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Do not purchase any warranty for kindle fire , K mart and Amazon will not make it good, save your money.

Lying reps

I placed an layaway order online and had it canceled due to out of stock. I called and they lied saying items were out of stock. How come I went back to the web site and they actually had the items listed on the website and I also repurchased them but they were out of stock, right. I like putting my kids Christmas items on layaway so they cannot find the hiding places for them. If they do not want customers to use the layaway plan online then I suggest they remove it.

Pharmacy in Naples Florida North Tamiami Trail horrible customer service very rude !

Kmart #4198 pharmacy cols ga bad service

purchase antiseptic wash item not in a box did not have a seal. try to return item back to the pharmacy from the pharmacist that I bought it from refuse to refund my purchase. was told item does not come in a box or is it sealed. not comfortable using a product that is not sealed. However Walmart has the same item and it comes in a box. same pharmacist who sold me the product refused to refund my money. was never told that the purchase was none refundable.

Sale Priced items charged as full price

I shop in my local K-mart, which is located in Mahopac, NY. It appears each time I shop there and purchase an item marked on the shelf as a "Sale" item, the cashier charges the full price. 3 out of 10 items that I purchased today, were sale items, although they were charging me full price. I'm fed up with K-mart not taking this problem seriously. This is a serious problem and people will stop shopping at that store. Someone is definitely not doing their job..


On 10-19-14 at 11:35 AM, I called the Kmart in Douglas Georgia asking if they had a replacement bicycle chain, because I live 31 miles away.. First she said we don't carry them. I told her that the wed site said they did. Then I was on hold for over 15 minutes with NO reply.

Poor Managent

Kmart closed over 300 stores and Walmart opened over 300 stores.Kmart filed Chapter 11. I have sent my resume and written letters to different personnel at corp. with no response. What is there next strategy, close more stores ??? I have a solution to reopen these stores and reinstate 25,000 jobs. I look forward for an opportunity to express my self in making progress


I was assisted by great employees who not only found the merchandise I was looking for but carried it for me to the cashier and out to my car. This has happened on several occasions. So thanks K Mart

Coupon not honored

The KMart checkout employees (store 4860) do not want to honor or give out printed RED store coupons because I am not a 'Rewards' customer. The coupons do not say anything about rewards on them. In fact the latest coupon is a thank you from Campbell's coupon worth $1.50. This is ridiculous.

The website didn't credit my order with reward points,I was charged the full amount $49 then customer service "canceled that order and assured me the points was added to my next order however then they charged $54. Still waiting on both credits to post. Tonight after numerous emails and phone calls they tell that I was never charged. Therefore I get no refund. The BBB sends me back to their website to try to resolve. Resolution let me go into store and get my $100 bucks.

Insanely bad customer service

This place is crazy. They overcharged me, the cashier dropped my money behind the counter and screamed at me that it was me who dropped the money under his legs. He told me to change an email address I have had for 15 years. No one in the store cared. They didn't give me what I bought. I left several dollars short without what I bought!


upset that they are not having a local ad for six weeks. Love to shop there, hate looking at a posted flyer in store. Please reinstate ad.

store 4997

The store is in poor condition. The associates are very rude and very helpful. there was one associate that helped me out a lot and that was Michael in the furniture department.

Love the new Merry Birthdays adv!

I'm ready to start shopping and saving up for Christmas! In fact, I'm looking for Christmas lights to string around our TV room! So glad to know that Kmart is in tune with many of us out here....


I Worked At Kmart For About 4 Weeks. I Ended Up Really Sick So I Couldn't Continue Working They Said They Mailed Out My Check. It's Been About A Month Or So & Yet I Still Haven't Got My Check. It's A Problem.

hot box

Store 4203 never has the air conditioning working in years.I refuse to shop there til it is fixed. They always say they are doing it but lie and never do.

Store too hot!

Blaine, MN, store has not had air conditiong that works in years. I have complained in the past but no answers. I actually feel bad for the employees having to work in these conditions. At least I can choose not to go there when it is warm.


I am in Atlanta, Ga. where I visited the Kmart on Mableton and I must say that I have experienced the worst service ever ! I was unable to even make a purchase. The cashiers that I spoke with were horrible and so was the manager on duty. I will never step foot into that store again, the service was so bad it had cause a headache. I see why the kmarts are closing.

gas perks

I shop at the Kmart in Greenwood, SC. and I have 30 cents gas perks on a gal. However, there are no BP stations within 50 miles of Greenwood. Why would the Greenwood store give perks for stations that far away. This is no perk for the Greenwood customers for Kmart or BP. This is a stupid waste. Makes me think I might avoid shopping at Kmart.


I've shopped Kmart in Port Charlotte FL for 8 years.there have been times when I wondered why I was there. There was not enough help and the store seemed disorganized. But recently, after 2 visits I had noticed a big difference, especially the cleanliness and the organization. Since people always take time to complain I just wanted to take the time to send a compliment.

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