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Something wrong in Port Reading

This is directly associated to your warehouse in Port Reading, NJ. Never before have I experienced such examples of favoritism, disrespect, backstabbing, and discrimination by co-workers and management. I took pride in my work and worked hard hoping that I could grow with the company, but apparently that's not enough.

Not the only one

Looking on this sight I see there are 125 reviews and BB&B has a rating of 2.6. I think that's being generous. When you read some of these things I see criticism of product, policy, service, and management. What isn't seen are any responses by BB&B. Are they afraid to admit their mistakes or just feel they are (Bed Bath &) beyond having to own up to them?

Bed Bath & Beyond Upset

Why am I forced to let hard working people go simply because it is passed seasonable employment? Is it economics or does BBB enjoy messing with the lives of people? People come to work here, earn a paycheck, to pay bills and support their families. As the holidays approach I can't believe a company could be so heartless and show such disregard for the people that move and sell their products.

vestal store: horrible

this store is a joke. managers who don't know what they're doing, employees who'd rather finish their conversation about what went on at the bar the previous night before they ring you out, and awful customer service. I'd rather spend twice the amount of time in Walmart.


I am very dissapointed in Bed Bath located in university commons, Boca Raton, Florida. I work with Blood Drives in the area. I need help from community businesses to collect blood for local hospitals. I offered to give out bed bath gift cards to all donors and a Lady named Ann simply said they did not want to take part in it. Isnt it part of your mission statement to help the community. Why would they be so against helping?

Horrible Mangement

The managers at Bed Bath Beyond at the location Rockville, Maryland are horrible. Some of them can't even talk english properly but I saw TWO managers were flirting with an associate (i think they were talk in spanish) in front of us even they saw we were waiting in the line. And there wasn't any apology from any associate to us for the long wait.

Customer service

I want to let you know what a superior job your store in Greenwood, Indiana is doing. I shop quite often and have never been dissatisfied. I'm greeted, asked if I need to find something in particular and I leave the store pleased. I worked in customer service for a few years and the job is NOT easy. With that I would like to say your employees in Greenwood give a positive look on your corporation.


Website it awesome. Very easy to navigate. Product was delivered promptly. I am extremely satisfied and will shop the online store again!

Love BB&B

I love Bed,Bath, and Beyond!!! They always have very nice stuff and the staff is always great!!!

Horrible management

The manager on duty should be on a farm corralling cattle Horrible social skills Took me two hours to get one item I came in for because of the incompetence and got in line at the back of the line three times because staff didn't handle customer service properly Hate this store!

Based on my experiences with the Manhasset, NY and the Westbury, NY store I highly recommend Bed,Bath, and Beyond. Not only are your prices highly competitive with other stores and online outlets, I have been extremely pleased with an extraordinary level of customer customer. In particular regarding replacing or refunding/crediting for products that do not hold-up, or function as advertised. Having confidence that the company that sells me a product, will stand by the product, is far more valuable to me than saying a few pennies with another retailer.


Entering your sweepstakes is harder to enter than enrolling in the ACA. It just won't accept correct & complete info.

shopping carts

My car was hit by one of your carts in another parking lot. I called spoke to a bunch of people only to find out, it's not your fault because it didn't happen in your lot. REALLY!!!!!! It wasn't my fault it's your cart I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN!!!!

I have been trying to get a hold of a district manager here in phoenix,az.. I was at the stire at desert sky mall, i sampled the spearmint lipgloss with the lil sample spatula stick, and the next day i woke up with a cold sore.. i called the store asked to speak to the manager, the manager didn't even care about my situation i asked her for her district managers name and number and she said oh i don't have it!!! she was very unprofessional. i went back a couple days later and the same tube of spearmint gloss was still there for sampling.... i am very appalled no one has cared enough on how disqusting this cold sore has spread. i would like a district manager to get ahold of me i have left my number.. i would be more than happy to put up the picture of this ugly cold sore and let the customers know how UN-sanitary this store really is... so DOnot use the samples there because obviously the employees donot clean or wash their hands.. i am very up set at this company, this year none of my friends will be getting their usual perfumes,lotions etc!!! from me or at least from this company....you have LOST A VERY FAITHFUL CUSTOMER.

payroll checks

My son worked for your East Northport NY store in 2011. He had 2 payroll checks that he never cashed. We have sent several letters to your corporate office, and he has returned to the store numerous times and has still not received the monies that are owed to him. I have called your corporate office and get NO ONE on the phone. Give my son the money that he is owed!!!!!!!!!! It is no wonder that he quit working for your company

Disrespectful to Customers

I was in the store in Long Beach New York with my 84 year old mother. She had one item. We waited in line. There was no one behind us. Just as we reached the cashier, the front-of-store manager Malik told us he was closing the cashier and we should go to another cashier -- all the other cashiers had lines so we would have waited again. I suggested he close the line after us (again, no people behind us) and he refused. I have never seen such disrespect to customers or to seniors. I'll never set foot in a Bed Bath & Beyond store again.

Could not have been better!

I had a excellent experience at the BBB on Chenal Pkwy in Little Rock Arkansas last evening. The staff could not have been more helpful or friendly. They took good care of me. Kudo's Little Rock!

Bath Towels

I contacted your Southtown Store in Bloomington, MN today. I asked about your Suite - Micro-Cotton towels and they were very professional and informative. I then asked if there are ales and they said coupons only.... The only way to get them was "on line"... I explained I have a Mac Pro, but not a printer. I asked if gave them the code at the store would they extend the discount to me. They said they could not do that nor would they have a copy of the coupon at the check out area if I gave them the information. That is really too bad, as a Grandmother, anxious to spend money on towels for a Granddaughter I feel "out of the loop"! Think about plan "B"! I do get your mailings but would appreciate better communication! Thanks for reading my comments!

Debit card was used illegally

I am a victim of fraud as someone got a hold of my card info and used it on your website for a purchase of $142.51 on 04/17/2013 and now my account is charged for something I didnt authorize or purchase as I haved even been on your website to look or in one of your stores in the past several months. I want a credit from you for a purchase that I didn't make.

Substandard Customer Service & Refund Procedures

I returned merchandise via mail to Bed, Bath & Beyond. 26 business days later the refund check HAS NOT BEEN PROCESSED! I have spoken to numerous customer service representatives. No one can help. They can only say that it takes 3 - 4 weeks to process the check. It has been longer than 5 weeks! I get different info from different reps. A manager was to call me today, but when I did not hear from him, I called. It is his day off. Another broken promise. And on and on! My house is filled with BB & B merchandise, but once I get my refund check, that will be the end of a very long relationship - and I will spread my opinion every time the name BB & B comes up.

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