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Help please

Please please please return to your valued customers the chocolate dipped rolled in almonds to your snack bar. You have no idea how this was almost my weekly treat. In all honesty it was my Costco treat each and every time I entered your establishment. From Norfolk, Richmond Virginia to Lancaster PA and now to Seattle, Washington! Please oh please give us back our ice cream treat! Please!

Very Irritated

DON'T CHANGE WHAT WORKS!!! I always get Mango PEach Salsa! I was worried when I saw that the brand name changed. I was right to worry. While it is not "bad" it is not nearly as good as the other brand. The seasoning is quite different. SAD

Feral Cat Article

Thank you, for the heart warming article in the Costco Connection magazine. It is an excellent piece pointing out the plight of feral cats and the trap/neuter/return option available, allowing them to lead healthy lives.

Mirela Karlovcec

I participated in the Hadassah Walk-A-Thon today, October 6th in Sunny Isles Beach, Fl. Sooooo glad to see you represented and Mirela as your representative was just the right corporate touch. I am sooooo glad I am a Costco member!!! Thank you and hope to see you next year!!!!! Sincerely, A card carrying Costco member Barbara R. Liebmann

New Store

Recently move to Tyler Tx from San Antonio Tx. Miss having Costco here in Tyler. Please consider locating a Costco in Tyler Tx. I have been a member of Costco when you first came to San Antonio. Love your store

I was so glad when Costco came to Columbus, Ohio. Their products are excellent. Their employees are friendly and always willing to help.

Canned tuna

CHICKEN OF THE SEA TUNA in water.....should read tuna in vegetable broth with soy. According to Chicken of the Seas' website this is to enhance flavor. REALLY? Just label it that way then because if I wanted to buy soy, I would. And Costco....shame on you for allowing false advertisers to be apart of your business. Please just sell us some tuna in water. Simple request from a family with soy allergies.

Need Costco in this Town

A Costco customer for over 20 years in South Florida, need one in Ocala FL Area

I am requesting that a Costco Store be located in Hemet, CA. All of the retail grocery stores here, except Wal-Mart, are old, outdated, and do not provide all of the products options that Costco provides. There is plenty of available land in good or excellent locations.

Casper Hot dogs or the Lack of!!!!!

You have officially RUINED a 4th of July celebration- we have been serving CASPERS HOT DOGS since the Fremont, CA store opened- the best on e west!!!! Notice I did not say Kirkland dogs!!!!! The store needs to get back to providing customer service! Casper hot dogs are local to the SF Bay area an icon - you sold out most Often in your stores- as we would travel wherever they had them- again they are local and the best you carry lots of ethnic food these are the LOCAL ethnic - please put them back in!!!

Not impressed anymore!

If I could give you negative I would. Your products have lost the quality that I've come to expect from Costco, for example I bought a metal spinner art for my yard. I had to have a friend weld the stand together otherwise just the spinning it does would have made the holes to big and it would have fallen apart by now. Now one of the top round spinners has come apart. It is a cheep cheesy china made piece of junk ready for the trash already! I've always brought it in when the wind is bad, because its so flimsy. It's not like its old, I bought it in March!!!! Also you have no consistency in products, I used to buy Ball Park beef franks, well not anymore! You've replaced them with your cheep, awful Kirkland brand! My family has said overwhelmingly they don't like them. Another thing I won't buy there. Guess I better just stick to my local grocery, Target and Walmart. I expect some less than average products from them and they don't quit stocking name brand items!

Kirkland Borghese Daily Mositurizer

I LOVE this product and just found out you are discontinuing it! This is AWFUL! Why carry the other products which just treat certain areas? The moisturizer is the main thing! PLEASE do not discontinue this!!!

You Don't Care

Customer service in Colorado Springs isn't good, to put it mildly. We just renewed our membership after many years because your prices aren't all that, but if your customer service was ok we wanted a club service. Your employees are rude and your prices aren't that great. I was treated very rudely by an employee and then by management.

in dire need of costco to compete with horrible walmart

I am requesting a costco be located in Houghton, MI. I think it will do well and be a great help for all the people here.

long hold

poor customer service: If the customer service people would at least pretend that they cared about my bad experience at the warehouse it would have made me feel better. Instead, now I'm just ANGRY and my opinion of Costco has gone down considerably.

Pharmacy Livermore calif

Hello ..watch out for the new pharmacist.she is the worst.She has a very very unprofessional manner and told me she did not now how long the med would take to get filled.I was amazed that she was so prejudice and out right vicious. I sat almost two hours with no answer then she would not fill my script,I did call her the B word the manager a man was whipped by her as she covered her behavior by blaming my disability and need for meds as a joke. I called the FDA and my health coverage and corporate hedquarters all of them told me to turn her in to the board of pharmacy.wich I did.The F D A said some pharmacist do this and 100 s of calls are dailey made by people not being able to get medicine and there fore the pharmisist has abused client and also using their professional license to play doctor and play phychotic games with other humans.Dont go to Livermore pharmacy.

extra services

I had the local countertop and heating/air conditioning Costco-approved representatives come and give me estimates. The countertop quoted a price for granite that was $1,000 more than the same product elsewhere, and the heating quote was $3,600 more. The comparable local suppliers were A+ rated by BBB and were on Angie's list. The two Costco-approved representatives were not. Can't you find better professionals in these two areas? I shop at the Oakbrook, Il store.


I always like Costco, until I got a job there. After 2 weeks of working and making a good progress, they told me "this is not working out". Put me in a room with 4 people and told me this. I was shocked and so embarrassed.

American Swiss Cheese Slices

I have been purchasing American Swiss Cheese Slices from Costco for several years now. However, recently I discovered you are not carrying the product anymore. What happened? Why not let the consumer know ahead of time when a product is no longer available? I shop at the Huntsville, AL Costco store.

New Store Request

I will be moving from Huntsville, AL to the Daytona Beach, FL area this year. However, I discovered the closest Costco is Altamonte Springs, FL. Are you ever going to build a Costco in Daytona Beach? They are in dire need of a Costco and I'm sure it would be very successful if you were to place one there. I just don't understand why there isn't one there already. Walmart just doesn't cut it for me.

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