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Staff let go

So unhappy that two managers and some staff let go. It was a nice place to have a meal and relax good family setting friendly people. I will never go back. Hope your happy. You might be loosing lots of business.

My experience at Longhorn in Columbia, SC was bad. I ordered a to go order which consists of salmon, two baked potatoes, and a Caesar salad. The Salmon was not hot, and after preparing to eat the salad, I found a small black bug inside. I will not be eating there again.

Food Poisoning

Longhorn doesn't even deserve 1 star. My husband got food poisoning in the one in Wilmington NC and never again. I'm going to call everyone that I can so this issue does not happen again.

Gastonia NC

We eat at lognhorn last night and it was bad . THE STAKE I got had no taste the service was crappie. We will never go back

Hello Longhorn Friends - My wife and I eat at the Longhorn restaurant in Newnan, GA at least 3 times per month..Last night we ate at the restaurant and we had mussels. They were AWFUL.The sauce was watery and reminded us of bath water, NO FLAVOR..If you really want to do mussels right, go to CARRABBA'S and purchase a few orders, take them back to your test kitchen and start over..Sincerely, Victor Japour


Three out of five times we decided to eat at our local Longhorn Steak House has been disaster. Too many times there are too many empty tables/booths and no one to bus them which are piled with dirty dishes for an hour. Not enough waiters/waitress's to handle the customers and then always told the wait time. It's too bad since when they do get around to serving, the food is good. But we will wait for a few weeks and see if it gets a turn around. If not, we will continue to go to another restaurant.

dishes on bar

the customers left and about a half hour later the dishes were still unatended at the bar ,thats not to good for cusstomers coming in to eat top notice that ,now is it

dishes on bar left

the customers who ate at the bar left and the dirty dishes were left there a good half hour after they left,they were not picked up t,the bar person or nobody that went by even picked them up either.

No Christmas Decorations?

I love Longhorn ! But ours doesn't have any Christmas Decorations?? WTH?? We spend a lot of money treating our family of 25 n ourselves n friends at LongHorns ! But they said the main office wanted to take a neutral stand and NOT decorate for Christmas!!! YOU took a stand!! You took the Un American stand!! We won't be dinning at LongHorns! Or any of your others !

Got Bugs

I went to the Longhorns in Florence SC saturday with a group of 6 people. well it took a hour to be seated and once seated our waiter brought our drinks back to us and out of no where a ROACH crawled from behind a picture that was right behind my back. The Lady manager came to the table and basically said we has to stay at this table cause they didnt have another table. we were told its cold outside and they just come in. I am sorry if i am spending $50 for a couple to eat, I dont want to eat with ROACHES.


I was in Cornelia GA today and stopped by the Longhorns. My waiters name was Reese. He is the best waiter I have had in over 50 years. He was very pleasant, I ordered unsweet ice tea no lemon. It came as ordered and with a spoon for me to ad sweetner, most of the time I have to ask for a spoon. He brought the bread without asking do you want bread. The meals were perfect. He kept the drinks filled and asked about the meal and did we need anything. This is by far the best Longhorns I have been to and for sure the best waiter.


Went to longhorn in liberty MO, I wanted to treat my father in law to a prime rib dinner. Our waitress took our order and came 5 min later and said they were out of prime rib! First im not sure how you stay in business if you run out of prime rib and your a steak house restraunta! Second we called a few hours later and spoke to the hostess and he/she said they had prime rib and serve it all day long! I would like to think that I must of came in in a bad night but after the phone call iv decided that I am done with longhorn in general! Horrible experience!

Bad service, Bad food

Bought a Strawberry Pecan salad to go. It was a 14.00 salad. Salad was not made correctly, cold, dry grilled chicken. Longhorn in Tuscaloosa, Al has gone down


Went to longhorns today in Albany, ga and my waitress and another employee were cursing and engaged in two fights. I was there trying to have a nice lunch with my mom and my two young children. Was very disappointed because my kids had to bear witness to all of this.

Horrible Service LongHorn Bham Alabama 280

Today I came into your restaurant after church to celebrate with my mom for her new job positions. Service was awful, we waiting so long to be seated and once we were seated it took 40 minutes until someone came over and ask us for our drinks. They brought out the salads and when our meal came he never took our plates up, so we had a table full of dirty dishes on top of our meal. My mom food was cold and she didnt enjoy her food at all. The server wasnt attentive to our needs and I will never come back again. Horrible service, I thought it was customers first but not today


When the Longhorn in Salisbury first opened it was so good ! Now it's like nobody knows how to cook a steak. It took them 3 times to get my steak correct, never saw our waiter and my spouse had to share my drink.

good food and great service

Went to Florence, AL location for a birthday dinner with a friend. We each ordered the $12.99 special which included a salad, a side, a 6 oz steak and dessert -- great deal!! Her steak was perfect -- mine was overcooked. The manager replaced this steak along with another side. It was under cooked this time and again had to go back to the kitchen. It came back perfectly cooked!! He then removed the dinner charge from our check -- which he did not have to do. He and the waitress could not have been nicer. I will go back to this location!!

No Again

My Husband and I went for a Saturday night dinner, what a mistake. We order our food, never saw our waitress after she took our order to find out if we needed any thing. The food came no steak sauce, mind you we never saw our waitress after our order was taken. This guy I guess he was the hostess I asked him for some steak sauce, he said oh no problem I'll get for you, he left the table never came back. The food by this time is getting cold. My steak tasted like a cutting board and very dry, the onions and mushroom I order was soaking in grease. Finally I went to the door got the manager, explained ever thing to her, she was very apologetic I couldn't eat my food lost my appetite, the manager offered to give me another order, I declined my husbands plate had to go back due to the fact his food was like ice. This was the first time we both had been to this place and it is the last.

wonderful service and food

We love the longhorn steakhouse. Everyone is so very friendly and such good service. The food is to die for. I have never found anything on the menu that wasn't perfect. Today we went out for our birthdays and the manager, Mitch Johnson, brought out the best desert. I was so full that I could hardly move but it didn't stop me from diving in to that beautiful cake. Mitch was such a delightful person as was our waitress. I highly recommend the restaurant. I wish I could have given them more stars.

Longhorn in birmingham alabama

A bunch of people waiting for tables several tables empty and had not been busted. They give you those things that vibrate for a table but they never went off they would yell your name. Manager stood at the hostess desk and never did anything. Half te waitresses looked like they hadnt showered with their butt hangin out of their pants. By the time we got seated there were 3 tables that people had just got up from while we sat down and they stayed dirty til we got our dessert after our meal with a bunch or people waiting. The manager never walked around to greet people and was lazy! Waitresses busting tables and picking up one thing at a time. Very slow. Worst longhorn I've ever been to. Do not eat at the longhorn in birmingham al

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