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Canada KFC

I work for kfc and I was in today, they were slow and they would not take my order. The supervisor there is very rude and loud. I work there but I will not take my daughter to eat there anymore.

.49 cent rip off

Nothing post on window about your .49 cent rip off to use you debut Visa card if I would have know I wouldn't have spent my $27.00 there are very many other chicken choices to eat at I won't be back until you remove the .49 charge

.49cent charge

I bought my last bucket after 40 years. If you need my .49 that bad you can keep your chicken. That's how you treat your loyal customers There are many other chicken dinners out there That would be happy to take my card for free


I go to KFC in Brook Park, Ohio and love it! The managers and employees are all friendly when I go in. I usually have a large order. It's hot and ready within a few minutes. If I have to wait they are always apologetic & offer a drink while I wait. The evening crew makes the best chicken and I recommend them to everyone!

Ozark Missouri

Filthy. Nothing on the buffet and the bathroom was discusting

Im very sorry you guys had to experience this. I'm a former employee and there are a lot of health concerns I was asked to ignore while working there. Like plastic in the fryers, fatty oil, unsanitary prep tables, chicken falling on the floor that goes back into the buffet. I reported all of my concerns and hopefully you do too, it will help solve our problems.

corporate overhaul

If you are going to cater to the people who are beheading our citizens, I will not be back nor will my friends and anyone else I can get the message out to. Alcohol wipes offending someone? Tell them not to put them in their mouths.


I am appalled that you would dare refuse wipes to cutomers because it may offend muslims, or anyone else! I guess you want Necrotizing fasciitis to spread.! I what's next? Will you remove toilet tissue from your restrooms too. As far as I'm concerned, you just became filthy!

i hate it

taste like poop

Henry D. Marcus, Ventnor NJ

;U need to institute or employ surprise inspections. Your quality varies: sometimes good, sometimes not. Last time in the Egg Harbor NJ unit (Rt. 322) the original recipe item I had was overcooked and dry.

I went to the K/FC on Zero street in Fort Smith AR and there was cockroach crawling all over the counter where you get your drinks.

Rude Manager

I always treat my daughter and her family to a KFC meal when I am in Ft. Collins, CO. We have put up with poor service and lack of organization for years, but Aug, 7, 2014 topped it all. We ordered a 10 pc. bucket, original, with double sides. They took our order, then said if they filled it they would be wiped out of dark meat orders until they could fry more! The manager was loud and rude, saying he was the only one there to prepare and fry the chicken so we would have to wait at least thirty minutes! The meal was there, but they refused to fill our order. We went straight to your competition, Raising Canes, and dropped $60.00. No more KFC for us!

False advertisement

Want to know why you advertise 5.00 box served with a cookie and we get a stinker donut hole in all the boxes. Really, This occurred at Springville, NY. Good way to lose customers!

What's with the salt?

Why in the last 15 years , at least in MD. do they have to put so much salt in the chicken breading? We now have to take off the coating before eating the chicken. WHY?


Went to the Aberdeen, WA store. Every table in the place was dirty. The windows were filthy. The kitchen area was disgusting. My husband tried to order three different items and they were out of all 3. Never again. .

Rip off

Not only did I drive 20 miles to go to Ruston, La KFC because I live in a rural area but my $5 boxes had 1 small pc of chicken instead of 2 in all 6 boxes! They didn't provide a receipt when we called to ask the manager to please get the correct order right so we would not have to wait an additional 30 min in the drive thru the manager stated we order 5 pcs of chicken (for a family of 6 really?) and hung up on me!!! KFC is not the great place I remember as a kid they are rude, food is lacking in quality and quantity the employees and managers are rude and incompetitent. Think I will stick with Churches in the future!

I am 8 months pregnant and work at KFC/Taco Bell. One of my managers constantly makes dead and retarded baby comments to me, they have made me slip and fall on the floor, and today I dropped my employee meal on the floor and they would not let me have a new one even though I felt like I was going to starve to death. My first week working there, the same manager told me that I had a "nicer *ss than the last girl who worked there". He thinks that he is being funny, but he really gets on my nerves.

never again!

(rt 59 in joliet il)The potholes in their parking lot were so bad i suffered a flat tire as i drove through there making a bank dep from next door where i work.They have been unfilled all spring and summer. i had to have my car towed because the tire was blown open. after 2 days and 3 phone calls later i talked to the gm and she said that she would not fix it. i am documented that i worked till9pm then made a nightly deposit and called my roadside assistance at that time and then had it towed from right next door to kfc. there are NO other pot holes around,,,,,she responded rudely and didnt even try to meet halfway....i will be telling many others of the very poor customer service i experienced there.

chicken jerky

My wife stopped t KFC in New Baltimore , Michigan to get dinner. When she got home , we couldn't eat the chicken. It was half regular and half broasted. It was soooo dry I had to take 2 gulps of water to each bite. Contacted hot line, but still no responce. Their customer service as well as quality control are non-existant. Chicken Shack is really looking great about now.

French selection

It seems impossible to find a KFC in my area, South West France, that actually sells "pieces" of real chicken. They all have strips/tenders etc but not what the KFC brand was built on. Is this the norm in France ? When I tried to complain to the corporate web site, even though it was the "French" version, it demanded a US state as an address thus preventing me from entering it. It all seems like a big "con" to me. I am very disappointed.

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