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if guys are closing do we get are money back or what other gym can we use the membership at with out paying a dime

Member since 80's

I have an injury and a bunch of unused personal training sessions! I hope someone updates on any progress regarding our lost funds.

life time member

what happen now

Fitness USA Goes Belly-Up

I never should have joined this gym. They said I was getting a family membership, which turned out to be a single-person membership. Then they closed the local club, then they closed the other California clubs, and then they went out of business all together.

abandoned by Fitness USA

I paid $700. for personal training (to be used at any time) at Stonestown, as well as ongoing membership. I was shocked when the doors were closed. I had no notice of anything from Fitness USA and was charged by Bally's for membership. I was told by Fitness when I called that Fitness was not responsible or liable for the money since they had switched over to Bally's. That telephone call occurred when Fitness USA was still operating in the midwest. That has changed since and they have totally closed business.


I am a Diamond Member I have gone to the Stonestownth location only to find the doors locked. No one informed me that this gym was closing. I entered into a contract for life membership. I will contact my lawyer because I feel the contract has been breached.

hundreds lost

I have 5 paid personal training sessions unfulfilled at $50 a pop....plus $100 upgrade this spring.....what to do? I do hope I get a letter for a class action lawsuit .... Power House Gym has taken on, I am thinking more than they can chew offering reduced rates to their gym. While they maybe trying to appease the disgusted and cheated masses, they may need to take on more staff to discuss the crooked way Fitness USA has handled this "bankruptcy" ..... I have to give them 1 star because they have no negative choice values to check!!

Scam Artists!

Talk you into upgrading your lifetime membership so you can go 6 days a week just for them to take your money then lock the doors. I called headquarters and they said nothing I can do because they are going bankrupt, yet the paper says owner wants to retire. So what is the real excuse? I have called an attorney. I hope other ripped off members do the same!!!!!

Horrible place

I just sign in one month ago, and I feel very disappointed. Besides that this is dirty and smells so bad and the instructors do not show up most of the time, the manager and assistant manager are very rude people. They don't know about whats is going on in the place. If you go and ask for some service or class, they go mad and tell you ....I don't know,,, do whatever is available right now... at least we have that." Those people don't know that a wellness or health or even kinds.... its the worst gym ever. Don't go there!!!!!!!!!!

Worst gym ever. Stonetown SF. CA

I feel so disappointed. They never have the group classes that offers. The instructors are terrible. The place smells awful. Manager and assistant manager the most incompetent and rude people. Look for another place where they understand the concept of wellness and well being.

Use of Membership

I have been a member since 1986 in South Bend and recently decided to go back and start working out again. Boy was I disappointed when I swiped my card the attendant looked at it and right away she wanted me to purchase a additional $99 membership. I already have a lifetime membership I purchased from them back in '86. She stated this is so you can use this facility 6 days a week otherwise you will have to drive across town to use your membership. I am toying with the idea of joining O'Brien fitness center. They will probably be more user friendly. Needless to stay I am disappointed in FUSA in trying to charge me more. Years ago when I purchased my membership and paid for it and found out later those types of memberships were outlawed and we were to be charged again.


did you sign a contract with them? do you still have it? did you get the name of the person you talked to> if you dont remember it go to that gym and find out..thats misrepresentation of fact and is fraud when components of a contract are misrepresented then that contract is not legal and binding..in a court of law..the burden of proof will be on you..but with so many complaints i doubt whether you will have a problem keep all correspondence with them..and file a complaint you can take it to civil court in your jurisdiction..you can have tthat removed from you credit rating..

I'm done with Fitness USA

I've had enough of this gym. They don't care about customer satisfaction one bit and I'm done with them. The management has had a history of making bad business decisions. And the last one has broke the camel's back. I just bought this "upgrade" as well and found out a month later that this upgrade will NOT allow me to use the South Bend location...because I'm a man. I'm sick of this place. For everyone out there thinking about purchasing a membership....don't! Pay a little more and find a more reputable gym. You'll be glad you did.

Skrew this gym

Ever get sold a life time membership upgrade, then a month later get told you can never use it again? It happened to me. It happened to a lot of people at the South Bend Fitness USA. They will lie to you, take your money, Make promises they can't keep, and then try to charge you for something else. recently, they sold members an upgrade to allow exercise equipment access to both sexes for all days of the week(previously segregated). 2 MONTHS later, the facility is closing for MEN, and will be women only. They said no refunds.

never listen to their sell rep

I had applied to fitness usa membership few months ago. At the time I applied, the Fitness Rep was really sweet and conform. However, when I tried to hold my membership for about 1 month for traveling reason and I had to cancel my membership because I was disappointed with this company. They made me a very hard time. They through the paper work over my face and told me do fill out the paper, send it to the headquarters by myself. Everything came out is totally different with what they promised and introduced you at the first time. So please never listen to what they gonna say to you. It's all lie. If I have a choice, I'll give this company 0 star

Study in how not to manage a gym.

FUSA - rules change at the whim of the desk attendants. Some desk attendants are quite lovely but others are ferocious brutes. The classes are so over-crowded that lines start an hour ahead and now the rules have yet again changed so that you ca no longer leave your gym-bag or water-bottle in line - you actually HAVE TO STAY in the line so no more working out while waiting to get a spot in their swarming, shoe-box sized, sweaty, smelly, unhealthy workout room. FUSA is a study in how not to manage a gym.

I joined in the early 90’s primarily because it was female on certain days and the days fit with my schedule. My membership has been paid for, for years! I recently decided to start using it again. Was extremely disappointed at the fact that there are now MEN on the scheduled WOMANS days. I figured I would just go with it especially since I did pay for this membership, not at all what I paid for then but I didn’t complain. Also the work out equipment is out dated and the gym could use some serious TLC! I figured since the men can come on a woman’s day, I can go a men’s day. A woman approached me and said if I wanted to work out on an off day I would have to buy another membership. I seriously laughed out loud and told her not a chance! I got off the bike and told her I would leave before EVER paying another dime to this club. With a better gym down the street with the latest and greatest why would I want to buy a membership at a gym that was still trapped in the 1980’s? AND the sole purpose of purchasing this at the time was NO men in the gym. So, if I want to work out with men, up to date equipment, a low cost payment a month and no commitment to a contract, and sales woman stalking me….why would I pay to join this club?

I have been a member of Fitness USA (royal oak location) for over 5 years, and am very disappointed that the location has closed. The alternative I am being offered is to use the Royal Oak Gym located at 12 mile and Stephenson. Unfortunately, I have discovered that we are only welcome at the Royal Oak Gym MWF from 8am to 3pm; I am curious exactly when I am supposed to fit in workouts seeing as I have a job, that surprisingly, expects me to come in every day! Effectively, my lifetime membership has been canceled, with no recourse. This is not an honest way to do business.

I was a member for more than a year. I went to cancel my member ship after an year and now they says I cant do that since I signed for five years. I want to check my paperwork but it misplaced it and when I try to ask them top send the paperwork which I signed, they are not at all showing me the paperwork. I regret that signed contract with them.

I've been a member since 1997. It was great back then, but now it's very poorly managed. The staff at Stonestown in San Francisco are young and rude. They do find ways to take your money and especially when we're long time members. They just recently changed the classes. if you want to take their classes, you will need to become a Diamond member which requires you to upgrade paying $88 per year! They never sent any type of notices out to all their members. So I asked them, how are you able to send out bills/invoices to our houses to collect yearly fees but you can't send us a stupid little notice about this change? On top of that, they had a promotion, upgrade to Diamond member by 7/31/12 and it's a lifetime upgrade. They only posted this in the facilities. I haven't gone for a long time, BUT I was still paying for the damn membership dues every single year, was never late! So how can you send us bills/invoice for payment but you can't send us a notice stating this change & promotion?? This dump is ridiculous.

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