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Order not accurate, gave me fried instead of baked chicken, out of green beans, food was bad. Threw away half of it. Cole slaw was warm and tasted spoiled. You guys are a far cry from the KFC I knew from the 1960's best thing I can suggest is just to avoid the place..I did a drive through and discover the mess after I got home.


the food is great. but thier being "enviromentally responible" is a joke. using styrofoam buffet plates is a waste and is horrible for the enviroment. not to mention all those cardboard boxes that comes in to the store gets throw in the garbage, not recycled. it needs to be stopped

Food Concerns

First, I love the food, the chicken and the other condiments, BUT the biscuits leave a lot to be desired. The frozen things shipped to each store are not the great biscuits I used to eat coming up as a child and believe me KFC was a big part of my life. Please please return to the homemade (store-made) of old...

They have very poor service. They dont treat there employees fair.They hire family relations.

Missing W2

I have called the Kearney NE store 2x now for a missing W2. I was never called back regarding getting a replacement W2. I was denied the corp number by the manager/supervisor. Really?! What kind of service is this? Only 1 star due to having to leave at least one...boo!


The restaurants was dirty.6 people working .buffet a mess and out of food, tables windows floors all dirty.kitchen not looking good and only two customers in the restaurant.

The KFC in Gallatin TN has the worst customer service any wear and their manger calls their customers a liar I used to eat their 2 times a week but on 3- 18 -2014 at 4 a clock was my last time I will ever eat their

Can't find KFC in Lousville Downtown

I was in Louisville downtown fourth street for 5 days and I couldn't find any KFC near where I stayed. I was so very disappointed that I couldn't tasted KFC while I was in Louisville last week.

staff that do not wash there hands after they use the bathroom

Terrible ... my daughter went to use the restroom and a worker came in and used the restroom and didn't wash her hands after she was done and omg she was cooking peoples food ... super visor was worthless and kept making excuses for this situation. Got a refund - took my 3 granddaughters and my daughter and left. This was the store in Victorvile, on 7th street

We just ate chicken pot pies with large slices of raw carrots only three small slivers of chicken not even enough chicken to call it a chicken pie. The carrots are too big to cook need to be sliced smaller or chopped. Lots of peas in it but no chicken. Maybe two tiny pieces of potato in it. They used to be good. Please try to make them better. We ate at the Gardendale, Al KFC. Can you bring back the grilled wings?

I'll never spend my money at kfc

I spent 85 dollar's and I didn't get half of my order called the manager and she didn't care. Im going to corporate office and make a complaint against the store.

hair net

I just got a meal from kfc in irving tx and when I got home I found a used hair net in with food.i have tried to call store 5 times and no answer not sure if will ever eat at kfc again

property care

The only place the KFC shoveled was their parking lot and store entrance. The surrounding three sides are snowy and icy. You know the Northwest experienced heavy snow and ice accumulation. They just don't care. As a concern neighbor the management just disregarded us. Therefore we have chosen as a neighborhood not to eat there.

No Regard for Patrons

The snowfall of winter 2013 - 2014 has put Philadelphia, PA and vicinity in third place for snow accumulation in its history. I honestly don't think KFC (store #K071095) on Baltimore Pike in Clifton Heights has even removed their snow shovel from storage. People have to walk in the busy street to get pass that one particular store. The sidewalk of every other store along that stretch has been shoveled. It is a dangerous situation and very inconsiderate.

KFC gowing downhill

I would like to know why a place that sells chicken is always out of chicken? It wasn’t like we went in there during or after the dinner rush it was 4:45. Chicken isn’t like a hamburger, you can’t cook it on an order basis. This isn’t the first time it happened at the Farmington, Michigan located on Farmington Road. After waiting over 45 minutes again we won’t be going back.


i have taken the kfc customer survey - 3 times and they have yet to get back to me - i really think they dont care or someone is not doing there job

extremely disappointed

today my grandmother asked me to go to KFC to get her some chicken when I got in there not only was the store a mess but the workers were also rude I literally waited 45 minutes for my food but my food was still wrong I waited another 45 minutes just for them to get It wrong again once I finally got my food I went home just to find out it was wrong again and it was cold and dry I will never go back to KFC again I am extremely disappointed

Worst Service

There's a KFC in Garland, TX and the employees don't know how to do their jobs and it's a disgrace that they run out of everything, messing up people's orders. People have to sit and wait in line for almost ten minutes at a time before ordering. The manager and employees all need to be fired, it's just embarrassing. I've been to other KFC places and have had great service and then this one is a nightmare in terms of the way everything is going.

I don;t know what was worse.....the overcooked chicken or the help and I use that term loosely. For $12 we could have gone to Highlands Restaurant. Now we know why you sell cookies.


we treated ourself to a restaurant meal and it was awful, we ordered a bucket, wanted half org. and half crispy, it was all so hard, we couldn't eat it, we didn't get any biscuits but got 28 packs of butter and honey, we haven't had money to buy kfc, we thought we would take a bucket home and enjoy, can I send this to you, maybe you can eat it, the service was super nice, chicken sucked. sincerely cookie

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