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If i could make it less than 0 i would. horrible customer service. if you have a lot of time on your hands and looking for a challenge, deal with fingerhut. i was just hung up on. called back someone told me i had the wrong number and could not help me. this was the number someone left on my machine after i sent many emails to them. I called another number and quess what, they told me, i had the wrong number i need to talk to the people, the same place that they told me they could not help. stay away, the aggravation is not worth it.

Tried contacting Fingerhut by phone re: recalled merchandise. Granddaughter been riding Range Rider toy vehicle since Xmas. Jusr recd letter of vehicle recall 9/20/12. Receive emails from Fingerhut for EVERYTHING else but not this!!! Also tried to reach their corp office w/above # - does not work!!! Fingerhut wants me to return pieces of vehicle BEFORE issueing refund even tho it has to be dismantled. I'm being Inconvienced because THEY sent me faulty merchandise!!! In addition I'm a senior and an invalid. That's why I shopped Fingerhut - it's difficult for me to get out, but no more. Very disappointed w/Fingerhut.

I have been with fingerhut for over five years, have never missed a payment, always payed more than the min. payment and had a good or excellent rating with them. We were about to loose our home due to circumstances beyond our control so we had to file chapter 13 bankruptcy. WE DID NOT PUT THEM ON THE BANKRUPTCY well, fingerhut witout warning or any type of advanced warning cut us off. we tried to contact them did not get a reply from them, we tried to call them , very rude, will no longer try to repair my relationship with them will report them to the bbb and place them on the updated bankruptcy. also will d0o everything in my power to advise any and all people to steer clear of fingerhut.

I too think that the srevice at Fingerhut sucks wind!! what do i have to do too get them to send me a paper statement through the mail!! I have requested this at least 15 times! I am sooooo..... done with them, I will never, ever order from them again, I have also told the friends that I know that order from them as new customers, thank God they haven't placed an order with thme yet and they never will be!!!!! I wish that I could give them negative stars!

I need to know how to lose weight withuot building muscle under the fat. I know that cardio is good but what are some good cardio excercises? im 13 and i dont want anyone to know im trying to lose weight because its embarrassing for me it just is. so i cant go out and buy special stuff cuz my dad s gonna want an explanation. anyways .my diet .i dont care if its healthy. i need to lose weight in lik e a week so i know i might gain the weight back by not eating healthy but i dont care i just need this for an occasion. i reall wanna lose weight on my stomach and my thighs. how do i do this withuot building muscle under my stomach?thanks.

ok look,the answer is very ouiovbs- don't eat too much!!think about it- the countries where people don't stuff themselves with food, such as asia, the people are slim, and in perfect healthtoday, the society is all about foodwe're eating because the food tastes good, not because we're hungry!you see food ads on tv, magazines, everywhere!food is everywhere, you cannot go anywhere without being offered food!you need to learn to resist the temptations. back in the older days, you didn't eat everyday! you ate when you hunted and caught food!you would be perfectly fine not eating for a day, it's actually good for you because it cleanses out your body!! all that getting a minumum of at least 1500 calories a day is BS!! you can survive perfectly fine on just 500 calories consumed from HEALTHY food. Sure, you'll have an uncontrollable desire to eat, but trust me, you'll LIVE.and all this diet crap is aimed at overweight consumers. the media suggests that anorexia is bad, all these models are dying blablahblah..that's all just to make the normal obese american feel better!! i mean, how often do they show people dying from being overweight???there's really no need to eat junk food either. it's a waste of money, and all it does is make you fat!! think about it. twinkies and soda and chips don't fill you up, they just taste good, which makes you want to eat more!look at the skinny people nowadays. they don't constantly crave for icecream or stuff themselves with food whenever they see it.

These jerks were calling my cell phone everyday I told them to quit calling me this is my personal number I dont know who your calling or why. Told them to take my number off their calling list said they would the stupid jerks called again 4 hours later and everyday at least twice filed complaint with Attorney Generals office for starters company is poorly managed and has no respect of persons!

I did lost my pre-approved magazine promo sent to me.I will appreciate to be receive a different one .

I ordered a patio set from Fingerhut and it was damaged by Fed-Ex so Fed-Ex returned to fingerhut rather than deliver to me which is a darn good thing!!!! I called fingerhut and ask them to re-ship when they received the damaged item because I paid in full with my debit card so it's paid for just need it re-shipped. I was told they will be cancelling my order and if I want it I will have to call and reorder it. I have to wait until the credit is issued on my account which I was told will take almost a month to get money back in my bank. I just called Fed-Ex and they said Fingerhut will receive back a week from today, Fingerhut said it will take 15 days to get back and another 2 weeks to get back in my bank. When I ordered I paid in full and it was like pulling teeth because they wanted me to use Fresh Start Credit. They only gave me $225.00 credit limit and with shipping my order was $265.00 so I just paid in full. Since when is paying verses using credit a bad thing. I had to go thru total crap just to order it and now this. They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I am reporting them to the B.B.B ...They told me Fed-Ex damaged it so I needed to call Fed-ex...B.S. These people have not seen the last of me!!!! CLOSE THESE PEOPLE DOWN. IT'S A SCAM And glad I didn't get patio set because if the qualitity is as bad as everyone says I'm better off but give me my credit. You know it's damaged......Fingerhut you tracked it yourself!!!!!!

I doubt with fingerhut like 10 years ago They were great in every way But now they're too hard to get in touch with I've been calling to re open an account With no results Try to get a catalog No results I trade you a 5 on past experience Not sure what the rate is now

I am very very upset with the service of your workers and the fact that i cannot speak with a supervisor. I have had five phone calls tellling you my father passed away on the 11th, I buried him last night and advised your company several times I would take care of my payment as soon as I get my bearings. I was called again today and now I'm pissed. Your going to charge me a late fee because I am two days late. Stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Never again.

The shipping company that you ship your merchandise through, SpeeDee, is very below the definition of a second rate delievery company. I live off a rural road that is traveled by many each day and my home sits 2 miles off of the main road. They supposedly delivered this order by placing the package by the mailbox which as I have said is in the middle of no where, as in only trees, grass, mud and critters! The order was not there I placed an order for Father's Day totaling over $250 dollars. This so called shipping company that you use set the package out on a rural road in the middle of no where that in no way could fit in the mail box.I mean any inteeligent person, or compentent worker would know better then to set a package on a rural road with no signature, or person to pick that package up.I mean really guys lets think here and use your brains when you are in the customer service business, if you do not have a house or a box to leave a package in then you do not leave the package.I had to rate this e-mail a 1 star, however the service that I have received was far below any star rating as in you as a company are in jeopardy of losing my business, and the business of my family if something is not done to correct the incompetence of your delievery choices and the services that you as a company choose to use.I will not, and I repeat will not in any way be paying any type of interest what so ever on this or the lost order.I also think that a coupon or some kind of a credit, and make it worth my time should be given in order to make up for all of the trouble, and headaches that you as a company, and your delivery service have caused me the customer.I am not happy, and even a solution if not good enough, may still result in you losing me as a customer because this is the worst type of service I have ever received, and when you are in the type of businesses you are in in this is a major problem.The economy is low, so you better get your stuff together.

I bought an electric fireplace during the summer in Phoenix. I was out of town when it arrived, so my son put it together and briefly turned it on to make sure it worked. Everything seemed fine. However, 4 months later, when I turned it on to use it, it worked for 5 minutes, then the flame froze up. After turning it on and off a few times, it stayed frozen. I contacted FH and they informed me since it was past the 60 days (or whatever) I had to return it to the manufacturer. Well, my son had thrown the papers out. So I asked FH to give me the contact info for the manufacturer of the fireplace. I was told by approximately 5 different people that they didn't know who they bought the fireplace from. I called them back even after the exact same fireplace was on the front cover of their magazine. Still no luck. They did however tell me that I could ship it back to them, but I would have to pay shipping (which was approximately $100) and then they would pro-rate the return. Unbelievable. I had perfect credit with them until then, but they absolutely will do nothing to help me with this dud of a purchase. I'm done with them, quit paying, but of course they call about a dozen times a day. Quite unbelievable. They couldn't care less about service to good customers. Guess they take it for granted they can stay in business no matter what. We'll see ...

We have been dealing with Fingerhut for years, never had a problem with making the payments. Going through some hard times right now, have TRIED to talk to them and get them to understand, ya right. They are now calling my phone 3-4 times a day and HANGING UP......I have 2 toddlers and get very aggrivated that I take the time to make it to the phone and they dont have the decency to say anything. This is all over a amount of $75. I am very ready to tell them to stick it in thier hat at this point. They also call my husbands phone while he is trying to work and make the money that they expect to pay this bill. They have made comments to him like "well, you probably dont know but your wife isnt paying the bills" #1 we disscuse everything and he is very aware of what does and doesnt get paid and #2 who do they think they are. Besides the fact that when they do talk to him it is usually somebody that doesnt speak english. I tried to get a supervisor on the phone yesterday and got no response. I am searching for the headquarters address so I can send them a lovely letter about how poorly thier company is being run and how rotten the customer service is. If anybody had that info I would be greatful. We will NEVER EVER deal with this company again, worst experience of my life

I'm shocked. They sold my phone number to some crooks without my permission and now without my permission that crook is billing my fingerhut account a monthly payment. Of coarse Im not going to pay so my 500 bill is now 700 for nothing and sometimes I get calls 10 in a day. I told them they should not of sold my information. Fingerhut said I authorized it when I order'd. NOT I would never do that. So Now all the sudden I get a form in the mail That said GET THIS: IF YOU DON'T WANT US TO SELL YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND OTHER INFORMATION FILE THIS OUT AND SEND IT BACK ARE YOU KIDDING ME I really don't have time for this but I'm looking for an attorney that wil file a class action suit so maybe all of you folks that have been violated by fingerhut will be hearing from me Probably here facebook twitter

I live in VT. This past Christmas, I gave out a number of gift certificates for gifts. I new a coulpe stores had closed as my wife and I vist often and all five sites. We discovered that all the store in VT are closed. Is there any way the people we gave them to can can get a refund. We will greatly miss your restaurants. Floyd Moodie Middlebury, Vt. fmoodie@myfairpoint.net.

Worst service ever....I ordered a table on clearance it was on page st5 of my catalog. When I got online to order it there was a code for 50% off clearance items. I put the code in and it didn't go through. So I called right away. I was told to call back on Monday. This was fine being a holiday weekend and I called on a Saturday. Only to be told Monday by 3 different customer service people that it wasn't on clearance. I guess I am blind and can't read! This whole 12 page mini section in the catalog must be a figment of my imagination! It reads at the bottom of each page on ST 1-12 "find more products on clearance at fingerhut.com" Oh yeah each page is also trimmed in RED at the bottom and the top of each page of this section reads "Closeouts and Deals" So needless to say I have canceled my account and the order for the coffee table and am forwarding this letter to their corporate office. BTW that fax number is 1-320-237-9160 feel free to let them know how ya feel! I know I will!

If I could give them negative stars, they would see stars. Worst Customer Service EVER!! Supposedly ordered a Xmas Tree, Wreath and Garland and only rcd a tree. They continue to give me a runaround, no garland, no wreath and to top it all off, they told me because I ordered on-line, I couldn't receive the free gift. It's a good thing your CS is located in India. They take advantage of Seniors and do not care about their customers.

I purchased 4 items to have deferred payment until January 2012, when I got the merchandise I found out the discounts previously offered were eliminated which equalled to $40.00, I was missing pieces from one product and I was not entitled to the deferred payment as was offered in the magazine. I contacted customer service three times they told me someone would contact me 24 to 48 hours. I heard nothing, when I called again tonight I was told that I needed to provide them the catalog code from the back of the magazine where I ordered from, I originally keyed it into the order online but I did not have the back of the catalog because I have 2 grandsons living with me who are 4 & 3 and very active so the back of the catalog was missing. They informed me they would not provide me the missing part or defer my payment like it was offered with that catalog code from the magazine. The code was entered online- odd how they did not show the catalog code online. I have tried to locate a Corporate number but of course there is nothing available and the number provided on this website is for another company. So like everyone else in this post I am S### out of luck and out $678.00. I will NEVER again buy from Fingerhut and I WILL let everyone know that I talk to and network to not purchase from them so with luck they will go out of business!!! Crappiest customer service I have every experienced-course you get what you pay for.


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