the end of July my roommate and I went to try Long John Silvers in Evansville, Indiana and it wasnt what I expected it to be. I thought the food was going to taste good and it tasted crappy, and mushy and it turned my stomach. I grew up going to Skippers and I had better there. It was the most awful tasting food that I had ever tasted, and I would like to try it again but not like that.

Worst thing I've ever had

I went to store # 31141 at 8:12 pm I order s fish and shrimp platter which comes with fryes and hushpuppys and I also order a 4 chicken planks with extra crunchys it was the worst food ive tasted or smelled it tasted.like the grease was.ranched or rank it stunk horrible plus never got asked.if I like any sauce for my fish, or shrimp or fryes, it was a waist of money it was un eatable we had to throw it all away. Oh all the food was.cold and soggy. I will not be going back to that store.


On 1/3/14 at 17:41 store 7857 invoice51 : This was the worst service and pitiful food proportions I have had anywhere. I used my cell phone stop watch and it took 17 minutes and they forgot the rice. That took another 10 minutes. I received 7 French fries and the 2 pieces of cod were 1" wide by 2"s long. They were out of tarter sauce and there was no sweet tea or clam chowder. I would like to get my $11.78 back.

False Advertisement

My husband and I went to LJS tonight after seeing a commercial about the 2 for $10 meals. The commercial said we could chose from nine meals including the baked fish. But, when we got to the restaurant, we were only allowed to chose from four meals (baked not included). The cashier said the commercial only applies to participating restaurants. We participated by eating somewhere else.

I recently wrote a review why is it not posted???????

A couple if weeks ago I wrote a review about the discussing bathroom and a rude man manger working there where is my review?????? If you as a company will not take my comment serious I will take my daily business else where like next door to Arby's?! What happened to this company did the children of an owner take it over? Because it is horrible now! I hope you go under! Where us my review?! I am furious it was not taken seriously!!!!

lohn john silvers in new port richey fl

i went to eat on friday night with my wife at the new port richey fl long john silver rest. it was so nasty the cook rubbed his hands on hiface then on his pants and continued to make sandwhiches dropped something on the floor and kicked it under the counter the manager was in the prosses on make excusses for the poor food to some lady and then we saw 2 raoches yes 2 roaches crawling on the wall needless to say we walked out never will i go again

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