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Rude and overcharged

On May 18th my wife ate at the Covington, Ga. Longhorns and the server was very rude and unhelpful. My wife did not leave a tip so the waitress added $10 as a tip. I contacted both female managers and still have not received a phone call or credit. We visit this Longhorns once a week....not anymore.

Double charged

I called in a to go order at the Conyers Ga. Branch. I noticed that they charged me twice. I called the manager on duty and he said that its normal. I have to wait until Monday to make sure it's not a mistake on the bank. WHAT! This is after I told him that his bartender swiped my card twice. Extremely poor management response.

Coraville,IA resturant

This was our second visit to this store. Our first was the practice operning when the trainers were shadowing the servers. Our server this time was still new but did an excellent job and we could tell that the management had covered all the bases. The store manager, Angela, followed up on the service and meals and we could tell she was genuine in making sure her customers were satisfied. We have been to several Longhorns and were empressed with this location. Very neat and clean and everyone worked like they enjoyed their job.

I eat at Longhorn frequently and have always had a delicious meal with great service.


We have eaten at the Longhorn in Rock Hill SC for years. Not anymore. Within the past year the quality if the steaks has gone down. No matter how we order our steaks cooked they are always tough and stringy. At first we thought it was just us, but recently my husband was playing golf with his weekly group and Longhorn came into a discussion. He heard a number if people complain about the poor quality of beef there also. We have also noticed that the clientele has gone downhill also. We were not comfortable on our last visit because of this and don't plan to go back. Longhorn used to be so great and the lines were always out the door. Not anymore. The only good things left at that place is the staff and the salads.

Debit card issue

Went to Long Horn Steakhouse on North 98 in Lakeland Fl, purchased a giftcard for $15.00. The amount that came through my bank was $27.00. I called the store and management said they corrected the issue and the money would go back on debit card immediately since I only had certain amount of money in my account that week and my account could bounce. After 2 days called the store back and asked for status, management said nothing more they can do. Corporate is putting the amount back on my card and it could take days. No apology or offering to take care of the fee from my bank since it was their fault. Very disappointed and not good customer service.

bad review

I have ate at long horn steakhouse 2 times first in pittsburgh food and service was great. the second time just this weekend in Freehold NJ. at first thought it was going to be the same , waiter was nice then they brought my grandson his chicken then after my son took some french fries off the plate with his hands to give to grandson the waiter comes over says sorry wrong dish and takes plate that my son has allready put his hands on food then takes it to another table and gives it to other people, I just could not believe what i seen . will not eat there ever agian, for what they charge for food then do that they might as well pulled it from the trash, lord knows where are food comes from in these places

Gift Card not activated at purchase

Service food was great - tried to use a $25 gift card given to my by my neighbor and it came back - that it was never activated. How can that Be? Unable to use the "contact us" portion on LongHorn's website - it does not allow me to enter the address of my restaurant, thus will not accept my email.

great server

Me and my husband came in for dinner, our waitress I believe is stephanie. We ordered 2 porterhouse for two. The food was great although one of our steaks were not cooked correctly.she was very efficient and was able to get a bran New one in minutes. High five longhorn! Congratulations on the new location (Sandusky) an great team.

Great... But

How can you beat a great Prime Rib...? You can't ,, however, when you order a glass of wine and only get a half a glass.... Well, you can beat that. And when I asked why the glass was only half full my very ex's lent waitress explained that they are told by corporate to only fill it to the cows lips ( of 5 oz) If you charge me for a glass, give me a glass. Being cheap on me when I'm out paying your prices pisses me off and makes Longhorn look cheap. Well, stingie anyway.

Just had dinner at Longhorn yesterday at Argyle Blvd. location in Orange Park Florida. I ordered a small Renegade Steak Medium and knew after first bite it was spoiled and long past it's expiration date for freshness. Had bad taste in my mouth the rest of the day over it. Manager female at store did't even offer to pay for the meal and waitress forgot to give me my house salad until I reminded her. Very poor food and customer service. also was seated 20 minutes before someone came over to take our order for drinks, bread etc...

my experience

I along with my wife ordered dinner this evening at the Lower Roswell Road Longhorn in Marietta, Ga. and my wife loved her dinner. I on the other hand got a steak full of gristle and it was so tough after two unchewable bites I gave up. Our waiter left previously after our request for additional bread and never brought it. and then after being told that the steak was unetible later came back and asked me if I wanted a box to go for the steak. ( REALLY )

Party of 13. Steaks were either overdone or just wounded. Salad lettuce way to big to eat without cuttting up. Never have I gotton such a bad meal at LongHorn (located on Corridor G in Charleston,WV). Server wasn't the most friendly guy I have every encountered. Paid a lot of money for very poor quality.

Called in to place our name on the list and 1-1/2 hours later we were told we still had a 25 minute wait - which we were previously told 15 minutes ago. Everyone at the front desk was rude. I think the "call in" is just a way to get people to come to the restaurant and after they are there they figure they might as well stay. It will be a long time before I go back to the Long Horn Steak House in the Waterfront in Homestead, PA

Rusted bottle tops

Greensboro n.c. west wendover location. Service was below average. I ordered 3 drinks which were all terrible not to mention the rusted bottle and sell by date 6 months prior to feb. 8, 2013. My worst ever experience going to a restaurant.

Wonderful..very sweet staff. Food was wonderful.

worst place ive ever been

My company had our Christmas party lastnight at the Salisbury location.we had reservations for 6 30 and asked specifically for one table. When we got there we had different tables scattered around an area, when we asked for one table they said a half hour. We didn't getsat until 9 30. We waited a half-hour for drink orders then another half hour to get our drink. It was not busy in the restraunt so there's no reason for us to wait that long for our drinks. When we ordered our food and finally got it all of our steaks were cooked wrong. When it was time to pay my fiance gave the waitress our card and she never came back with it. When we asked her about it she said she lost it. After waiting for another several minutes she came out and very ignorantly said I gave your card back and to check your pockets. We called the manager over and again he was very ignorant. Finally after they found our card my fiance asked if there would be a discount he just laughed and said no. I will never go back to this location and believe that the people working there should not be. A manager needs to make his customers happy instead of laughing in their dance. I will be calling the corporate office Monday morning to say the least

On October 6 after dining at the Longhorn Restaurant on Hilton Head Island, SC I fell just after exiting the restaurant. I talked with the manager and he was not very thoughtful, immediately going on the defensive. I did break a bine in my right wrist and have been in a cast for three weeks. I also wrote the corporate offices but have not had a response. I only wanted them to do something about the entrance since it is a slick area. They are bound to have someone to fall and issue a suit - suggest they put something on this area to keep anyone else from falling. A little courtesy such as "I am sorry it happened" would have been nice.

My sister and I go all the time for lunch. I have never had a bad experience. We eat at the one in Woodstock, Ga. It is usually very busy as well. The Longhorn's in Canton Ga. was awesome. My work went there and we had forty people. Not a glitch.

My husband went to eat his bowl of chili he bought over the weekend to find a plastic bag that had been cooking in the chili. I will have to say that after this incident I will be cooking the steaks for no on!!! So long Longhorn Steakhouse we wont eat there ever again.

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