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This was the first time I had ever bought a carpet cleaner, I purchased the Bissell 90D3 series, and to my dismay it came with no attachments - surely when you buy a carpet cleaner not everyone lives in a bungalow!!!!! I did not realise this until it came to cleaning the stairs, bad advertising, angry and annoyed!!!!!!!!!

carpet fringes

T have a Bissell vacume with the brusj for pats but the vacume "eats" the friges of mey carpet "

easyvac 3108

Why did you stop mfg the 3108? Absolutely fabulous machine. May I purchase two more? I would like to have several spare machines for the future as everything i have looked at is too heavy and won't pick up dirt off the floor. Help.......

Worst review ever!!

In all my years I've never received horrendous customer service like it! New bissell Hoover burnt holes in my carpet, like others they have tried to blame us! We will not let this get shrugged off as it beggars belief!! A hundred calls later still not sorted and customer service horrendous! Never again!!

comments on the design

first of all a man must have designed the Bissell carpet cleaner...the on and off switch should be on the top handle why do I have to bend over each time I turn it off and on. Trying to shampoo with that cumbersome hose attachment that does not stay in place ...I hate the way it fills and empties....I think it is the worst machine I've ever encountered...I previously had a hoover ...and it was far superior..ps its way to heavy and has no redeeming qualities.

Not Loving Bissell

I bought a Bissell rug cleaner from Costco. The brushes stopped working the second time I used it. I took it back to Costco and got a new one. For two weeks I tried to get the pieces to hit together, finally called the help line and was told that they were aware of the design problem. He then told me I “needed to get a guy and force it”. Not that it would then fit but it would make the gap smaller… are you kidding me? Costco dump this line.

Did not believe me

I cleaned my carpet stained with coffee with Bissell carpet cleaner and it ruined my carpet. It made the carpet worse. The stain darkened and spread all over. Bissell said it could not be coffee and it is not because of their product. In other words they were calling me a liar. What else could it be but coffee that I split? I should know what the stain was. I am so upset my $800 carpet is ruined and they don't seem to give a hoot. I tried a professional carpet cleaner that cost me $200 and they told me it was the chemical in the carpet. I can't believe them.

Bissell sweeper cords

I have a Bissell Powerforce Turbo and it's not a bad sweeper but the cord is the worst nightmare I've ever seen! It's stiff and tangles up constantly! Why can't you come up with a soft cord thats easy to use???

The worst vac

I have cleaned houses for over 22 years and Bissell is by far the worst vac, no matter the model, that I have ever used! I could list it's problems, but there are way too many. A dust buster works better!

Had the worst online order experience. Placed an order on 4/8/2013 it is now 4/23/13. Called customer Service 4 times to find out were is my order. All I got was a run around for a month. When I said I wanted to cancel the order that I can purchase this product at a local store I was told it was being shipped when it was not. On 4th call on the 23rd I am told it would be shipped that day. This the worst service I have ever experienced.

Never again

I bought a Bissell Healthy Home vacuum recently. When using it for only the second time, the large rear wheel fell off. I didn't hit any furniture with it or mistreat it in any way...although that's what the customer service rep whom I called insinuated. It just fell off from the back-and-forth vacuuming motion. Never will buy a Bissell again.

Good Customer Service

I recently had an issue with a broken hose on my lift-off unit which was 8 months old. I spoke to Ashley who resolved the problem and replaced my unit under warranty without having to jump through hoops. Im not sure why so many other people had problems getting their situation resolved but im happy with the service I received and would buy from them again.

you are the worse company I have every had the disappointment in dealing with I will not and make sure the BBB makes and checks there records. i thought your policy on customer service satisfation and all that other babble was real well you lost me and anyone else.... You can sit back and watch your company lose all the way around. Susan.

wont buy Bissell again

I have bought 2 bissells in the last 2 years. they both broke.both after only being used 4 or 5 times.Bissell your quality sucks.I will never buy a Bissell again

Bissell QuickSteamer Plus caught fire

Atfer being used only about 6 times my Bissell carpet shampooer caught fire. Unfortunately i't several years old and out of warranty.

Wasted my money. Worked only 4 times. NEVER BUY BISSELL again.

Awful company; will not allow you to talk to owner. They do not make replacement parts and will not bend. I have to throw my shampooer out because of one part.

That really captures the spirit of it. Thanks for pstoing.

Bought a bissel proheat 2x 1 month ago. Did not realize the tank lid did had a chip in it where it met the tank. Because the seal was not secure, the unit did not suck up all the water in my carpet. Just got off the phone with customer care. They would not replace the part. I have looked on line and it is about a $20.00 piece. I spent way more than that on this piece of junk. By the way, they are located in the Phillipines and did not understand much of the english I was speaking. In fact the "supervisor" told me the best he could do was to offer me 'free shipping' of the piece I needed to purchase myself! Great customer service, spend over $200 dollars on something, and have the company not live up to the guarantee over a $20 dollar piece. It's not the $20, it's the principal.

i bought my bissell proheat 4 years ago and have got soo much use out of it in that time. my carpets are off white and i have 4 kids... between ages of 2 and 11. so my carpets get abused and i still manage to get them really clean with the proheat machine. I have to say that one of the belts did bust and it costed me like $16 at the repair shop. A short time later the other belt also busted but this time i purchased the part straight through bissell. i purchased 2 belts and my total including shipping was like $7. I learned to ALWAYS keep one on hand and replacing one is not that big of a deal. i am a female and have zero problems replacing them. I clean my carpets about every 6 months. for me to pay for a pro to come in and leave them the way i do would probably be about $200 each time. I'de say it is Waaay worth having one. just make sure you preorder the belts so you dont have to stop in the middle of cleaning because it does happen... i am VERY satisfied with my bissell and once this one dies out on me i will purchase another just like it... :)

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