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The security at Kmart really sucks.

Worst customer service ever

I bought 5 items online and they were shipped to three different places.none of them made it to me.no one can speak english at customer service


the kmart in raleigh nc is a joke.!! they help a local maid of a apartment building spy on a tenant because he almost cost her job


Hi sears headquarters The Grove City Ohio Kmart will be remodeled soon getting professionaly remodeled.

my girl was threatened

A girl named Julianne at north first in Abilene texas that threatened my woman and talking bad about her and me I told I was fixing to.call the police she was a roommate to my girl in Snyder texas and has beef with her so I am upset it happened on Friday September 25th at 6:58pm that is crazy I mean I don't even know here at all

jealous women

the commercial is cute, they should have cute commercials all year long. but people like you ruin it for everyone else. insecurity gets you no where. grow up

warrenty -jewlery

lost a stone in my ring and a bought the warrenty .kmart said that anybody could take the stone out to sell them what kind of bogus excuse is that

Kmart on Greensprings Highway in Birmingham Alabama has very poor Customer Service ...


Terrible terrible terrible customer service! Never shop at Kmart! They are rude and inconsiderate!

The Store

I live in Kansas City and the store is horrible. The managers are really rude and have no respect for anyone. Seriously that Kmart needs to be shut down. Never dealt with such rude people in my life.

Need a change

For next year could you please get rid of the maxi dress. Would love to see cotton in a middy or gauze. All these fabrics such as rayon, spandex are hot and too long.

lay-a-way nevet again

I had a lay a way on a carseat and because I missed one before pick up date it was cancelled and they kept $15 dollars no more kmart for me and I will share this info.

Corporate Office Contact

The young lady was very rude to me. She did not listen to my concern and hang up on me twice.


You need to tell the manager to put those double fan on sell right away .That is in Twin falls Idoho

can;t get them to answer email

emailed them for the past three weeks, says will get back to you in 24 hours, No answer, wont answer the phone,


This company sucks


The loud horrible rock music makes me NOT want to shop in the Wooster KMart. I don't know what's going on there. I use to like KMart, but we won't be shopping there anymore. I will drive 30 minutes to Target.


very poor managed store in massillon ohio no registers open and nobody wants to wait on you even at the service desk and when i called and talked to the manager and it was no big deal that they had no help at the registers. Will never shop there again and I am telling everybody about the experence that I had

Great service

I have shopped with Kmart for years, never any problems and great customer service. Only wish they wouldn't have changed the music, but still the best store in town.

Nightmare refund Policy

on Dec 24, I order a DVD/VCR combo, it was never shipped but my money was immediately drafted from my account. I spoke to (4) employees & no one could assist me in getting my refund. I have all my paperwork including my bank statement where the money was taken from my account. What is the problem people, I will never spend another dollar in your stores..

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