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Greyhound sucks, when it comes to trying to get information. They have a list of phone numbers, but nobody ever answers

Awful experience

I hope I never have to use there service again, the worse transportation experience and Customer service I have ever come across.

greyhound buses suck

Won't answer there phones just keeps ringing. Greyhound is the worst ever. Waste of money.

3 problem

sinse jan 2015 first i road on a cold from st.lous to alanta g. i made a complaint then never heard back. no one call. then i tried to go back to st.lous another problem. problem num 2 i call to set my

pos business

No good people are rude and inconsiderate to others no one does thier job and no service

greyhound workers

if you have to make sure your baggage gets on the other bus why do they have the workers there? to stand and look doesn't make sense.

Need more space for luggage

People had to bring their big luggage on the bus and it blocked the path for the bathroom!! Passengers could not go if they needed to!! November 7,2014 From Salina Ks to Kansas City. 6:05 pm

Driver with no Huevos

Somebody went into the bathroom and smoked a cigarette, yes against the rules. The driver said he knew who it was and they were going to suffer the consequences. Long story short, the driver is full of b.s. Now, I have missed my next connection while the driver plays tough guy and we sit waiting for the police in Barstow, CA. I am not happy. This driver is a little girl.

I'm satisfied

Unlike some of the people making comments about Greyhound Bus Lines, I'm satisfied with Greyhound service. (Surely, I can't be the only contented traveler, but It's human nature to be quick to complain and slow to compliment.) I'll say this to the naysayers: "If you want first-class service fly first-class with airlines. Go ahead. Pay $1,000, say, rather than $179." Greyhound can't always be perfect and at the same time keep down price of tickets. Don't demand big things while paying little. Get real!

The worst ravel experience in 65 years

The worst travel in my 65 years of traveling. The buse driver was 30 minutes late and the paasengers missed their connecting bus because of him. He also told us I need to use the bathroom and he stopped the bus ont the shoulder of the interstate and went to the restroom. When we complained about the schedule he said Greyhound is open 24 hours.

They suck.


The worst call center personal I have ever dealt with... They do not inform you of options... I was charged a $8.00 gift fee for what I have no idea besides a $80.00 price increase over night... then trying to tell me I had to print the ticket out myself and that I already had printed the ticket...funny I don't have a printer and am home bound...Called Corp. office no help either.. Just a bad company all together.


I wish there was a less than one star rating multiplied by 1000 that's what titis company should be rated. My husband was suppose to board at 8:15pm 08/06/14 with the final destination being Canton, Ohio. The original bus was overbooked by 40 people. He and many, many others have spent the night in the bus station due to Greyhound's incompetence. He has been told it will take three days to get to from Salt Lake City to Canton. That's three days with many 9+ hour layovers, vending machine food, no bath, etc. He is also an insulin depend diabetes. Great job Greyhound! If the press wanted an award winning expose story, someone should investigate this dangerously, fraudulent company.

the greyhound bus that arrives in Casa Grande, Arizona is terrible. The driver is never on time, which causes you to miss your connections from Phoenix. The owner in the station is rude and the drivers are rude, as well. When trying to get in touch with someone from the corporate office, its impossible. They avoid your calls. I think that better business bureau should investigate greyhound bus lines.

dont bring your life with you

Don't bring the items you use for your lively hood with you. If they loose it it takes 90 days to get anything back if you get anything back. If you make a booking mistake they expect comination before boarding. If tghey make a mistake good luck getting any help any answers or any compensation. The worst company in the travel ind. Will never use the bus again.

The Worst Experience Ever

I bought my daughter a ticket from Tampa to Pensacola then right away had to change the time. Instead of changing the time the guy I bought the ticket from cancelled the ticket. When she was boarding they told her that her ticket was cancelled and she would have to buy another one. She had to stay up all night at the station, then get a cab to cash a check, come back and pay for another ticket. Worst foul-up I've ever seen!

worst business I have ever dealt with

if this company is making any money at all it must be by smuggling contraband . It couldn't be by carrying passengers cause you can't get a ticket if you try. their automated system must have been designed by chimps, they don't answer their phones . They are a totally useless organization

better service

How disappointed with grey hound I am, it's 2014 and while one can purchase a ticket over the web. I was trying to get home on a family emergency, The only way to change a ticket is via going directly to the counter. update you system so that you can service your clients. In 2014 I should be able to purchase and make changes via the web or by speaking with some on the phone. even Bolt/ Mega bus, etc does

Money back

My ex boyfriend miskate to pay it and I didn't ride the bus so I been waiting to hear and your letter so let me know thanks

horrible service

This was the worst customer service I've ever had I will never use greyhound again. it wasthe first & the using them.

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