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where does a person even begin? first of all I, like many others have stated, would not even give a 1 star rating. I think the people who gave 4 & 5 stars must have been confused because they went on to give bad reviews. I purchased a ticket online in advance and like others had to pay the ridiculous $18 "gift fee" just because I wasn't going to be the person using the ticket! I made arrangements for my daughter to get on the east bound bus in Hays, KS at 6:35 a.m. a friend was to pick her up in Junction City, KS @ 10:00 a.m. they were to go on to Emporia & meet up with my other daughter & friends for a weekend trip on into Misssouri. the bus NEVER stopped! this is just a convenience store with no place to sit and wait so she sat outside by the pay phone for 5 hours. we tried calling every phone number we could find. the Denver bus station wouldn't answer but I finally found out that the bus left Denver 30 min. late and they said that it stopped in Hays @ 7:30 a.m. but it did NOT! the only bus that stopped was going TO Denver. I had to have the friend drive to Hays to get her & then they got to Emporia way too late and all the girls had to wait on them. I WILL get a full refund and after reading the other comments I'm glad my child never got on the bus. $77 for the ticket & then gas $$ for the friend to get her I would have just paid the friend in the first place had I known what a sorry excuse of a bus company this was...pathetic. even more sad because as the other person said they have the perfect opportunity to provide a much needed service AND have a great company. they will never see another $ of mine and I'll let everyone know not to use them.

On July 6th, 2011, I used your service leaving Norfork and transferred in Richmond to make connection for bus service to New York, it was at this point on bus number 86123 where bus driver assigned who wouldn't give his name was very arrogant, demeaning, and insolent. While explaining rules he had the audacity to say that we better not use the "n word" I was embarrassed totally. The majority of passengers were African American with three customers of another race. He went to far. His 31 years of Service doesn't give him the right to blatantly make many feel inferior . I am beyond annoyed. My first bus trip is tainted with stupid remarks from someone serving the public and representing Greyhound. I will Followup with a formal complant. Everyone that travels by bus is not under privilege nor ignorant going to New York. He needs to tone his rhetoric and use a little finesse in speaking to all types of people.

Hello, The ticket was used. It wasn't a question of the ticket being used, but it was the horrible bus service and duress that my son and grand sons suffered in the hands of your company. Do I have to remind you what occurred? The bus broke down twice. The original bus leaving from Baltimore, MD got lost in the middle of no-where somewhere in Pennsylvania (which is unacceptable) and it got stuck in the mud and was unable to get out. My grand children were forced to wait outside in the dark in the middle of no-where hungry and in soiled diapers with no-where to change them because the bus driver commanded everyone to get off the bus. The first bus that came got stuck in the mud. The tow truck couldn't get him out. The second relief bus also seemed lost and got stuck in the mud also. My son and grand children had to wait 2-3 more hours in the dark in the middle of no-where. After the second bus was finally towed out of the mud, the bus driver did not stop so the passengers could eat or relieve themselves. I expect a full refund. Grey-hound caused un-due stress and duress for my son and grandsons. I purchased the ticket to send them home after a visit with me. My son has stated that he never wants to take the Greyhound bus again. Need I say anymore? Is this the type of service that you are going to stand behind? Don't you think that the least that you can do is provide a full refund? Do I need to talk to a lawyer? Please see the information below re: credit card purchase of this ticket.

My mother purchased 2 tickets from Oklahoma City to Grand Junction Oregon on 5-19-11 by internet. I needed these tickets for my return trip home on July 1-2011. She received a confirmation number. Her credit card bill came on 6-1-11 which she immediately paid. Tickets were still not to us by 6-20-11. She called the company and ask to speak to a supervisor. No such person. She was given a case number. There was a mail box to leave your call back number and they were to get back to you within 48 hours. The call was never returned. It is now June 30-2011. I am to get on the bus with my 9 year old son tomorrow. I have another confirmation number and a password. With the help of the good Lord maybe my son and I will get home in 3 days . IT IS VERY HARD FOR ME TO THINK THAT I TRIED MY BEST TO GIVE MY SON SOME LASTING MEMORIES WITH FAMILY ON OUR 30 DAY TRIP ONLY FOR HIM TO REMEMBER THE FEAR AND STRESS HIS MOM HAD WONDERING IF SHE WAS EVER GOING TO GET HIM BACK HOME.

I have ridden Greyhound a few times and only once did I get good service. My family has had the same problems riding Greyhound bus lines. NOW I have to go to Iowa due to health hazard in my home. My family bought me a ticket on Greyhound. When they paid for the ticket, they were charged an extra $18 fee because they used a credit card and the credit card was not in my name. They called it a gift fee!!! THEN after the ticket was paid for and I got the conformation letter THEY are charging ANOTHER fee of $15 because the person whose name is on the credit card is living in Iowa and the ticket is at the will call window for me to pick up here in Texas!!!! Another words, If you buy a ticket with YOUR credit card and it is for someone in a different state, they charge you a gift fee THEN because the person whose name is on the credit card is not there (in the same state) They charge you $15 to pick up the ticket in your state. THE THING THAT REALLY UPSETS ME IS THEY DON'T TELL ABOUT THE EXTRA CHARGE UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE PAID FOR YOUR TICKET. It is in the instructions on how to pickup your ticket! There is NO metion of any additional fee before the ticket is paid for not even on the page that gives you your total cost. This is my last trip on Greyhound I will walk first and my family feels the same way. A TOTAL charge of $33 is rediculous just because someone bought your ticket for you. THEN TO PUT ON A HIDDEN FEE IS EVEN WORSE!!!!! WE NEED TO PROTEST about the poor service, hidden fees, and delays what do you think?

To whom it may concern,Hello I arrived at the Greyhound terminal in Tampa,Florida and checked in two bags.The first bag was heavy and I did'nt mind paying the extra money for the bag.The second bag contained my guitar,along with all my music gear!Mybags was heavy so I help the woman represenative load the bags into the storage rack under the coach and proceeded onto the bus.When I transferred in Orlando,Fl I had both bags and they put them on the bus that I thought was the one that was to bring me to Dallas,Tx.We made it all the way to Tallahasse,Florida and when we reboarded the bus was having difficulties but made it to a station inBaton Rouge,La.We were informed that the coach was in need of repairs and would not be leaving the staion and we were to retrieve our luggage and board another coach.I did'nt have a problem with changing coaches for the sake of safety,However after being instructed by the driver to claim our baggage another driver came out of the terminal and instructed that they would just transfer our bags for us and that we need to stay in the terminal as they transferred our luggage.Needless to say when I got to Dallas,Tx only one of my bags showed up.I was told that my other bag could be on another bus that was headed to my destination point(a little upset),but It sounded reasonible to me.I departed on my last coach to Colorado Springs,Co and upon arriving there the driver gave me my bag from the bottom of the coach and he took my baggage claim ticket.When I asked him about my other bag he told me to go into the terminal a see if it may have showed up on another bus,so I did.Once in the terminal the represenative went into the back and said that it has'nt arrived yet.I said do you this baggage claim ticket and she replied no!You need to keep this in order to claim your bag when it comes in.The represenative was very helpfull.I was in Colorado for two weeks and called them daily and always my bag had'nt arrived.Upon leaving Colorado the representive once again helped me to get all the paperwork needed to file a lost baggage claim and even copied everything for me.She also instructed me on how to do evrything needed for claim to be reveiewed and then signed her name and put her employee I.D # and terminal I.D #.When I arrived back to Tampa,Florida my bag still had'nt showed up anywhere.I sent them all the proper documents that they required and was sent a letter on April,01,11 statting that this letter acknowledges reciept of all required documents and gave me a file #.Then when I call about my claim it was a recording telling me my claim has been processed but could not give the dollar amount(I thought wow they are handeling their bussiness)then the recording switched me to an service rep that told me That my claim was being denied because their records show they did,nt receive a document(original baggage claim ticket).How can you first tell me you received all the documents that were sent in the same envelope that you provided me with and sendind a letters statting as such to now you dont have all the documents.I have spent numerous hours with your represenatives trying to handle this matter in a respect that you will handle this dillingently and professionally.I have done everything you have requested of me to do such as email,copies,faxes,and up till now you have not lived up to your end of the bargain.Any help to clear this matter up would be appreciated(considering alot of the bad reviews I have read, it might be great to reveiw this story with a positive reveiw intead of it going to other channels,avenues,reveiws.Thanks for helping me with this problem,Sincerily Brian burgess!

I just returned from the greyhound station in Orlando, Fl. The station is located at 555 N. John Young Parkway. I am writing because I just saw a security guard act in manner that was completely unacceptable. A woman tried to skip the line, and the officer told her that she had to get in the back of the line. She resisted and stated that she was only going in to talk to her son. The officer again told her that she had to get in the back of the line. The young man in front of me overheard the conversation and told the woman that she could skip him. The security guard replied "No, she has to get in the back of the line. " The young man went quite and again the security proceeded to talk to the lady. Now, I can completely understand why he said no to the young , however, what he did once the lady left was shocking. He approaches the young man and says "If you want her to skip you line, then you can get in the back of the line." The young man looked shocked, as did I, and the security guard proceeds to say, "I could trespass you off this property, and you will miss your bus." For the security guard to comeback to the young man and make such a statement is ridiculous, particularly since the young man was not being defiant. Greyhound really needs to consider providing sensitivity training to their security guards because once I got home I Googled "Greyhound security" and on the first page I was a list of unpleasant stories.

I would like to complain that my husband and I was suppose to be on the 3:40 bus and tthe bus didn't leave atlanta until 5 and then we didn't leave Norcross until 6. The bus was so crowded that the bus driver had ppl sitting in the ailes and on the stairs. I know for a fact that this is a fire hazard and not safe. This is such a delay for me and my husband. Were trying to get to Connecticut. Please tell me that this is not how greyhound operates. This by far has been the worst experience I've ever had in my life.

My son's bus is being delayed as I type. The person in the office doesn't know when the next bus will come. He doesn't know where he is, and this is his FIRST BUS RIDE. If I paid the extra money, he'd be home by now. CORPORATE OFFICE PHONE NUMBER, CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER ARE ALL CLOSED. WHAT TO DO NOW? I wish I could rate lower than a 1 star to NO STAR!


ALL lost luggage is in Dallas given to a vendor who sells your valuable stuff. You were paid. Was that $250.00 the vendor has a very lucrative job, he takes a huge box truck into the bus station and fills it up with "YOUR LOST LUGGAGE!" Here is how the system works, thru luggage is one bin local luggage is next, etc.,etc. Most of the handlers can barely read and are recently released if you get the drift. How might I have such knowledge, I was one of the nice drivers who did NOT curse customers, loose luggage and in the time I was there only (1) passenger removed because he cursed the passengers and me like I was no child of God. Greyhound is not concerned about you, because they are "Required by Law" to offer schedules on the highway. Have you noticed less stops? They are not for your convenience, they tried to get out of ticket business and go strictly charter business. The federal government supplies money for them they must have so many stops in impoverished areas, it sounds bad because it is bad. Where are bus stations located? They are in it to make MONEY! They are for profit company! If you think they treat customers bad they treat employees just as badly. Insert >>>> rolls down hill!

I also bought (in cash) a ticket on May of 2011..I stayed up all day and night and left home at 3:30 AM and went to the 24/7 Truck Stop in Salina, Ks on June 4,2011. I waited for the 4:20 AM bus to Denver to arrive..my final destination was supposed to be in Claremont, CA on Sunday, June 5 at 11:55AM..the Denver bus was late FOUR hours!!! By then I was physically sick from waiting for so long..delays...NO explanations to any customers of the "delay"! I asked two Greyhound drivers what was going on and they both were RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, DISRESPECTFUL and could have cared less!! I have already sent your corporate office a lengthy three page letter of my nightmarish, horrendous and very upsetting treatment!! I better get my refund of $255.35 back SOON or I will take matters into my own hands and it will NOT go away and neither will I!!! Your company is abhorrent and customer service is at the bottom of the barrel! I talked to people coming off one of your buses and looking upset and haggard..I asked them what was going on and one lady told me it was a nightmare..lost luggage..people were rerounted all over the place. See, I had planned my trip for nine mos..I saved my money and work very very hard to make my money and I also, am a Senior Citizen on Social Security Disability and live below the poverty line, and I was planning on going to my CA families reunion..it all went up in smoke...., by the time the bus finally came in it was 7:45 AM!! I had by then, been up ...34 hours!!! I called it off and told the women at the desk I was NOT going..and I wanted my money back..they told me to call your 800 # and all that is is a runaround..I finally got the corporate address where I told in detail of my incredible, poor service and horrid treatment of customers..I missed my familys reunion...I knew IF I boarded that bus to Denver that I would be jacked around and have my luggage lost and also, I paid an extra $29.95 for two boxes of gifts I was taking out to my family!!!!!! I demand my money back or I am contacting the Attorney Generals Office and the Better Business Office!! I NEVER give up..if I have to hire an attorney I WILL! Get to crackin' on getting my $255.53 check in the mail and it better come by the end of this week!!

Yes, I have another BAAAAAD experience to add to the list, Traveled from Lima, OH to Bowling Green, Ky on a Sunday, traveling down to start a new job! The Lima station was closed on sunday so when bus pulled up the Driver put my bag under the bus and said I could get tix in dayton OH, get to Dayton and was rushed to get tix, then had a long, drawn out trip to BG-KY, then when we get there I find the bag put under bus is not there, apparently it was taken out in Cincinnatti OH, w/o warning and left there, never had a chance to get a luggage tag and even thoh I called Cinci-OH and they said they would tag bag and send to BG-KY days ago I been stuck in BG-KY for 3 days w/O clothes, toiletries and or change of shoes, I had to rebuy some clothings at the mall w/ $$$ I dont have and every bus station I call says "oh, maybe they forgot to put it on", "maybe they are just running late".....w/o my clothes I cannot continue my new job and may ave to resign and return to Ohio, thanks a bunch Greyhound, will you "ever" have Great service? >:(

I travel at least once a week from new york to silver spring md and i have had it with this bus line! I have given greyhound way to many chances and it seems like they just keep disappointing. I had a horrible 4 hour ride from silver spring MD to new York city with no ac!!!!! When I asked the driver if he could Please turn the ac up he said he didn't know how to use it . Everyone on the bus was sweaty and uncomfortable It felt like a sauna. as a matter of fact it was colder outside then the inside of the bus. This is inhumane and completely unacceptable from such a company. I will never travel using greyhound again. I will definitely be writing to corporate offices about all my horrible experiences with this company and I expect a refund for being trapped in a hell hole for four hours!

I hate GREYHOUND CUSTOMER SERVICE, it was the worst service EVER and never will i use there bus again, if you have never rode GREYHOUND keep it that way they are the worst piece of S**t

My son and myself worked for greyhound, we know all these problems that customers have first hand. We know that the people that sit in their executive offices really don't care about the concerns or dilemas that the customer goes thru. All they want is to make their money any way they want. I always placed my concerns and was always ignored. Till one day my hours just started lowering and I decided to leave...My son followed a few days after.

Your phone service are the worst ever.I called the 1800 and never talked to anyone.I get this stupid machine telling me to called my local number.Which I did and they never answered the phones.Its like they are all dead.They sure have no issues when it comes to taking your money though.


im waiteing to cauce to rapid city from gallup

Drive 30th miles to their Pasco, WA station to get a ticket. Had 45 minutes before the office was supposed to close. To my surprise they were closed. Drove back in the next day and their ticket agent Gary was in the back room. When he came out I asked why they were closed the day before and he told me that he left a little early. I told him that me and? You girlfriend were there at quarter after 4 and he got very belligerent with my girlfriend and me. I told him I would like to talk to a supervisor and he told me he didn't have one. I started to tell him that everyone has a supervisor and he started cutting me off, not letting me finish a sentence. We were rushed through buying my ticket than promptly ignored. Walking out of the station I promptly called Greyhounds HQ to file a complaint...

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