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Trip to LA on July 30, 2014

Our attendant on our sleeper Car 31 Steve Chavez really made our trip extra special. This guy did everything you needed before you even asked him. He is an excellent ambassador for Amtrak.

passenger on Silver Star Train 92

I traveled to Miami from Rocky Mount, NC and had a very good experience. The ride was comfortable and the attendants were very professional. Xavier from Puerto Rico, was especially kind, helpful, and courteous. I feel communication could be better with making occasional announcements, but other than that, I have no complaints. The food was excellent which was a big surprise, and the chef even came out and told me how it was prepared. I plan to travel Amtrak again in the future. It was a pleasant experience for me.


Need to contact corporate office

Poor Service to Seniors

This was my very first time riding Amtrak as a senior and do not appreciate the poor customer service and the manner inwhich I was not assisted on the trains. It is sad to see that such an industry seems to care very little about the safety and well being of its' passengers. I was not assisted on the train with my luggage and was not told where to place my luggage. Also, I was not advised that the "train station" did not remain open during the day and had to wait outside in the cold because I arrived early. As a little girl, I loved the trains; not now!!!!!!!!!!!

Great trip

I take Amtrak frequently between DC and NYC and I love every minute of it. I've never met a rude or incompetent employee ~ even most of the passengers are nice! Unlike planes the trains are clean, comfortable and generally on time. I recently took the Capital Limited between DC and Chicago and had a wonderful time. The roomette was neat and clean and comfortable. I slept soundly. The meals were good. The attendants were just that: attendant, courteous and helpful. I'm so sorry others have not had good exeriences. Mine have been nothing but positive.

Totally satisfied!

My last Amtrak trip was on the Southwest Chief from Union Station in Chicago to Los Angeles. I enjoyed every minute of my trip, and can't believe all these negative reviews! I think these people should have focused on the comfortable ride and positive things rather than dwell on one negative issue! Keep up the good work Amtrak!

New Stations Stops in San Diego County

I am a regular traveler between Ventura County and San Diego County. The trip north From Solana Beach to Oxnard is 4 hours. South it has been about 4 hours, 20 minutes. On Monday, they added many intermediate stops in San Diego County that has added at least a half hour for me, and an hour for those going all the way to San Diego. It is a terrible, terrible decision. A trip that should be four hours plus a bit is now five hours plus a bit. The intermediate stops are ridiculously close - 5 to 10 minutes from each other but add very much to the overall trip time. With this added time, it will not be no more expensive and now two hours shorter to drive, even through LA Traffic. Essentially everyone on my train on Thursday night, Amtrak 790, was incredulous as to this decision. I know a speak for many when I say - go back to the old schedule. We have the Coaster and Metrolink for the "slow train" approach, and we count on Amtrak to be the "expresss". You've just destroyed that with this decision. Please reverse. R. Conn

Amtrak vacation

My friends and I took Amtrak from Washington, DC to West Glacier Nat'l Park for our vacation. We had a great time, both on the train and also at GNP. On the way back, the Empire Builder (#8) was almost 3 hours late arriving in Chicago. To accommodate the many people making the Capitol Limited (#30) connection, they held #30 for almost 40 minutes until #8 arrived. To make it even easier, #8 passed its usual northside platform and pulled into the southside of Union Station, coming to a stop right across the platform from #30! All we did was grab our bags and find our sleeper car. Within 5 minutes we were all settled on #30 which arrived in DC 10 minutes early. Amtrak personnel are really wonderful and are to be commended!

Good job!

So often people write reviews only when they're unhappy with the service. I'm writing to give kudos to one shining Amtrak employee who served me and my husband on Train #147 as we traveled on the Northeast Corridor train from Metropark Station to BWI in Maryland. Her name is M. Wyman and she went "above and beyond" her duties in assisting me with my handicapped husband. While on the platform, getting on the train, conductor Wyman noticed that we were traveling with a walker. She hurried over to assist us on the train with our luggage. The train was very crowded, so she found a seat for my husband in the club car and then went in search of handicapped seating for us. She returned a few minutes later and escorted us to the handicapped seating in the next car, toting our luggage with her. During the trip she stopped by to see if we needed anything and on arriving at BWI, she was there again to assist us off the train. When I offered her a tip, she simply said, "Not necessary. We just want you to have a good trip." Thanks to conductor Wyman, we did.

love Amtrak

The last two years I've been taking Amtrak from Indiana to Wisconsin. Except for delays, everyone has been kind and courteous. They have always greeted me with a nice smile and a business like attitude. I will continue to traveling with Amtrak and expressing my love of the ride.... Laura


If I could rate ZERO stars, i would. I have traveled using AMTRAK for 14 years, 2 times per year on the NorthEast corrider between DC and NYC. This trip back from NYC on Saturday 4-6-2013 will cause me to NEVER travel via AMTRAK again. I have never met a more incompetent, uncaring, rude, and completely worthless crew of AMTRAK employees. Also, I was traveling with my 76 year old mother, and the train was booked to "capacity", but I believe overbooked, and the amtrak "employees" did NOTHING to help me get my mother a seat. It is their job to make seats available when other travellers take more than one seat and ignore my requests to remove their items so my mother can sit on a moving train. Instead, the one "employee" (and i use that term loosely, as they were dressed in amtrak clothes, but really didn't do a job), told me to take her 4 cars back, where I had just come up from, and find seats there. OUTRAGEOUS!!! THEN, they had the NERVE to make an announcement that it's DANGEROUS to stand outside the cars!!!! I am not through in complaining to AMTRAK, but I can see that I need to send my complaint to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, since no one seems to get any results when dealing with amtrak customer service. If you can find another means of travel, I suggest you take it. If I did my job as poorly as those crew members did theirs, I would be transferred or fired. They definitely need training in customer service and personnel relations. AMTRAK executives need to pay attention to this site and start making some changes....


amtrak does nothing but steal your money. I am being charged for tickets never recieved because a ticket agent made several mistakes and I was charged for each mistake. Credit card company says they recieved supporting documentation. How can that be if I never recieved tickets. Did the Vancouver WA ticket agent steal the money? Amtrak keeps saying they will check into it but never calls back. A big $230.00 ripoff. Its not over yet as I will be contacting Corporate Headquarters and if possible will go to the CEO If they have one.

and they want us to use mass transit??

In Oct. my daughter bought a train ticket to travel on nov 21, (thanksgiving eve) out of Penn station.. The trains never ran. Luckily she was able to get out on metro-north at grand central. They should have contacted her about a refund. Instead they make you call the refund office.....of which i am doing b/c my daughter can not do this at her new job...i have been on hold for 30 min. this is crazy.

Deceptive Practices

I went on-line to get a refund for tickets for trains cancelled because of hurricane Sandy. The on-line form said I was receiving a $72 credit, which sounded like what it should have been, a credit to my credit card--in other words, a refund. Instead, what I got was a "nonrefundable" e-voucher, which is worthless to me. I was told to write the refund office for a refund. I did that a month ago and have received no check, just complete silence. I spent an hour on the phone this morning trying to speak to someone at the refund office, but never got past the holding queue on the Amtrak general phone number. How can a company send non-refundable vouchers for refundable tickets and then throw up multiple obstacles when you try to straighten out a problem they created?

I m appalled that during Hurricane Sandy, while banks and airlines waived fees, Amtrak charged me $316 dollars to chane my tickets in order to get my mother a senior of 81 years and my sister who has muscular dystrophy home to New Jersey. I am advising AARP, MDA,and for myself Veterans Advantage of how Amtrak profited during a national disaster. Amtrak should be ashamed.

Amtrak has stooped to an all time low; I never thought such a big company could treat regular customers the way the do; I have used amtrak two and three times a year for the last past 6 years; and now I call to recieve a refund; and the agent made a mistake and gave me a voucher; and now they tell me they can not correct the problem; I must accept a check; I paid cash; and I should recieve a cash refund! All I can say is; you dont have to worry about this happening again! I will walk before I catch amtrak again!

Carmen Davis - Hey Kim! You forget that I have 3 chldrien so I have a lot of patience! The pictures are AWESOME!!!! We are so, so EXCITED!Thanks for the wonderful antique farm memory!

spent 4,300 on a sleeper car around the U.s.from Chicago. California Zephyr is a joke and cust. relations could care less. Nothing in room worked sink, shower, speaker system and room was dirty. The dining car was a joke with 1 hr. wait when reservation made for dinner once we got seated.Was charged for some food despite it being included in cost of room. On texas Eagle car attendant in roomette with boyfriend so had to make up our own beds. Again cust relation could care less. This is a very brief description as I have cancerand strength was sucked out of me on my Bucket List trrip on Amtrak. DO not think it will ever get better as no one cares

Hello my name is Anthony B. Collins and I I am a former member of union tank car company in east chicago Indiana. I am a welder and have been for the past 17 years and would like an opportunity to work for this great company using the skills which I have acquired over the years as a welder, I do have an application and a resume on file with amtrak and no one has contacted me thus far. I know this seems to be a bit extreme but I am receiving unemployment which is due to run out soon. I am a hard worker a good worker and I take pride in what I do and all I need is for someone to give me a chance so if you can help me get back into the workforce I would truly appreciate it and I won't let you down. I am a single father with two little girls that I am trying desperately to take care of, I'm not begging I'm only asking for help. number where I may be contacted is (708)717-2671 my email address is a.betteife1613@Yahoo.com thank you for taking the time to read my concerns sincerely yours Anthony B. Collins

I responded to a FaceBook posting to a request from Amtrak for service suggestions on 7/25/12. I received an answer from "Dorit" advising that I would receive an answer from customer service......still waiting: This was my posting: I "like" Amtrak on FaceBook and therefore am receiving numerous links describing various trains, service, comments from passengers and replies from Amtrak, usually "contact amtrak.com/comments for those with negative comments. I have been taking Amtrak for many years, numerous trips from Milwaukee/Chicago/Washington on the Capitol Limited; Milwaukee/Chicago on the Hiawatha several times, Chicago to Niagara Falls, Chicago to Denver. I find the biggest problem is the train crews. A few are very pleasant, most are OK and some are in the wrong profession. Amtrak appears to be trying to compete with the airlines, at least with the reservations systems, fares going up closer to departure, discounts almost unheard of or difficult to find. A customers perception of Amtrak starts when the first call reservations and continues until they reach their destination. If anywhere along the way someone that works or represents Amtrak's falls below standards, it ruins what all the others have done as the customer will remember the bad incident. I don't know if it's a union thing where certain crew members only do what they have to, don't want to take the extra effort to do accommodate the customer. I have been on trains where you didn't see the conductor or crew members for hours. My wife & I were on a train to DC from Chicago and the AC wasn't working at all. It was so hot people were sitting on the floor by the doors just to cool off. They were taking off their sweaters/jackets. After about an hour or so, I went looking for a crew member. I found the conductor and two other crew members in the lounge car talking with the female attendant. I asked him if he could do anything about the AC, they passengers were sitting on the floor, and all he said was "A trainman will look at it in Pittsburgh! He never went back to check it, to talk to the passengers, nothing. Once in Pittsburgh, it was fixed and running within minutes! Absolutely the worst crew I ever encountered. Last October, the wife and I took the Capitol Limited to DC and at the last minute, decided to get a sleeper. I called rez while in Chicago and was told she couldn't sell one as the train was about to leave but that there were seven (7) rooms available, to see the Conductor at the station or on the train. I found the conductor checking in 1st class customers and he told me "there are no rooms available" and blew me off. Once on-board, another conductor walked by and I asked him and he told me "We are sold out." At that I told him, I just called rez and they told me there were seven (7) rooms available. He told me, "I know care what they told you, I don't have any rooms available." We weren't even out of Union station and I was already pissed off to the point I called Amtrak rez and was again told there were seven (7) rooms available. I told him what I was told and he told me to have the crew call him directly. I found the conductor again and told him to call and he said:"I told you I don't have any rooms. The rez agent doesn't know the status of the sleeper cars, out of service, etc. He never called. This totally ruined my trip...when we arrived at Unions station, DC, I went directly to customer service to make a complaint and the lady backed up the conductor...I have other stories but I'm sure you are getting the point. A lady commented on FB that the lavatories smelled really bad.....she is totally correct. The lavatories are find when you leave the origin station but as the train travels along the route, they get bad, paper towels all over some of the sinks, floor, commodes plugged up or feces on seat. I understand the crew members are responsible to keep them stocked but apparently aren't responsible to keep them clean. WOMEN do NOT like dirty rest rooms, period! and I would not be surprised if you lose future business because of it. Amtrak need to be much more selective in putting crews on long haul trains. If it's a seniority thing, nothing is going to change..if you want things to change, it starts with YOU. Perhaps you should put independent spotters on the trains to "test" the crews, observe their conduct, enthusiasm, knowledge, grade the trip. That's a job I would do. Another issue is station appearance. Pick almost any one, Milwaukee for instance. You get off/on the train beyond track #1, you have to walke down the ramp to your assigned track. Along the way, all you find is "leaky cement walls, concrete falling apart, garbage & rat traps on the ground"; looks like crap and leaves a terrible impression for the customer. You are receiving a lot of negative comments on FB, someone needs to start reading them and doing something about them or soon Amtrak will be history. I love Amtrak and will continue to ride the rails. Unfortunately, I don't expect to see any positive changes in the service. Perhaps it's a problem of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Let the high level management officials ride the trains like regular customers, not occasionally in a special car with all the perks and at the end of the trip, will they be satisfied with the service? You have to figure out a way to keep your customers happy and get new ones. Good luck, thanks for reading this, if you did! After waiting almost a month, I find myself getting more irritated, not because of the comments, but because Amtrak doesn't answer the complaints. After reading all these additional horror stories, I can see why. Amtrak would need a battalion of clerks to respond to all the complaints. I love riding Amtrak but I can see the end coming if serious changes with the on-board staff don't occur. We all realize that Amtrak uses other freight tracks and those delays etc. aren't Amtrak's fault..but the crews on board can be addressed. If you have to change the union rules to get good people, do it soon before it too late. But based on comments, nothing is going to change. So sad.

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