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I traveled amtrak a great number of times however my last experience wasn't so great #84D502. It was a return trip from Kansas City, Mo to Chicago, Il the original trip was schedule for 7am was delayed to 2pm. I changed my train 7:30 am through St. Louis upgrade to business class also more delays. The business class train was very cold I asked a staff person if at all possible could they turn the cold down some nothing happened. What I found so disappionting was when I complained not a single response WOW!!!!!!

Terminated Driver

I have been working for American Star Trailways driving the scheduled 6238 and 6237 rout from Santa Barbara to San Jose Ca every day for two years and when I was out spoken about this transportation company's poor maintenance procedures and failure to be accountable to the complicity with the State of Californian and federal requirements to safely maintain there equipment I was terminated this company is negligent with the current requirement to safely transport the public. Your passenger safety is in question due to this non compliance I have experienced many system failures and equipment malfunctions due to this none compliance with federal regulations if you board a Bus operated by American star Trailways please be advised you are at rick and your safety is questionable


I'm being charged on my debit card for dinning charges 3 months after my trip and all they have is an automated phone service that can't help you . Never again and I will never recommend Amtrak to anyone, Shame on you,


This has been the worst travel experience I have ever had. And this includes traveling in a box car in Southern India. That train ran ON TIME. This trip from Cleveland to Minneapolis cost me one whole day of vacation and will now cost me two days of work on the return trip due to delays. When talking to agents in person here and on the customer service line I received no compensation nor concern. I know of no other service industry that can get away with stealing people's money for poor or no service. If I could give zero stars I would have. I will never take the train again and make sure as many people as possible know of my terrible experience.

Forgot the Basics

Took the San Diego to Seattle trip last week. Reserved a bedroom. The bedroom was filthy. Not just from failing to clean for several days, but for at least a week. Walls, windows, mirrors, floor, bathroom. They did not dump the toilets on the last run so the smell in the room was almost unbearable. Train also 10 hours late which meant we payed for a hotel room and a tour of Seattle which we couldn't use. First and last time for Amtrak.

Keystone line

I don't understand why the train is so dirty. Why would the train car smell like a toilet at 5:30 am? They stink and the smell gets into your clothes. The carpets are stained and need to be cleaned. It is gross - please Mr. Boardman could Amtrak please clean the cars?

not handicap friendly

They are NOT handicapped or service dog friendly! Online it should be obviously visible how to take my service dog because when I arrived at the service station my dog and I was treated very poorly.

48hrs turned to 72 trapped on train

2.5 months ago took a trip to CO from Il. Should have been 48-50 hours with moderate delays round trip. After being trapped on the train for 72 hours. Sent to Chicago 4 hours from my stop. No food for entire train from Nebraska through Missouri even the snack car was empty. Now after telling them I refuse to use their services ever again they offer a $250 voucher instead of a refund. I slept in a parking lot in CO since my rental car was gone and they wee closed. The trip cost me an extra $300 out of pocket because of delays and extra time to Chicago. It took over a month to get that answer. Now they say send another letter if I disagree!

Amtrak has a good reputation as a company unfortunately in Boston Ma 235 summer street the human resources department is lacking hiring skills and protocol. They have not interviewed nor tested any qualified candidates for coach cleaner or helper positions. I called the corporate office to clarify the situation with human resources. They continue to invite applicants without following up on process.

Trip to LA on July 30, 2014

Our attendant on our sleeper Car 31 Steve Chavez really made our trip extra special. This guy did everything you needed before you even asked him. He is an excellent ambassador for Amtrak.

passenger on Silver Star Train 92

I traveled to Miami from Rocky Mount, NC and had a very good experience. The ride was comfortable and the attendants were very professional. Xavier from Puerto Rico, was especially kind, helpful, and courteous. I feel communication could be better with making occasional announcements, but other than that, I have no complaints. The food was excellent which was a big surprise, and the chef even came out and told me how it was prepared. I plan to travel Amtrak again in the future. It was a pleasant experience for me.


Need to contact corporate office

Poor Service to Seniors

This was my very first time riding Amtrak as a senior and do not appreciate the poor customer service and the manner inwhich I was not assisted on the trains. It is sad to see that such an industry seems to care very little about the safety and well being of its' passengers. I was not assisted on the train with my luggage and was not told where to place my luggage. Also, I was not advised that the "train station" did not remain open during the day and had to wait outside in the cold because I arrived early. As a little girl, I loved the trains; not now!!!!!!!!!!!

Great trip

I take Amtrak frequently between DC and NYC and I love every minute of it. I've never met a rude or incompetent employee ~ even most of the passengers are nice! Unlike planes the trains are clean, comfortable and generally on time. I recently took the Capital Limited between DC and Chicago and had a wonderful time. The roomette was neat and clean and comfortable. I slept soundly. The meals were good. The attendants were just that: attendant, courteous and helpful. I'm so sorry others have not had good exeriences. Mine have been nothing but positive.

Totally satisfied!

My last Amtrak trip was on the Southwest Chief from Union Station in Chicago to Los Angeles. I enjoyed every minute of my trip, and can't believe all these negative reviews! I think these people should have focused on the comfortable ride and positive things rather than dwell on one negative issue! Keep up the good work Amtrak!

New Stations Stops in San Diego County

I am a regular traveler between Ventura County and San Diego County. The trip north From Solana Beach to Oxnard is 4 hours. South it has been about 4 hours, 20 minutes. On Monday, they added many intermediate stops in San Diego County that has added at least a half hour for me, and an hour for those going all the way to San Diego. It is a terrible, terrible decision. A trip that should be four hours plus a bit is now five hours plus a bit. The intermediate stops are ridiculously close - 5 to 10 minutes from each other but add very much to the overall trip time. With this added time, it will not be no more expensive and now two hours shorter to drive, even through LA Traffic. Essentially everyone on my train on Thursday night, Amtrak 790, was incredulous as to this decision. I know a speak for many when I say - go back to the old schedule. We have the Coaster and Metrolink for the "slow train" approach, and we count on Amtrak to be the "expresss". You've just destroyed that with this decision. Please reverse. R. Conn

Amtrak vacation

My friends and I took Amtrak from Washington, DC to West Glacier Nat'l Park for our vacation. We had a great time, both on the train and also at GNP. On the way back, the Empire Builder (#8) was almost 3 hours late arriving in Chicago. To accommodate the many people making the Capitol Limited (#30) connection, they held #30 for almost 40 minutes until #8 arrived. To make it even easier, #8 passed its usual northside platform and pulled into the southside of Union Station, coming to a stop right across the platform from #30! All we did was grab our bags and find our sleeper car. Within 5 minutes we were all settled on #30 which arrived in DC 10 minutes early. Amtrak personnel are really wonderful and are to be commended!

Good job!

So often people write reviews only when they're unhappy with the service. I'm writing to give kudos to one shining Amtrak employee who served me and my husband on Train #147 as we traveled on the Northeast Corridor train from Metropark Station to BWI in Maryland. Her name is M. Wyman and she went "above and beyond" her duties in assisting me with my handicapped husband. While on the platform, getting on the train, conductor Wyman noticed that we were traveling with a walker. She hurried over to assist us on the train with our luggage. The train was very crowded, so she found a seat for my husband in the club car and then went in search of handicapped seating for us. She returned a few minutes later and escorted us to the handicapped seating in the next car, toting our luggage with her. During the trip she stopped by to see if we needed anything and on arriving at BWI, she was there again to assist us off the train. When I offered her a tip, she simply said, "Not necessary. We just want you to have a good trip." Thanks to conductor Wyman, we did.

love Amtrak

The last two years I've been taking Amtrak from Indiana to Wisconsin. Except for delays, everyone has been kind and courteous. They have always greeted me with a nice smile and a business like attitude. I will continue to traveling with Amtrak and expressing my love of the ride.... Laura


If I could rate ZERO stars, i would. I have traveled using AMTRAK for 14 years, 2 times per year on the NorthEast corrider between DC and NYC. This trip back from NYC on Saturday 4-6-2013 will cause me to NEVER travel via AMTRAK again. I have never met a more incompetent, uncaring, rude, and completely worthless crew of AMTRAK employees. Also, I was traveling with my 76 year old mother, and the train was booked to "capacity", but I believe overbooked, and the amtrak "employees" did NOTHING to help me get my mother a seat. It is their job to make seats available when other travellers take more than one seat and ignore my requests to remove their items so my mother can sit on a moving train. Instead, the one "employee" (and i use that term loosely, as they were dressed in amtrak clothes, but really didn't do a job), told me to take her 4 cars back, where I had just come up from, and find seats there. OUTRAGEOUS!!! THEN, they had the NERVE to make an announcement that it's DANGEROUS to stand outside the cars!!!! I am not through in complaining to AMTRAK, but I can see that I need to send my complaint to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, since no one seems to get any results when dealing with amtrak customer service. If you can find another means of travel, I suggest you take it. If I did my job as poorly as those crew members did theirs, I would be transferred or fired. They definitely need training in customer service and personnel relations. AMTRAK executives need to pay attention to this site and start making some changes....

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