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Rusted bottle tops

Greensboro n.c. west wendover location. Service was below average. I ordered 3 drinks which were all terrible not to mention the rusted bottle and sell by date 6 months prior to feb. 8, 2013. My worst ever experience going to a restaurant.

Wonderful..very sweet staff. Food was wonderful.

worst place ive ever been

My company had our Christmas party lastnight at the Salisbury location.we had reservations for 6 30 and asked specifically for one table. When we got there we had different tables scattered around an area, when we asked for one table they said a half hour. We didn't getsat until 9 30. We waited a half-hour for drink orders then another half hour to get our drink. It was not busy in the restraunt so there's no reason for us to wait that long for our drinks. When we ordered our food and finally got it all of our steaks were cooked wrong. When it was time to pay my fiance gave the waitress our card and she never came back with it. When we asked her about it she said she lost it. After waiting for another several minutes she came out and very ignorantly said I gave your card back and to check your pockets. We called the manager over and again he was very ignorant. Finally after they found our card my fiance asked if there would be a discount he just laughed and said no. I will never go back to this location and believe that the people working there should not be. A manager needs to make his customers happy instead of laughing in their dance. I will be calling the corporate office Monday morning to say the least

On October 6 after dining at the Longhorn Restaurant on Hilton Head Island, SC I fell just after exiting the restaurant. I talked with the manager and he was not very thoughtful, immediately going on the defensive. I did break a bine in my right wrist and have been in a cast for three weeks. I also wrote the corporate offices but have not had a response. I only wanted them to do something about the entrance since it is a slick area. They are bound to have someone to fall and issue a suit - suggest they put something on this area to keep anyone else from falling. A little courtesy such as "I am sorry it happened" would have been nice.

My sister and I go all the time for lunch. I have never had a bad experience. We eat at the one in Woodstock, Ga. It is usually very busy as well. The Longhorn's in Canton Ga. was awesome. My work went there and we had forty people. Not a glitch.

My husband went to eat his bowl of chili he bought over the weekend to find a plastic bag that had been cooking in the chili. I will have to say that after this incident I will be cooking the steaks for no on!!! So long Longhorn Steakhouse we wont eat there ever again.

My husband and I went to the Salibury,MD location for an early dinner. The restaurant is fairly new and was decorated nicely. We were welcomed and promptly seated. The waitress was very friendly and helpful explaining the menu, as it was our first visit to a LongHorn. The bread and salad were fine, but our appetizer was too salty to even eat. The waitress took it away and we decided to order dessert. We chose the 29$ special for two so it included a salad for each of us, an app or dessert to share and a choice of seven different entrees. When the steaks came out they were also way too salty. The manager was very nice and came over and explained that when you place your order you can ask for light seasoning. I like my food seasoned and I enjoy spicy food, but this is just pure salt. I can't imagine that consuming that amount of salt is healthy for anyone. I seriously doubt we will ever eat at a LongHorn again.

Over the weekend we came into location at the Douglasville restaurant, we were a party of 13, we had called ahead like we always do, for reservation for 5:45pm. We go to the restaurant for all special occassions. When we got there they told us that we would have to wait for 30 minutes, the table they were given to us, had paid their tab when we got there at 5:45. 1 hour later a family member went to speak to the manager things turned a little ugly and yes my family member was ugly and we apologized for his actions, the manager brought the family member outside and then you heard the manager say, THEY ARE A VALUED CUSTOMER because they come in here all the time,we were not the only party that heard this and that they could not ask them to leave, we had found out that they had been there since 1:30 that afternoon. I guess there would be 2 questions ask: 1. I thought everyone that walked into the door was a valued customer 2. Wouldn't you think if they had been there since 1:30 and they are a valued customer, wouldn't you think you would sit the other folks waiting at another table, since you weren't going to ask them to leave. Finally after waiting for over a hour (and there were 4 other large parties that went after us), they were ask to leave 3 times, manager gave us 3 appetizers for free. Even though he gave us the appetizers, does it make up for the comments? NO. Do you want someone who dines with you all the time, or do you want people who come on special occassions and tell people about the enjoyable time you had dining, I would think you want both. Now do we throw race out there, the mananager was black the customers were black and yes they were friends. I do want to say that, because we have been told before that there were other people waiting for our table. and with no question and out of respect that we give to others and yes we are white.... I also want to share our experience with others, because effidently your manager at in Douglasville, GA doesn't think that we are valuable enough because we don't dine there as much as the other party does....

Party of 8 arriving at 7:00 PM--Harbison, Columbia, SC Long wait to be seated--90 minutes Long wait for drink orders--15 minutes Long wait for drink deliveries 15 min and one took 30 min Tables seated after mine were leaving before our entrees arrived Out of prime rib Featured pork chop was small, dried out and tough. Total dining "experience" lasted 3 hrs, 15 min There is no corporate contact on the net; do they care? In my 67 years I have never felt the need to complain in purlic about a restaurant.

So DISAPPOINTED!!! Group of 12 seated immediately, which leads you to believe they are not that busy, therefore your meal should be GREAT. Uhh nope. I ordered the baby back ribs and received 95%bone and 5% meat, another person in our group ordered fish and what he received was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thin like a toothpick. He was given another piece which looked like to of the first one. How very dissapointing.

I ordered the outlaw steak...pointed to the picture on the menu and I asked the server to have it cooked just like in the picture. They brought out raw. The service was lousy and my glassware was chipped. My brother ordered chicken and it was much better than my steak...the irony. NEVER AGAIN will they see a dollar from my pocket. Second time it happens. Shame on me.

To all of you who complain about your experiences...you make the poor waitstaff lives a living hell. It's just food people. Not life or death. Eat your food, tip your waitress and leave. If you are going to be that picky about everything, cook for yourself at home. And FYI, if your a jerk to your server, they are going to be a jerk back to you. Boo hoo, my fries are cold. Eat them. Boo hoo, my steak is well done, and I ordered it medium. Eat it. Boo hoo, there are cucumbers on my salad and I ordered it without. Eat around them. Boo hoo, every time I order this dish I get sick. Either stop ordering it, or go somewhere else. So tired of everyone being so self involved. If the worst thing that happened to you today, is that your food was messed up, then you have a pretty darn good life. Suck it up cupcake. With that being said, I have not always had a perfect experience here, but it's just food. It's no big deal. And I still tip at least 20%. Maybe it's just because I used to be in their shoes, but it's a hard job dealing with the public. Be nice to your server, and they will be nice to you, and want to please you. Stop being a jerk to your server.

I went to dinner with some friends for my birthday at Longhorn in Shelton, CT. I was not happy with my meal (steak). It was full of grizzle and because of the grizzle, there wasn't much to eat. My friend had to send her steak back because she ordered it medium rare and it was well done! The manager took it back and brought another cooked as ordered the first time. Of course, we were all finished with our dinners and had to sit until my friend was finished eating..... Also, I ordered a Pina Colada drink which came in a large soda glass. It was a lump of crushed ice with the mix poured on top of it. Not a cherry, not a piece of fruit and no whipped cream. I know what a Pina Colada should look like... I was very disappointed with the food and my drink, but not the service. I live in The Villages in the winter and have been to the Longhorn there many times and have 'no' complaints. I think that your chefs should take a learning course on how to cook and your bartenders should take a course on how to serve their drinks. I enjoy going out to dinner and this was a special occassion, but again, very disappointing. When I get back to Florida, I will have dinner at that Longhorn, but I will think twice before going back to the one in Shelton. Thank you.

I have thrown up twice after ordering a chicken portobello mushroom dish. It was covered with beef au jus which I cannot eat for food sensitivities/allergies. I told the manager but she said I should have told the server before ordering. Never in 30 years with problem have I have expected a chicken dish contaminated with beef,

Actually, it is 0 stars. Nada, zilch! ZERO! That's why I'm writing. Today, I along with my mother and 2 friends, entered the LongHorn Steakhouse on Camp Creek Parkway in Atlanta. I looked up and saw the rating sheet. A measly 58-U was the rating! Are you SERIOUS! I told my group to look up. We all said, "YUCK!" and walked out. What a HORRIBLE thing to visualize. A 58-U rating! This is an awful thing. My next step - report it to the health department.

Today, 24May2012, we had scheduled our Red Hat Group to have lunch at 1:00 pm at your Longhorn location at 5220 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway, Hiram, Georgia 30141. I originally called in April to make reservations and was told by Alicia that Longhorn's policy is to not take reservations, however, the restaurant assured at that time, they would certainly be able to accommodate our group. I would just need to call a couple days ahead to remind the staff that we would be coming. I called on Tuesday, 22May2012, as I was instructed, once again speaking with Alicia, giving my name and the Red Hat group I was representing, at which time she informed me I would not need to call again until 12:00 pm on Thursday, 24May2012. I called at 12:00 pm on Thursday, 24May2012, speaking with Alicia, and again identifying myself and the Red Hat group, and it was at this time she now advised me she was not quite sure if our 1:00 pm lunch time would be honored. The Red Hatters begin arriving at 12:30 pm and continued to arrive right up until 1:00 pm. When Red Hatters first arrived at 12:30 pm the manager, of course, recognized the Red Hat group because of our attire, however, he said no one ever left a name. Totally untrue! I left my name each and every time I called Alicia, as well as the Red Hat group I represented. I had a very bad feeling about our group being taken care of. After waiting until approximately 1:25 pm, I finally went over to speak to the manager and asked him how much longer did he think we would have to wait. He had no idea. People were still eating in the area he was planning on seating us in. He was continuing to seat people in this area so I'm not quite sure how he was planning to wean customers from this area so our Red Hat group could ever be seated. Your restaurant is the only establishment in Paulding County that will not take a reservation. However, I understand that is not entirely true, as I heard from others in the group that you can call from home and ask for fast call or something and be seated when you arrive so what is that about if you refuse to take reservations??? The bad part about today is that your manager on duty could have cared less when we walked out. He had an "I don't really care" attitude, but there were 18 of us that walked out. I don't know too many managers that would have allowed that to happen. We walked acrossed the driveway to O'Charley's, I explained our situation, told them the number of people in our party, and within a few minutes they had an area set up for us and ready to handle our group. It was with a smile and they cared about their customers and their business. I just can hardly believe the attitude of your manager on duty today at 1:00 pm. Then your manager on duty actually tells me to, "come back again!" Are you kidding me??? I told him I am definitely putting a review on FaceBook!!! I can tell you for sure I will never return to Longhorn Steakhouse in Hiram, and word of mouth is the worst kind of advertisement for your business believe me, and today you had 18 very, very unhappy customers!!!

The following needs to be addressed. My wife and I, along with our14month old baby, had an opportunity to visit the Asheville NC location of your Longhorn steakhouse. it was obviously busy and requested a table where we could have a highchair that would be out of the way. We were informed by the gentlemen who sat us that the baby would be in the way no matter where we put the highchair and that we need to take first available or go to the end of the list. Where we were sat, my shild was hit in the head twicw by waitstaff and by passing customers. As we were leaving, I requested to speak with the manager. This is when I was amazed to findout that the gentlemen who sat us was the manager. The food was good, service from hostess, waitstaff, and Manager, made for the worst Mothers Day on record.

i went to longhorn in homestead fl and my debit card was compromised, the only time i used it that day. i will NEVER go back there. thank GOD my bank {community} was alert........ bring the electronic device to the table or we'll follow you. i am not the only one this has happened to. i found out this is a famous trick for these theives

10 STARS is the proper rating here. Thursday, April 26, 2012 To whom it may concern: My wife and I decided to go out for dinner and frequently we dined at Long Horn Stake House located on 11900 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, FL Store No. 5109. I have visited all the Long Horn Restaurants in Dade and Broward County and have come to the conclusion that the one in Pembroke Pines is without a doubt heads above the rest and that includes Outback’s, Olive Garden and the many others that we pass on the way to Long Horn. I truly believe that the primary reason that this restaurant stands out among the rest is the people whom work there. In an effort to pay them the ultimate compliment, “recognition”, I made it a point to ask their names and wrote them down. It is a pleasure to observe them work as a team; On this visit, the manager “Kim” was all over the place, brought food out, cleaned a table, attended to incoming customers and at the same time directed her staff with respect but firm instructions. David “server” has a pleasant attitude and maintained his composure to what seemed to be an annoying customer that had no reason to be and failed to disrupt the quick thinking server. Jean whom attended the bar did not stop for a moment. The bar was very busy, and the orders from the dining area flooded the printer, but she made certain to acknowledge every individual as they approached her station and got every order filled in a timely fashion. For a moment there, I thought there was three of her. Then there is Jimmy “server”, this young man seems to enjoy his duties as he pleasantly explains the menu to new comers and offers his personal suggestions to the kids in the group. Let’s not forget Jason he is well balanced, treats everyone with respect and knows his place with each and every customer, he is possibly management material. Well liked by customers and co-workers, he is a quick thinker and always has a pleasant response, regardless of the situation before him. “Gina, Priscilla, and the many others including Mike and Fred from the kitchen and whom play such an important role in the restaurant’s fragile balance. I enjoy the meal, but without a doubt, the people there makes everyone feel at home and treat us like old friends and family, with respect and noticeable care. These people are “LONG HORN STEAK HOUSE” and make no mistake about it; they are proud of it and show it. This past Monday evening, we had the opportunity to share a conversation with Gregg “manager”. This individual comes across as an executive whom represents your company flawlessly. He executes his actions and instructions with a swift gentle approach but firm and clear instruction. He speaks clearly, leaving no room for anyone to misunderstand his point. This individual is a corporate player if I have ever seen one. I am honored to dine at this particular establishment and to receive the service delivered by an entire group of professionals. Most of the other locations need to take lessons from this team. This is what it’s all about. “THE CUSTOMER IS JOB # 1” and they not only know it, but they show it. Thank you for having this excellent example of team work management and balance all under one roof. My advice to you is; don’t let the competition know about your secret weapon at the LONG HORN STEAK HOUSE on Pines Boulevard, Pembroke Pines, FL. I am certain this team meets and surpass all of the standards and set new standards for years to come. Francisco Gonzalez Miami, FL.

Got seated next to noisy kitchen even though there were plenty of other booths availible. Asked for sweet blackberry iced tea but was served unsweetened plain tea. Asked for salad with no cucumbers when ordering but salad was served with cucumbers and when we asked for another that one was served with cucumbers too. Also when ordering asked for my dinner to be served with bbq sauce not the honey mustard, but my dinner came out to me ABSOLUTELY STONE COLD and with honey mustard. I asked for my waitier to take it back and that I absolutely did not want another. On top of all of this, a group of waitresses were all out in the dining area at one of the nearby booths having their break which included LOUDLY talking on cell phones and even one of the waitresses French braiding another waitresses' hair as if they were in a hair salon IN FRONT OF all of the restaurant patrons. This was absolutely uncalled for and AGAINST HEALTH DEPARTMENT STANDARDS. I know from working in food service that any hair or makeup primping must be done in a restroom. This prompted us to ask for the manager. After ten minutes the manager STROLLED out of the back, asked a few of the other patrons how their meal was and eventually came over to our table and SAT DOWN IN THE BOOTH next to us as if someone invited her for dinner. We informed her of the issues we were having and how displeased we were with everything and she seemed to have an EXCUSE for all of the things that went wrong, she wouldn't admit that she was wrong about anything or even say sorry. Instead of offering to take something off the check or take care of the bill, she asked us what it was we wanted her to do. This manager had no managerial skills WHATSOEVER. The only thing she said she would do was have a talk with the obnoxious waitresses about doing hair out on the floor. She informed me that my dinner was being recooked and I told her I had already told my waiter I didn't want another. She wouldn't take no for an answer and forced me to accept another meal. We were so ready to leave, I asked for her to tell them to put it in a to-go box because we were definitely not in the mood to stay. Five minutes later, my dinner came out on a platter, not in a box like I had asked. How many things could they get wrong? We asked for the check, and NOTHING HAD BEEN TAKEN OFF THE CHECK, not even my dinner that had to be recooked. When leaving this restaurant the two girls who got in trouble about doing their hair in front of patrons walked out of the restaurant doors into the parking lot and sarcastically waved and shouted goodbye at us. VERY VERY DISPLEASED WITH THIS RESTAURANT, THE MANAGER AND THE EMPLOYEES NEED TO BE REPRIMANDED. Longhorn steakhouse has lost customers and I will not be giving this restaurant good reviews. Will be reporting our visit to corporate as well as the Saint Louis County Health Department for failure to meet health code standards

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