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HBO needs to pick up the series Longmire from A&E,one of the best characters since Matt Dillion, John Wayne, great story telling , actors, scenery, What HBO could do with this series could be mind boggling.

clairity of picture

A lot of your movies are so DARK all I see is a black screen. Please lighten them


Deadwood had to many fans to just leave us wanting more. Atleast release the two unseen seasons straight to DVD. Hbo has made enough money to lose a little to satisfy the fans. Carnival is another. Make a straight to DVD mini or something. Please finish both and ill be satisfied


Bring back the series Deadwood! You should have showed the final 2 seasons!!!!!!

Getting On

I enjoy this show very much. Clever storyline, great acting and writing. I found the sound on this show very muffled and hard to understands at the actors are saying. If this could've improved the show would be more enjoyable.

Spanish titles and too much sports

1. There is way too much sports. Mike Tyson AND Mohamed Ali!? The documentaries are largely sports related. The documentaries are ridiculous and lack substance. Sports are everywhere! This is sexist and does nothing to broaden my intellect 2.Your movie selections are WEAK. 3.Why are the movie listings in Spanish?

I didn't know I lived in Mexico

My on demand has so many Spanish language movies it's ridiculous...it should be in a separate category in the On Demand...like ohh I don't know maybe "HBO EspaƱol On Demand". I snuggle up on the sofa ready to watch a good movie and I'm greeted by one new "just in" feature and 12 Hispanic movies. I'm not saying don't be diverse just make it more user friendly. If not you might as well undefined all subcategories. It's no big deal if a child thinks Cathouse: Frisky is child friendly. All I'm saying is put it in its on subcategory. I don't want to be disappointed when my tv icon say 12 new "just in" movies and only 1 or 2 is in English.

No hablo espanol

It's very aggravating to be scrolling through movie selections only to be slowed down by the constant jargon of Spanish movies or movies that have been translated to Spanish.you already have a Spanish HBO,if you must have Spanish channels why not have one with its own category like every other category on demand?

Maher is the definition of Filth

every time i read something awful that has been puked out by this piece of filth Maher, i think to myself, 'at least he cant crawl any lower. i'm wrong every time. Now he say's ' that " htey may be the greatest generation, but no one said they were the brightest" in reference to our remaining WWII Vets who demaned to see the memorial. What a disgusting shame it is for HBO as well. Maher = Cancer and i hope he gets it. Canceling my subcription to all HBO networks regardless of how good some of your programing my be.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher's remarks regarding the WWII vets is beyond commenting on. Why you turn this guy loose to espouse whatever comes out of his mouth is unacceptable.

Bill Maher

Maher has gone to far with his attacks on the greatest generation and therefore HBO has allowed these attacks. I have cancelled my subscription to HBO and all it's affiliated channels and will speak with everyone I know about doing the same. I will comeback only when Mahers show is cancelled but I do not expect that to happen.

Bill Maher

As far as I'm concerned this man is nothing but trash. He makes fun of WW II veterans who if not for them, he wouldn't be flapping that pie hole he calls a mouth. He defends Obama so much you would swear that man was on his knees doing what Obamas wife won't. I love HBO and you have the some of the best shows on television, but this guy makes you look bad. How can you condone the behavior of this fool. Come on HBO, grow a spine and get rid of this trash before you start losing viewers. Me namely one of them who has enjoyed your service for many years. I won't put up with his trash much longer and Showtime has some pretty good shows too, if you get my drift.

Get Rid of Bill Maher

Bill Maher has been a sorry excuse for a human being for quite some time, but when he ridiculed our World War II Veterans and used them as a punch line that was the end. I don't know who I blame more, Bill Maher or HBO for giving him a platform from which he has used the C word to denigrate women and now denigrates men from the Greatest Generation who to this day have more honor, more courage and yes WAY more intelligence than that aging so-called comedian you continue to employ. HBO. You should be ashamed. You should be ashamed, but it would seem that you are as vicious and abhorrent as Bill Maher. I am cancelling my subscription to HBO.


I'm not a regular viewer. I saw the July 12 episode, though. For much of the program, the host and guests rightly decried racism in America. Then during the New Rules segment, the host made 5-6 racist jokes -- about Detroiters, Asians, Mexiicans (and even Irish, if you have a thin skin; I don't). Was he trying to be supremely ironic, or am I missing something?


Hard-hitting but frank discussions with a bit of tongue-in-the-cheek humour makes this compelling viewing. HBO/Bill Maher needs to get Mike Hillard from the UK on this show! As with Gasland, part II, Hillard can backup his work with cold, hard facts. Not particularly nice or pleasant to hear but essential to view so the audience can decide.

Newsroom is incredible

The best TV show I've ever seen. My wife and I are getting HBO for real and that's $240 a year to watch "Newsroom"! Love it, I only wish we could have that kind of reporting today.

Bill Maher is ignorant

Bill Maher is so in the tank for Obama that he can't even see that Obama is an absolute liar. Anybody with any common sense knows Obama thinks the American people are sheep but somehow Bill Maher keeps defending him. Own your eyes Bill. Everyone else already has, including most from left. The Obama administration is indefensible and lose credibility every time you try to defend him.

HBO is sexist

I am absolutely disgusted by HBO! I had heard HBO had great movies and shows, but it has been nothing but pornography! My boyfriend had heard great things about Game of Thrones, but we were disgusted to learn it's seriously sexist rubbish! We want to remove HBO from our line up due to their sexism. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE SEXIST NUDITY!!! if you don't stop showing sexism, you will lose your viewers! starting with us.

Can the Cable!

When are you guys going internet only!!! I CAN'T STAND CABLE/ SATELLITE COMPANIES ANY MORE!!! HBO is the reason most have cable anyways! You are loosing money and us customers have to deal with fascist pig scumbags that own cable/ satellite companies! Their customer service/ rates are not sewer worthy! P.S.- Why are you guys jacking us on Boardwalk Empire? I expect at least 4-5 seasons more! Peace!

THANK YOU for doing the documentary "An Apology to the Elephants." I don't need to see it because I already respect and admire these beautiful creatures and have seen circus training videos and would NEVER go to a zoo or circus. Also, love Bill Maher and Lena Dunham. Top notch job, guys!

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