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Capitalism is the reason your company became successful and the reason you stay in business. I would think very carefully next time about politicizing your company. The dollar still speaks.

You lost me!

You let politics enter your business choices as far as what I can buy at Costco? You lost my family's business forever. Shame on you! It looks like you're only letting a few of these "reviews" show on this site. More censorship.

Shame, shame, shame upon Costco for removing Dinesh D'Souza's top selling book, America from their shelves. From June 1 to July 1 Costco stocked the book, America, but pulled the book just before the release of the movie, America, Imagine the World Without Her. Why? Orders from someone in politics? How is this not censorship from the left? Bye Costco. Buy Local or shop Sam's Club if there is one in your area!


a typical "liberal corporation", your arrogance of removing the book "America" from your shelves because it doesn't coincide with your boards political views is shameful, why is the left so militant about opposing views. I will NEVER enter one of your stores again, I have a big mouth and will also spread the word about your despicable actions. Your corporate mumbo jumbo on the reasons you removed the book is laughable. Now I see you have shut down your corporate website for "repairs". your company is a joke.

America by Dinesh Dsousa

I've decided to cut waaaay back on shopping Costco and give my business to another big box retailer.

tv problems

writing this review due to your return policy on tvs.havea tv that's 7 months old and it has a bad spot on it went threw all the steps i was told and still getting the run around from the store on why i can exchange it..trying to send us a refurbished one we want a new one


Your removal of Dinesh D'Souza's best selling book, "America" was an unwise corporate decision. It speaks volumes about the integrity of your corporate leaders. In a free country you have the right to make such biased decisions. However I also have the right to never do business with you again. Your decision created a lose-lose situation. What a shame...

Done with you

No D'Souza, no money from me and my family!

I saw you today with Obama and I understand that you are remove the movie America from your stores. I want you to know that I will never stop at your store and will tell everyone I know what you have done. This movies shows the truth of our history that is not being taught in our school and hasn't for years. You should be ashame of yourselves.

Pulling America

How sad that a company should make a decision for its customers as to what they cannot purchase - boycott Costco!

Censoring America

You're banning books now? Books titled "America"? Seriously? This will definitely affect your bottom line. Perhaps you can have a Going Out of Business book burning.

Dsouzas America book

You removed the book and with it lost my business forever.


You practice Censorship, You have a liberal socialist agenda! Need to fire the VP. The book America, you pulled it I will canceling my member and many of my friends! You are Anti America , it's time to hit you in the pocket book!! This is america!! It's strange during the World Cup, you had Mexico jerseys, for sale but No american ! lol boycott has started !!

America missing now I am


removal of book America

How dare you censor the american public from the truth of the real agenda of Obama

Political leanings

You have lost my business along with 2 family members and others in my community with your politically motivated removal of Dinesh D'Zousa's book. We will continue to encourage people to drop there memberships at my local store. Your products kind of suck anyway Back to Sam's Club.

Partisan book suppression

Join the crowd ditching Costco in favor of Sam's Club due to Costco's decision to suppress the Dinesh D'Souza book "America: Imagine a World Without Her" (#4 on Amazon) just as the movie is being released... to make little Barry happy.


When I heard that you pulled a book from your shelves that criticized the way our country is run, it smacks of cronyism. Goodbye Costco, along with my entire family.


I'm a long time member, please stay out of politics. Don't remove books you think unfair to Obama. Do NOT mix business with politics, many of your loyal customers are Republicans.

Book Burning

Costco sees fit to pull a best seller off its shelf in favor of Satan's daughter, Hillary Clinton. This is a political move only on their part. The CEO is a big donor and supporter of the far left. I will not spend another dime in their stores.

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