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The food was ok for a family restaurant. It was Labor Day so I took my 2 kids. We had a waiter he was very attentive and thoughtful(since we have a 1 year old). Our son then started to get fussy so we asked for the check and went to pay for it at the cash registar, the manager on staff at the Lake Worth, Fl. Was extremely rude. Didn't want me to pay at register and told me to sit back in my seat while our son was crying. (As she smelled like cigarettes and alcohol. What kind of Family restaurant is that?!! I will never go back and me and my family feel sorry for the little waiter and the abuse he has to take.

we went to Friendlys on Farmington Ave Bristol, Ct. At one point we always thought you had to be slow and rude to work at Friendlys because that was the way it was. About 2 weeks before this last visit I went in with my daughter and we got thr WOW factor/ everyone was soooo nice /we were impressed. So this week 9/3/11 I wanted to show my friend the WOW factor as she was depressed but noooooooo it was back to the old Friendlys . Ignored us for 20 min. before taking our order after I went to the hostess who had seated us and asked if we even had a waitress. Now we get our order taking my a rude uppity waitress/ she should have fell her nose was so far in the air. NO I did not tip her. I had better service from bks the night before. Mary Place 815 Stafford Ave Bristol,Ct 06010

After filing a complaint to the corporate office regarding my buying shakes almost on a daily basis at Friendlys...and finding bits of paper towel in the shake. I called the store and spoke directly to the manager and told him how disgusted that I felt and his response was "what would you like me to do about this". My husband would get take out icecream from that particular store and while waiting watch the food being prepped for waitress pick up. He told me that one particular young man that works there was not wearing gloves and grabbing what appeared to be salad with his bare hands and placing it on plates ...then popping pieces from the prepared plates into his mouth. He only told me this after my son and I ate in the restaurant one evening...it was so dirty and the food was greasy and the grilled bread on my sandwich tasted like pickle juice or vinegar , which made me envision cross contamination. We barely ate a thing.....and I mentioned this to the waitress she said "sorry" and gave us the full bill... I called corporate and told them what was transpiring in this store...and recieved a letter telling me that they were sorry the restaurant was not up to my cleanliness standards....and sent me a 15 dollar gift card. I am still laughing. Many people in our area have shared similar experiences with me and have stated that they would never go there again for various reasons first and foremost being cleanliness... I am sending them their generous 15 dollar gift card right back. I would have considered using it to take out icecream in another restaurant (they sell cartons) but I think that hearing all that I relayed to them about the state of the restaurant..my time and aggravation...the 15. gift card was an insult. What a shame because minus the dirt and bits of paper towel they really did make a good milkshake.....still laughing...but going elsewhere.

hi my name is julie and i am an employee at the friendly's in ithaca, new york. this is just a question about what are the policies for termination. I have been working here four almost six months and it was going great till my hrs were cut incredibly short. forcing me to look for a second job. which i found one. when i told the manager when i got it she had such a nasty attitude about it. since i got my new job she hasn't been able to put me on the schedule. when i called today word of mouth from another manager he said that he thinks that i was terminated. i told him to have the other manager call me tomorrow. he said he will. but i had spoke to my hiring manager last week and she did tell me that she is unable to schedule me around my other job and she doesn't think she'll be able to in the future. she said she might have to term me. plus she told me because i am getting health insurance through them and havent paid the premium in almost three weeks was another reason she said would be grounds for termination. can she do this can she fire me on the terms of me getting another job and not being able to pay my health premium.

No sprinkles, no cherries, bitten cherry, waitress said "Well, I didn't make it." Manager said "Couldn't happen at my store". Pattern of wrong orders, missing ingredients, sundaes without ice cream, poor service, too expensive. Service getting worse. 15 year customer not likely to go back. store 0073, springfield, Ma

My wife and I had breakfast this morning at your Latham, New York store. What a poor experience! We asked to have our food well done i.e. bacon, toast etc. I came out barely cooked. Hot cakes also barely cooked. When we questioned the manager she informed us that that was the way they cooked at her restaurant and that they would have to put the toast through twice or to have the grill hotter for the hot cakes. She said we could have our money back if we wanted. Thats not what we wanted. We wanted our breakfast cooked the way we asked I was almost embarrasssed for the restaurant. She was making excuses for the cook You've lost not only me and my family as costumers. but everyone else I speak with.

I ate at Friendly’s Restaurant this evening about 5:00 p.m. I must say how impressed I was with this fine restaurant. I was delighted with its cleanliness and my meal. I enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich and some delicious ice cream. However, I was mostly impressed by the manager (I forgot his name) and a waitress named Shana. They ensured I had the perfect dining experience. I didn’t have to wait one extra minute for anything. I rated this restaurant 5 stars and it definitely deserves it. Should anyone desire to visit this fine establishment the drive is well worth it and you won’t be disappointed. The address is located at 2068 Plank Road, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I recently visited the friendlys rest. in seekonk ma and had the best experience ever! our server Michelle was the most attentive, friendly most out-going server we have ever had at any restaurant. the food was good as it usually is, but the service by Michelle will keep us coming back again and again! I wish the best for her and thinks she deserves a raise thank you Friendlys for hiring a real gem.


My fiancé and I bought a container of ice cream from friendlys last week. My fiancé was eating the ice cream out of the container when he began to chew on something hard which he assumed was just a piece of ice. He bit down and it cut his gum! He pulled the piece out only to find that it was not ice but a little screw! We have called several numbers and tried to contact friendlys corporation but we either get no answers or busy tones. We will definately be taking this to the news, court and anyone else who will listen. It's outrageous, he could have been hurt worse than he was!

In regards to the location in Tannersville, Pa. We went to this location with intentions of eating dinner there with the kids while on vacation. We opted to just get ice cream to take out instead. The dining room was absolutely filthy! Once we were at the ice cream counter, it was even worse. Every trash can in sight was overflowing. Garbage was all over the floor! If you are going to have an open kitchen or area that the public can watch you prep their food, for goodness sake, make that your number one priority as a manager. The best part was when the "manager" came out from the back and scolded the only girl working the counter and told her to change the trash and walked away instead of helping. Managing is hands on. This manager clearly did not have a handle on his store. Would I come back here? NEVER

My wife and I visited your 96 Turnpike Rd Westboro, Ma store last night 7/19/11 to dine and was not pleased with the service or should I say lack of service. The hostess sat us and said our waitress will right with us. After sitting there for several minutes watching the waitress clear multiple tables (8:30PM with guest only at two other tables eating) we never even go a word from her I'll be right with you. As a former employee from years ago didn't the customer come first. Needless to say we left to dine at another location. This is not the first time this has happened to us at this location. I think it's time for under cover boss to visit some of your locations. With the economy the way it is I'm sure you can use the buisness.

I recently bought a case of the Friendly's Mint Cookie ice cream only to later discover that this "family-Friendly product" was anything BUT fit for human consumption. Loaded with HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. I called the comment line on the package; a woman named Leah said "yes our ingredients include HFCS". I then asked her if she knew that this meant Friendly's was contaminated by mercury, which occurs with HFCS? She very blithely said "Yes we know that." !!! OUTRAGEOUS that a corporation aimed at children would expect any mother to buy this radioactive garbage. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was very unfriendly disconnected. DO NOT EVER PATRONIZE THIS CHAIN OR PURCHASE ITS TIME BOMB TOXINS for your loved ones and family. Class action law suit by mothers across the USA would be more in order than paying for one's own demise ingesting this scourge.

This is what was listed on craigslist for Long Island. I went there a half hour earlier because I was unsure how busy it would be. Well to my surprise it there was no one there and the server told me to have a seat and wait that the district manager will be there shortly. Another person came in about 45 minutes after I did and I overheard her tell the gentlemen that "Darlene" will be here before 5. I said excuse me?? She then said that the store manager knew nothing of the open house! He was behind the line freaking out and yelling at his employees to get the food out of the window. The server took my number to have Darlene call me when she decided to show!! Well I didn't hear from her so I called at 4pm and this Darlene DISTRICT MANAGER would not get on the phone with me and told the server that she was here now and if I want to come down now and she will sit with me. I'm sorry I forgot that I don't have a life or a family that I have to care for!!! If Friendly's was the last job ever..I would never work for such an unprofessional company! You all should be ashamed to call yourself a family restaurant!!! My advise STAY AWAY!!! THIS IS THE CRAIGSLIST LISTING... Now Hiring the following positions: Fountain Workers Dishwashers Grill Cooks Servers Supervisors Managers APPLY IN PERSON MONDAY, JULY 11 FROM 1-5 AT THE FRIENDLY'S IN LEVITTOWN (3287 HEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE, LEVITTOWN)

Your flounder was delicious but it is no longer on your menu. Please bring it back along with the mixed vegetables and rice. It was not only delicious but good for you.

This is the second time I have written a complaint about the Friendly's restaurant in Whitensville Ma. My husband and I visited it again after about 2 months to see if things had improved since I last sent an email to coporate headquarters. At that time I stated that we waited about 15 minutes and were not even acknowledged as being present let alone being seated. As we had 3 times before we left with out being seated ,as did several others who were also waiting in line. The manager was there cleaning out an ice cream bucket and did not even lookup. Last Thursday evening again about 6pm we encountered the same treatment. When we arrived there were 3 other families waiting to be seated. They also said they had not even been acknowledged and had been there at least 10 minutes. The restaurant was not even 1/2 full and I counted 6 people working there. I asked to speak to the manager who was covering for the regular, her name was Danielle. She was very kind and polite, I addressed the problem with her. I am fed up with this Friendlys and as I stated before I will not return until I hear something has been done to address this problem. Customers have walked out each time I have been there. I await your response. mghodg@charter.net

Horrible.horrible. Does friendlys have an idiot. I dont know how to follow a customers request prerequisite to work there. I go to the friendlys in webster ma. I ordered a recess pices subdae what i got were three golf ball sizes of ice cream and hot fudge. Yes I was charged for the sunda. Not only that the server put it in the bag upside down. I will NEVER return there again. It is just a diappointment evertime. I will take my business elsewhere. Hmm maybe dairy queen. Geez mcdonald makes a better sundae than friendlys

We live in Old Saybrook, Ct. ther is no place to get an oldpfashioned sundae. several moths ago we drove to friendly's in Clinton, Ct,several miles away because my husband was dying for a banana split and, guess what --- they had no bananas !!! Last week, we went again and WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT----"Sorry, we have no bananas today" Do we have to call before we go again to ask "D O YOU HAVE BANANAS TODAY???"

Family and I were in town for the weekend visiting Buffalo (our home town). The Service at the Friendly's on Transit Rd. is by far the worst I have ever experienced. Does a manager run that restaurant at all? It's the third time I experienced this otherwise I would not have any complaints because I know mistakes happen. Our server was rude to us and unprofessional, she neglected to come back when we asked for Ketchup for our son, never came back to the table! Until we were all finished and she needed to give us the bill. We wont be going back there, I feel sorry for the good people who I am assuming there are a few great waitresses and waiters there.

My husband and I had breakfast this morning at Friendly Ice Cream store in Williamsburg, Virginia. There were approximately three booths of customers in the store at the time. We were greeted by a yell of "Welcome to Friendly's" by a waitress about twenty feet away. When seated we ordered coffee and waited.....and waited.....and waited. Finally another waitress came to take our order and we told her we hadn't gotten our coffee yet ! It took another five minutes for it to appear. I was the only one with silverware, so I shared my spoon with my husband to stir his coffee. Another wait for our food began, with perhaps four booths occupied in the whole store. Well, we waited....again for about 25 minutes before it finally arrived. I had to flag down a waitress to ask for silverware !!! What is happening in that store ?????? We will never show our presence at another Friendly Ice Cream Shop....and LEAST OF ALL, the one in Williamsburg ! There are too many well serviced restaurants in Willimsburg, Virginia to resort going back to this one !

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