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Great experience everytine

Wonderful company.

senior citizen

its a sad day when kfc stopped the senior discount [ 50 cents ] un american


Who really came to this board to complain about a commercial? this was info about head office not a site for bored turds to complain about some dumb commercial.

Another horrbile review of many

Corp office has no numbers to any franchises and the ones they do have dont work. No one cares...

Col Sanders commercial

Thank You for replacing the first guy, he was absolutely awful, hideous to be exact! Norm Macdonald is much better!

Dover,Ohio KFC

How can you never, ever get the order right. Seriously, I repeat the order. The cashier repeats it back..and it is still wrong.


The actor for colonel Sanders currently being used could not be worse. It's like a creepy parody or a nightmare version. He is just gross get rid of him!

New person

We are third generation customers. Please do not continue commercials with this new Col. Not funny, or cool... just creepy and offensive. We will come back when he is gone. All 29 of us. Thanks

Dump the New Col Sanders

I hate the new Col Sanders!! Get him off TV please

Creepy look alike

I was a big fan of KFC but your spoof or joker you are using to act as the Colonial is a total loser speaking of loser just do that. The original Colonial is turning in his grave right about now.

New Col. Saunders

Is this supposed to be a spoof? Compared to the old Col. these adds are a disgrace. Take the snickering out and make them as though it were the original Col. Yes, I remember them!

Creepy Colonel

I am so upset over the new Colonel Sanders. He is a disgrace to KFC. I would be ashamed of myself if I gave the OK for that ad. The real Col Sanders is probably turning over in his grave.

Terrible Commercials

Whoever decided to replace the image of Col Sanders with a creepy attempt at comedy needs their head examined. Really cheapens the Image KFC has built.

Your new adds

Your adds are terrible The Col. Is terrible. He give me the creeps. Who ever is your ad agency. Should be fired!

Chicken Specialists

Why is it that they only commodity you sell CHICKEN is often not ready for your customers? Does anyone else have an issue with grilled chicken not available at their KFC?

Col. Sanders is turning over in his grave

This actor is awful, as so many above have mentioned. You have to be kidding! Dump the ad and the actor. Terrible, awful, ridiculous, moronic, stupid, INSULTING! Can I add a few more for you?

Your new spokeperson

Everyone hates the new guy. He is just a strange looking and acting person. You should get rid of him.


get rid of that jerk in your commercials and get the real Col. Sanders back

ad man

I hate your new ad man.He creeps me out! please quit showing the ads.

awful advertisement

The commercials being shown are a deterrent for your product. That creepy laugh, that annoying guy. I turn the tv everytime they come on.

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