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not happy with service

Service has been terrible here the last few timesand the manager did not seem to care store number 5043

shrimp and lobster

I believe that longhorn made a bad decision on removing the shrimp and lobster dip from the menu. you have lost my business! good reddens to bad trash

bad business and unhappy

I went to longhorn on colerain ave in cincinnati Ohio on Valentine's Day. The service was horrible and our food wasn't prepared right. Ask for the manger he took 20 minutes to come out. After having to ask for him again. Completely unhappy with the service and the food.

Texas cheese fries

I know people might think I'm crazy but I'm very disappointed to find out that long horns no longer makes Texas cheese fries, this is one reason why I loved coming to this steak house and I won't be going back!

Jackson, TN

Since the old manager, this place is terrible. The new manager is a jerk who takes offense when customers get upset, service is terrible, and they are out of whatever it seems that we want to eat or drink. I saw one post about not putting up Christmas decorations because they may offend some people - well, I am offended by this stance and I will not be back. This place will not stay in business long


I'm surprised at the reviews I have just read about Longhorn I am a Native Atlantan and went in the first Longhorn on Peachtree Road in Atlanta , Ga. , about 1981, and have been going to various Longhorn locations since then. I have never had a bad experience with the food or the service. I'm an old man now but I am not deaf, dumb or blind yet , thank God, and I do know the difference in good and bad. I plan to go to Longhorn this week-end and am expecting a good experience. I have no connection to Longhorn except being a loyal customer. Thanks.

Oh boy /store # 5110

Recently there has been comments about this company and its corporate entity. I went to the longhorn in North Naples FL on august 31. ordered the prime rib dip sandwich: SALTY, More onions & mushrooms than beef, dip was horrendous. Did not make a scene but left most of the order on the plate. SAVE THE SALT and the additions, it was to be a prime rib sandwich not a onion, salt an mushroom extravaganza. another long time customer LOST..

horrible experience

Just left this restaurant. Thought we would try it out in Surprise, AZ. Way under staff. Mashed potatoes tasted like they were out of a box, steak was dry, and we were there for 2.5 hrs. Avoid this place it was only half full.


worse meal I ever had. Will not go back to Altoona or any other locations. Manager would not talk to me.

I am a regular customer at the Longhorn's in Cornelia, GA and went last night and wanted chili cheese fries only to be told they no longer serve them, guess I want be back, they were the best thing on the menu.

No more chili cheese fries

I am very disappointed I went to eat at longhorn for Father's Day. Waited an hour to sit and then get told that they no longer sale chili cheese fries and it was through corporate so that means all longhorns. If I was rude I would have just walked out then because that is the only reason me and my family come to longhorn. I will not be back to longhorn because of this ridiculous decision that "corporate" has made! I will from now on take my business to Logan's!

Rotten steak being served in Short Pump Richmond VA Horrible place ) stars for you!

Customer 2nd business 1st

Stopped by Longhorn Steakhouse in Maryland off Rt 40 to have a nice supper and was taken to a table to be seated and requested to be seated in a booth. It was just the wife and I, and were told that we could not sit at a booth which plenty were empty. When is it not the wishes of the spending customer but the establishment to dictate to how you spend your money! Needless to say we said no thanks and took our business elsewhere. We will not be partaking in any service from any Longhorn Steakhouse ever again.

lamb chops

Afternoon i have been informed the new menu that includes lamb chops were for a limited time only this dish is so delicious is there any way this dish be put on permanently . Longhorn in bayon N.J

Staff let go

So unhappy that two managers and some staff let go. It was a nice place to have a meal and relax good family setting friendly people. I will never go back. Hope your happy. You might be loosing lots of business.

My experience at Longhorn in Columbia, SC was bad. I ordered a to go order which consists of salmon, two baked potatoes, and a Caesar salad. The Salmon was not hot, and after preparing to eat the salad, I found a small black bug inside. I will not be eating there again.

Food Poisoning

Longhorn doesn't even deserve 1 star. My husband got food poisoning in the one in Wilmington NC and never again. I'm going to call everyone that I can so this issue does not happen again.

Gastonia NC

We eat at lognhorn last night and it was bad . THE STAKE I got had no taste the service was crappie. We will never go back

Hello Longhorn Friends - My wife and I eat at the Longhorn restaurant in Newnan, GA at least 3 times per month..Last night we ate at the restaurant and we had mussels. They were AWFUL.The sauce was watery and reminded us of bath water, NO FLAVOR..If you really want to do mussels right, go to CARRABBA'S and purchase a few orders, take them back to your test kitchen and start over..Sincerely, Victor Japour


Three out of five times we decided to eat at our local Longhorn Steak House has been disaster. Too many times there are too many empty tables/booths and no one to bus them which are piled with dirty dishes for an hour. Not enough waiters/waitress's to handle the customers and then always told the wait time. It's too bad since when they do get around to serving, the food is good. But we will wait for a few weeks and see if it gets a turn around. If not, we will continue to go to another restaurant.

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