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Great shopping experience

I enjoy the experience at BJ's in Cuyahoga Falls, Oh. The staff are friendly, prices seem fair, and the mgmt. make a decision on the spot. Give them high marks.

Great shopping experience

I enjoy the experience at BJ's in Cuyahoga Falls, Oh. The staff are friendly, prices seem fair, and the mgmt. make a decision on the spot. Give them high marks.


I have been a member since 2002. My membership expired in October 2013. I did not renew until December 302013 and then only after receiving several requests from BJ`s to renew. After renewal, I noticed on a receipt my membership expires in October 2014. Today I went to BJ`s in Woodstock, GA and asked why I was cheated out of two months membership when I made a renewal for a year. I was advised it is corporate policy and nothing could be done to restore the two months membership. This policy makes no sense and communicates very poor customer service policy

Customer service

I thought I had bad service at the BJ's in Tilton NH but after looking over the reviews it appears this us common for BJ's... So sad doesn't look like I'll renew my membership!!!

yeah! customer service

We have been shopping at BJ's Club 066 for the last 20yrs .I have never meet a manager that was so ready to help or seen one meeting his customers on the floor.. bravo ! you need more John Husnay GM he gets it ...we own a land mark restaurant in Bolton Landing NY & we have branded our business on customer service.

Coupon Sales

At a local BJ's in New Tampa, Florida, a product was on sale with one of its coupons. They were sold out, except for the display (can't sell) and 12 on order. The membership for BJ's exceeds that by 10Ks, why on Earth would you have 12 of a particular item on order and do not issue rain checks? I rate BJ's as a 'Zero' rating on coupon sales.

BJ'S lied all they want is yor money

While at BJ'S I was cut by a jar cover. The store manager & I agreed that a fast settlement would be to extend my membership by 1 year. If not I was going to the hospital which would cost BJ'S a lot of money. So several months later I find that my card was not extended. Nobody knew anything. BJ'S is a retailer that will take your membership fee and then suck all the money from you. This took place in the Deer Park New York store.

Poor management

Went to b.j.'s for propane today. As usual the mechanic was also responsible for propane gas and there was a long line. We all had to wait for the store manager as there was trouble with the register. He finally showed and informed us we would have to wait 15 minutes as the mechanic had to finish a wheel alignment . When I suggested he could fill our tanks he said he was't certified. Thank goodness the mechanic took care of us. Maybe your managers should be certified so they could help the worker bees instead of sitting in their air conditioned offices.


Poor service ,rude hostess, not everyone at the table received their food on time. The salad came out before the drinks. Told the manager and he said he would take care of our concerns. Never did he offer us a discount nor did he ever return to the table to make sure we were properly served. Poor management leader.

Ihave read this page on the complaints here they are all true. bjs is not the place to shop.There customer service members are only interested in signing you up for the rewards points they a reward them self for selling the most. I also have been to the service desk for coupons and they never have them . I have been in a few bjs store and the worst one is the Auburn store it has a product one week and you go back to get it again and I am told we do not carry it any more .I stopped shopping there completly. But for the auburn area there will be a COSTCOS coming soon that will be the place to shop.

had enough

Do not ever work at bjs in Auburn new york there managmemt sucks there personel sucks worse. If you have a problem with managment or personel you cant beat them you will be the bad guy so stay clear of the auburn club for employment.


BJ's in Brooklyn, has poor customer services. They do not answer their phones and the lines are so long and they need to hire candidates that are going to work and not waste BJ's and customers time.


I am complaining about the policy of the Portsmouth NH BJ'S store which requires a deposit on some cans and bottles BUT no longer accepts a return of such bottles or cans for refund. Sounds like a one-way street that will lead me to switch from BJ to another wholesale club.

Poor Customer Service

Waterford lakes BJ's has the worst customer service anywhere. The cashier could not help me with a simple request. After 30 minutes of waiting for a manager I was asked to come back!!!! I am a trial member and WILL NOT be renewing to a full membership.

What a waste of my time now I see why I prefer Costco

Worst Service Ever

Visiting the B.J's in Round Rock TX turned out to be the worst experience ever. Not only did we have to wait an hour for our food to be served, but it was brought out in stages......2 at a time. By the time the last person received his plate, the first one was already done eating. The food was terrible and the waitress was very rude. Manager actually came to the table and started laughing when we informed him about the poor service and the disgusting food. Never again will I go to this particular B.J's. What manager would come to a table where people are already upset and start laughing?

bad customer service

I am the only person in my neighbor hood not to recieve the mail out coupons in which I did use until they stopped. I notified customer service and was told the coupons are not a gaurentee. $100.00 dollars a year membership and spending nearly $5000. they say it is what it is thats the policy. Its a very poorly run business.

No Pay

Bjs is not paying their employees!...2nd time in 2 weeks!

I'm disappointed

BJs is new to my neighborhood and I was initially impressed. They offered a gluten free product that was important to me. In a recent coupon book that product was offered but when I looked, it was not there. I inquired and was told that they don't have to stock the product, there is no evidence that it will ever be available again and that they do not do any of the ordering. I had so hoped . . . I also learned that their return policy isn't very good. Back to Costco. This never happens at Costco.

I have just got home from my shopping EXPERIANCE at the local Club 197. Why is it that there are NEVER adequate number of cashiers OR self checkout stations (Functioning) to facilitate the crowd. It was a ZOO. For the likes of me I must search my soul as to why I pay $50.00 to be a member to receive such BAD Service. Are we Sheep?? I am considering not going there any more. The check out situation is a disgrace and many other people there are of the same opinion. If you want to know what happens when service deteriorate? Well - check out the local Food Lion. They don't any lines at check out anymore. Why - just guess. But the Local Giant has not a problem-guess what - they always have help. So the moral of the story is FIX IT OR FORGET IT.

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