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Went to get food at the saugas Ma location was the wrong idea service was bad what made it worst was the food. I would love to get a refund

Bad business

KFC employees gave my 70 year old mother a fake 10 dollar bill and then when she brought it back they made fun of her and threatened to call the police. . Needless to say she contacted a manager from another store and he took care of the problem and asked us to return and collect the corrected money. When my mother returned they made fun of her the employees walked around with a real 10 dollar bill asking everyone did this one look fake and humiliated my mother. .. Needless to say I'm working on trying to get a website to talk about how KFC has bad business, rude employees, chicken had down graded, and need I say more.. And they have yet to call back after I reported this to corporate.


Every time I go to the Riverdale Ga location they have horrible nasty attitudes.Won't be returning!

Terrible service

Was refused my order to be taken at the window even though I was pouring rain, myself and inside of my car were getting soaked, they couldn't hear me thru the speaker and I even asked may I pull to the window to order and she couldn't hear me all the while I'm getting drenched so I pulled to the window and was told we do not take window orders. That's so rude and unprofessional. They easily could have made a simple exception to provide quality customer service. I will never return. Newport News Va 23606

im an employee

i recently just got employed with the KFC restaurant chain, and I am completely appalled by the way this facility is ran. When I started the kitchen was flooded with water, dust and trash up the butt because Nobody ever cleans their work area when theyre done, so theres chicken flakes and crumbs everywhere! the manager is a spiteful jerk and the only times she actually cares about the (always important) details is when an inspection is near. so obviously there is a terrible roach problem because of that.

Filthy resturant with cockroach

During our vacation on Cyprus juli 2014 in Nicosia old town, we visit the KFC resturant. Bad mistake, we should have left, as intendet. While we were eating we started looking around, and realise how filthy the resturant was, and between our legs we could see cockroache. Unfortunly now we bouth are sick. If it is because of KFC we do not know, but most likely. We hope that KFC HQ will do something about this. Rygrads Kelly

Stale food

Went to the Kfc on central parkway in Orlando last night ,bought the family bucket when i got home food seem as if it was cook from the day before I had to discard it .



Sprite with no sprite

I was ggiven a meal with a sprite that was only carbonation, I showed up the next night asking for a sprite with carbonation along with $10 more dollars of food and they said they had to charge me twice for the drinks to give me the free drink. I'm at McDonald's now.

It never happened

You guys publicize the lies that family in Jackson Mississippi told. This incident never happened. And y r u guys giving 30,000 to this family when the grandfather's home insurance policy should pay for her medical care? You guys need to get on CNN, msnbc, fox, abc, cbs, dailly buzz, yahoo etc... And let them know that your employees never did this to the child. You owe that to your employees and your company

filthy restaurant lousy food

Visited the Prosser, WA KFC, store e720389, on 6/20/14, 5:36pm. Floor was absolutely filthy/dried dirty black, especially around soda area and trash cans . Men's bathroom sink dirty/filth and paper towel machine was empty. Chicken wing dinner contained two fresh ones and three that were old/dried. I planned to use the food receipt and make these comments at www.mykfcexperience.com, but this store's receipt did not include data needed to do this. I don't need $1000, but I do like KFC and I hate seeing a store franchise look this bad!


The KFC for 319 Washington Blvd in Laurel, MD is terrible. First of all, they don't sell KFC Twisters here which is ridiculous! Second, My mother and I waited 15-20 minutes to get our order. This KFC needs to go out of business. Food was also disgusting here

Poor Employees

I Live in Ardmore Tn. the KFC here is dirty, the employees aren't interested in what you want they don't listen, I ordered a 2 pc meal I got an over cooked 1 pc. I can't tell you how many times I keep trying the KFC and everytime I say I am not going back. Someone needs to do something.

no stars

I chose to get dinner for my family at a KFC location in espanola,nm. When I got home my chicken was not cooked. The inside of my chicken was pink!! I was not the only customer who spoke to the manager. Another customer eating there spoke up.

A Disgusting Disgraceful KFC Incident

It was an action at one of your fine Restaurants! A family + little scarred girl was told to leave..... Well, I know this wasn't an honest mistake by an employee, but I wish that it was...... I understand your company has taken proper actions to see "nothing like this would ever happen again?" And I would like to see you make a bigger show of concern....... By offering that little girl a lifetime of KFC combo meals once a week!

Done With KFC

Thank you KFC for giving me the reason to stop eating your food. Before your heartless staff evicted the little girl, I had long ago got tired of receiving chicken that was not cooked completely. Church's, Chick-fil-lay are now my chicken stops. RIP Col. Sanders.

You should ALL be ashamed or youselves!

Go and read this article about a 3 year old girl who was asked to leave a KFC in Jackson Miss. because she had scars on her face from being attacked by dogs. Really? KFC needs to teach their employees RESPECT! I am glad I am not a KFC eater! Your restaurants suck anyways! That poor girl! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!!


I will no longer go to a KFC because of the story i read about a little girl that was asked to leave because of her scars. That absolutely disgusts me and your chain should be ashamed of yourselves.

Never Again

I just read that story on Victoria. I will never step foot in a KFC again. I urge everyone else to share this story on their facebook and social media sites. To think KFC believe a $30000 donation for medical bills will make this go away. I say to the family dont accept this bribe and sue for millions. This little girl will never forget that day, and nor will I.


the person who told that little girl to leave the store needs to be fired

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