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Customer service

On Saturday, February 22, 2014 I was at the Costco in Hayward Ca. The Warehouse was packed with customers.After shopping I stood in one of many lines. I was pleasantly surprised that my line was moving extremely fast. When I arrived to the the front of the line the cashier, Patrice was very pleasant and efficient. She did have a co-worker helping her and another cashier. Well done girls!!!

Customer service

i went to the store in the ciy of cypress the customer service was no good they are rude when you walk in and nobody around i spoke to managment for help and they ignored me i never been so upset i was a sams club member and never was treated like that aqt that warhouse. i will never return to that store. This store needs really needs a visit.

Customer service

i went to the store in the ciy of cypress the customer service was no good they are rude when you walk in and nobody around i spoke to managment for help and they ignored me i never been so upset i was a sams club member and never was treated like that aqt that warhouse. i will never return to that store. This store needs really needs a visit.


Last month I bought an installation packet for my COSTCO purchased TV. When I called the number provided I got redirected to a promotion that sounded like COSTCO but turned out to be a Big Savings Club scam. Old story they started charging my card with monthly fees I never authorized and I had to call several numbers to get it cancelled. This is a scam and it appears to be endorsed by COSTCO, not good.

Sample Vendors

I get very irritated every time I shop in my local store in Mesa, Arizona. At the end of most every isle there is someone handing out food samples. The area is congested & you can't get through to do your shopping without dealing with people eating their lunch as they walk thru. Why can't they put all these in one area , so the people who want to eat, can do so & The ones who want to shop can get through the store without a hassle!!! It is really bad in the winter when the "snowbirds" are here. Thank you for your time .

kitchen garbage bags

Your Kirkland Signature white garbage bag use to be such a great product. This last box I bought is thin, can't even put half the stuff I use to put in it without it ripping. Really disappointing. If you think you are saving money think again. I'm about to discontinue my membership if your products are going to be cheap and useless. This is the second product that has gone down hill. (your toilet paper use to be so thick and now thin and crappy). What's the deal?

Toilet Paper

The Kirkland Signature toilet paper has changed for the worst. I use to drive 45 minutes for the toilet paper because it was thick and affordable but now it's just affordable. please make it thick again so I don't have to change to another brand.

Ice cream bars

I can't imagine a trip to costco without the ice cream bar. Over half the time I go it is backseat I want the ice cream and I end up buying a million other things. I cannot believe that ice cream didn't sell we'll. if not profitable raise the price, I'm good with that.

Costco in tyler tx

We still waiting on costco to open in tyler, texas. We drive more than 70minutes to the one in rockwall, please reconsider opening a store hier in tyler soon.

They all do it

Lots of people complaining about not selling specific products that cosco sold in the past- Newsflash- They { sams club & BJ's } all do it. We been members for 10+ years at sams and bj's and for some reason when they sell out of a great selling product- they don't carry it anymore- It's not Costco.

Ice Cream Bar

While shopping at your Livonia Michigan store, I was told that Costco will no longer carry the Ice Cream bar with nuts at the food court. Why? That's one of the main reasons I come to the store. I have a friend who got a membership just to get the Ice Cream bar because Sams club stop selling it a few years back. Please reconsider!

admin rohnert park ca store

I bounced a check,not intendtioal.I pd it in to Sonoma DA.Costco says I need something from DA.DA says they don't have manpower to send me something.showing pd.And its Costco vault.So I was given a ref # with the ph for Costco to.call.Costco told me a hr later the ph # just rings.I called.There are prompts. I have pd I don't know how mammy yrs member ship $ yeah u took but no one can tale 5 min to help me.

Duck Dog Treats

I have been strongly strongly advised by my Vet that I should stop using the CADET Chicken dog treats sold in COSTCO stores and made in China. . IT has had an adverse effect on my COTON DE TULEAR dog. The dog is sick from using it. Please look into the product. It would be nice if COSTCO added a similar Made in the USA brand.

Cannoli Factory Cannoli Kits

I am an Italian living in the NW, and it was so wonderful when Costco had the Cannoli kits from the Cannoli Factory. I could get really decent Cannoli's for my family gatherings during the holidays. I am so distraught that you have deleted my only source of Cannoli's!! I'm a native New Yorker, and the Cannoli's here in the NW are can't compare with the Italian bakeries in the NE, however, the Cannoli Kits were decent enough to make everyone happy over the holidays. I hope you will consider buying them again this year, there's still time!


every time i put my food on the counter a manager comes to replace that cashier ,as if im going to hurt that person...im 71 with 2 artifical knees and ride an electric cart...never in my life have i ever did or said anything to hurt anyone...ive been a nurse and a real estate agent in my past..i had a dept manager at a whole foods market get mad because i wouldnt rent her my house...i think she did something but why are stores treating me that way when there is no proof i ever did any thing...it is just so wrong...who else has been treated this way...please write..

Dog treats (jerky) from China

Your company has just been reviewed by over 5.5 million people who visit the SDP cam on Explore.org. The comment was that Costco is still selling the lethal Chinese jerky dog treats even after warnings have been posted everywhere. 5.5 million should have some influence - pull the product!

Thanksgiving Day

Bravo to COSTCO for being closed Thanksgiving Day!

Retail Services Nightmare

The process of finding and viewing my account balance is incredibly cumbersome. The mystery of locating and signing into the HRSA account is maddening. Please, for the love of God, fire Retail Services and provide one simple log-in with a logical source for the account number and place that on you master website. This is absolutely aggravating !!!


“All the Bibles were labeled as fiction,” the pastor told me. “It seemed bizarre to me.” Seems a little bizarre to me too? Would it impact your business of all who find that label disturbing decided to cancel their memberships and boycott your warehouses? I think so. I'll get the word out.

Help please

Please please please return to your valued customers the chocolate dipped rolled in almonds to your snack bar. You have no idea how this was almost my weekly treat. In all honesty it was my Costco treat each and every time I entered your establishment. From Norfolk, Richmond Virginia to Lancaster PA and now to Seattle, Washington! Please oh please give us back our ice cream treat! Please!

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