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THX that's a great ansewr!

Please direct this email to the person who handled the truck load sales of returned items.Please have them call me at 1-701-306-8208 Thank you Datold Larson

RETURN POLICY - I purchased an item that costs $60.00 - when I received it I decided the value for the money was no good. I put it all back together and took it to FedEx and UPS which is the only way they will take it back. It is going to costs me $40 to return it. thats almost what the price was to purchse. I have called and send multiple emails to ask for them to give me a slip to return it as it is not right to only allow returns from specific companies that charge as much as the product itself (which was low quality). I finally got on the phone today and was told I have to pay to return it myself. Now that is a complete rip. So now I have to keep something I don't want or like, because it is going to costs me the same to return it. Something should really be done about companies like this.

I called fingerhut yesterday to make a payment on my account, because my log in id and password was not working,so i wanted to get that fixed, talked to a girl name Kelly(she was rude to say the least) at 3:58pm. She refused to fix my id login info. So after 30 min of arguing with her she still would not do it, so finally i gave her a paymnt by phone, and asked for a manager and she hung up on me. So this morning at 10:18am I get call from the collection dept of fingerhut and what do you know Kelly never processed my pymnt, so they wanted to add fees & charge me to do a payment by phone. I told the guy what happend he really didnt care so i talked to another manger named Jay he was very helpful went thru it all what happened he waived all the fees says the Kelly lady i talked to didnt even note my account what had went on or processed my pymnt, he told me to call the customer service number & report her, So I called customer service talked to another manger Cathy at 10:34am today and she says that i hung up on the lady(which was inaccurat) told her everything that went on, she didnt help a bit,they have my email on my husbands account and wont remove it, i explained he is in the military its not like he can drop everything and traing to make a phone call about an email address-she proceeded to go on about nothing, she said that there was nothing she could do, I said screw the email address problem and fix the customer services reps. She had no intention to do anything or help with anything. So i am going to be contacting corporate office and dealing with them directly, I think that its is completly childish not to process my paymnt b/c she wanted to be rude and try to make a point. So we will see what happens she refused to give me and email address or phone number for the corporate office so i have to write a letter to Brian Smith at 6250 ridgewood road st. cloud mn 56303-----


Hi, I recently placed an order for a desk and they sent the wrong size drawers and tray table and didn't include all the screws. I have emailed them 6 times no response except for the 1st email where they said they would get back to me and never did. I have called customer service twice and each time we will send something to our claims dept and have them call you. I have received no phone calls. Bottom line I will pay for all my other purchases but not the one that hasn't been resolved. I would ship it back but lord knows I will never receive the shipping costs back. I am so very unhappy and will never order again.

I bought a camera that was broken. Asked for 3 months for a return label. Made NUMEROUS calls to accounting and customer service in the 3 months. No one made notes to my account till December and I bought the camera in October. Frustrated at no return label, I paid for the postage to send it back myself, at which time it took 3 weeks for them to open the package after it was delivered to them (per my tracking number). My follow up call to see if it was received led me to another foreign operator that told me, that basically I was up S*** creek without a paddle because it was after the 30 days. So I sent back the camera and they WILL NOT credit me!!! This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with!!! Buyer Beware!! Also, my $325 has shot up to $487 while I have been waiting for them!!!!

I have been loyal Fingerhut shopper for many years. I recently had a severe financial loss and am trying very hard to keep up with my obligations. I owe a 26 dollar payment which I can not pay until the 3rd of the month as I am on disability and that is when I get my check. They call me EVERY DAY! I keep telling them the same thing and they just don't stop! They are pushing me into a damned breakdown. I asked to speak to a supervisor today...she was conveniently on a break! I asked why they keep calling me when they know I can't pay until the third and the answer. Because you owe us 26.00! I will NEVER give my business to Fingerhut again and I'll make sure all my friends know how poorly they treat there customers. I don't mind adding that in a time when millions of Americans are out of work, every single call I got was from INDIA!!!! I hate Fingerhut now as much as I used to love them. Good job, Fingerhut!!!

They opened up a $100 credit card account (via stealing my identity) and charge on it $35 + $30 interest and more.. I called to disput and they want the 'last 4 digits of my SS#' only ... claiming thats the ONLY way to verify my identity. I refused to pay the $69 because if I do they can carge it the same way $10000000 ! so now I have a bad credit for $100 account that I didnt even create. How do I remove that ? romantiqu@hotmail.com

no customer sevice this company does not care. im done ordering from fingerhut.

I have been a long time customer of fingerhut for over 10 yrs until recently, I placed a big Order on black friday when they had some good deals, I waited and waited and never received my order, However i was charged for my entire order!!! I called and they told me that my order was mailed and was being shown as ''delivered'' , I paid like $28.00 for shipping and handling and who in their right mind would leave a package with content valued at $1,100 on someones door steps and not get a signature, you would think for twenty eight bucks a signature from fed ex would be warranted. anyways i go through the proper channels to get the order reshipped and they send me an affidavit which I completed and mailed it back and then i was told on a call they denied my request, no explanation or anything, DO THEY NOT INSURE THEIR PACKAGES ON HIGH DOLLAR ITEMS ??? I have gotten no where, yet they continue to charge me the penalties and crap, so i have no other alternative but to not pay the bill, I am not about to pay $1,100 for something i never received, are they crazy!! FINGERHUT SELLS CHEAP CRAP, AND THEY AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME THAT ANYONE BUYING FROM THEM IS A LOWER CLASS CITIZEN, I SUPPOSE BECAUSE THEY WILL GIVE ANYONE CREDIT, WELL IT TOOK ME 9 YRS TO BUILD MY CREDIT UP WITH THEM AND I PAID ALOT OF FINANCE CHARGES OVER THE YRS BUT NO MORE, THEY CAN CHOKE ON THE BALANCE OF MY ACCOUNT, I TRUST THEM JUST AS MUCH AS THEY TRUST ME, so they just lost a good customer, and you can take the balance and shove it fingerhut, who in their right mind would make payments for items they never received and after they ''suposedly'' investigate the missing package and they never did and come back and deny the claim, its because they screwed up (1) if they even mailed out the package then they should have made sure someone signed for the electronics, i mean who would leave 2 flip video cameras and misc other electronics on someones door steps.... don't buy from them, they are dishonest and their customer service dept is a joke, a complete joke..

I agree that the quality of their merchandise is poor. I bought a Hoover steam cleaner which broke after the 3rd time that I used it. This was in a 2 week period. I also bought a cabinet which was out of alignment. The glass door panels, when closed, have a huge gap in between each panel. About 3/4 of an inch whereas, these panel should be flush against each other with no gaps. I have had other problems with poor quality, especially with bedding products. I strongly believe that Fingerhut sells rejects that no other store would sell.

I placed a order on 10/30/10 for Christmas items. About 10 days later I received 2 packages, opened them up and there was a packing slip in each box. However the packing slip did not even come close to matching my order, it was actually someone elses order on the packing slip. I went to my original confirmation email to see everything that I did order, because there was so much and to my surprise I was missing several items. I waited in hope that there was another package coming and after about a week when there wasn't another package coming I called and explained to them what I was missing. While I was on the telephone with them my son retrieved the mail and in the mail was a postcard explaining that 2 items would ship within the next week----1 of those items I already had and I told the CSR this, I was told to wait an additional week, the rest of the items had not shipped. During this time I received 4 more post cards about 2 of the items 1 telling me that 1 item shipped and 1 telling me 1 item was on backorder until 11/25. After a week went by and still nothing I called back explained to them that I still didnt have several items and was made to feel like a thief. They sent me a paper explaining what wasnt sent, I filled it out and faxed it back. In the meantime I received 1 more package and several more postcards about 2 of the items (at this point I have them both)the postcards are now telling me the items are on backorder until 12/25/10. I called customer service to inquire about the actual items missing and to tell them to please note my account that I received these 2 items they keep telling me are on backorder.....I actually had to open a box in front of fed ex and the mail person and send it back because I already had those items. After all this I still am missing 4 items and have no idea what will happen except that I was billed for them.

Fingerhut promised me that they would deliver my package on or before Thanksgiving Day. To date, I have not received my package; however, I received the bill. I have spoken with several Fingerhut employees, to no avail. They all act like 3rd graders, as they did not comprehend anything I explained. They refused to give me a tracking number but insisted I contact Fed Ex. How can I contact Fed Ex with no tracking number? I refuse to pay $230 for something I did not receive.

I am SO done with Fingerhut! I think they sell "seconds" because the quality of many items is so poor. I am also furious with "customer service". These people are in India and dealing with them is an ordeal that takes forever with my having to say it over and over. Yesterday I asked a supervisor who the President is and he gave some random name. SHAME on you Bradley! Done, yes done!

Have ordered off and on for some time with Fingerhut. All of a sudden can not log in any more. Will not take password. went thru the procedure to reset password. They ask me for my nickname in school??? What never had a nick name in school. Finally gave up after e-mailing customer service. There reply will get with you in three days. Never heard from them. Placed an order on October 28th for a 7X10 rug for my great grandchilds bedroom. Finally had to call today to find out what happened to it. Of course they can hardly speak english. Can't find the order give them the order number. They even sent me an e-mail to confirm the order. And no big deal with the guy. Could no way spell his name or say it if I had to. Its funny when you call they say in english press 1. You are expecing to speak to someone who speaks english and can understand you and not keep repeating what you say over and over and over. So guess I won't get my rug. Said he could do nothing about it. I should complain to customer service on Monday. As many years as Fingerhut has been around you would think they could afford to hire Americas. And someone that actually cares about you. Why do they ask for the last 4 digits of your SS#??? I have never ordered anything in my life that they asked for this information. Hopefully someone in the Corporate Headquarters actually reads these and will do something to improve the quality of there office people at the order desks.

I spent 4 hours today attempting to place an order today with Fingerhut. Each time, I was told "My credit card was rejected" but I could open a Fingerhut charge. I finally called my credit card company and imagine my surprise when I discovered NO requests for authorization had been sent to them! After much aggravation and finally reaching a supervisor and special services, as well as pointing out that I would not allow you to force me to open an account, I was told my charge was approved and my account would be charged $166.96. That amount included the 15% discount being offered for Veteran's Day. I specifically discussed the discount with the supervisor to be sure it would be applied. My invoice, as approved by me, showed a total charge of $166.96. Imagine my surprise when I received an email a while ago showing you had charged me $190.96. No discount was applied! I did NOT authorize that amount to be withdrawn from my account! I immediately called your customer service and asked to speak with a supervisor. A person named Andrew Vasquez, who tells me he is in Central America!!! Told me I had two choices... I could cancel my entire order -- in which case it would take 10 days to 2 weeks to get my money back! Or I can wait until my order ships -- in 10 days to 2 weeks -- and he will "try to put a credit thru for the overcharge"! He further stated he has no boss that I can speak with... and when I pointed out that what Fingerhut was doing was fraudulent and illegal and that I could press charges -- He said "GO ahead! I'm in Central America! You can't touch me!" If this is Fingerhut's attitude -- perhaps you should warn people that they are (1) Dealing with a foreign country! and (2) That as customers we are subject to whatever fraud you choose you UNAMERICAN company chooses to pull on us! I am truly worried that you have my credit card information and and am considering what part of our Federal Government deals with this sort of dishonesty... Hopefully someone will be able to help me!

I placed my first order in several years and was sent an email that it had shipped. Been 2 days now and the tracking number still can not bring up a any results. I have called and received reps from the Philippines and other non English speaking countries. All they wanted to do is give me the tracking number and couldn't comprehend that I had the number. Not a good experience and I have no idea if I will ever receive my order.

I ordered a free catalog. I was sent one in SPANISH!! I am a born American as is my husband, his parents and grandparents. We do not read or understand or speak spanish. I believe if you order anything in this country it should be in ENGLISH unless requested other wise. I feel I have been discrimenated against because of my last name. I called customer service with this matter. Told them I did not want their catalog in any language. Received another SPANISH one today. Am contacting my attorney......

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