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this is the worst company to deal with they take money out of your account when they want to then act like they did nothing wrong different days different amounts the supers never call back your alarm goes off they never call they don't do anything there supposed to do then get nasty on the phone

Terrible Security

I live alone and have for over 20 years. Angry to receive push from ADT Security (NOT) advertising to estranged relative at my private home address. ADT placed this Senior Citizen at risk for FRAUD by associating me with this person.

Home owner: cancel my service

My alarm was cancel cause , the company don't cash my check. I had a alarm placed in my house , then had more work done to my window. Paid them in a check form and they refuse yo cash the check , now like a year later , with all my payment paid on time report to poor check , I have my copy my check Paid on time every month , they tryin to give me only 3 months for free , I already report yo my home ower insurance company . Customer service is the worst don't call you back . I need for some one to call me back .

Poor Service

Emergency I called the ADT repair office for help. The first lady I spoke to didn't seem to know what she was talking. about. I was told it would take six days for a repair person to come out to the house. The next person I spoke to was less helpful. The system is constantly not working. We're senior citizens. Is this the kind of respect given your customers? We're holding your company responsible for any problems we face. Fire and theft. I want someone out here to fix this system.


I received a call saying someone was in my home when I was out of town. They said they would call me right back and 30 minutes went by and still no call. I had to call ADT back and ask them what happened. They had no idea and asked me if I wanted them to call the police and see if they stopped by. What!! Isn't that what they are supposed to do? I am really disappointed. I did not feel very secure so I left my vacation and came home immediately. Not happy at all..

My contact with your Loyality Dept in Jacksonville was handled by Jeff # 24610 in an outstanding manner. I was angry and called with the intention of canceling my service he was professional, understanding, patient and resolved the issue quickly.

home owner

I,m interest in up grading to pulse. I had bad experience with a salesman name frank at you Melville long island branch. Due to his dishonest behavior, rudest and unprofessional , I,m ready drop both of my account with ADT security services. Request inquiry and audit of 44 Melvin ave long island account. Please reply. Ue

I have been unable to reach support and customer relations regarding the company's inability to install the pulse system in my home. This has been going on for over 6 wks. After a year of 'non-service', ADT took the system back, and has since provided no refund. Contacting customer relations is impossible and the result is a total disillusionment in the company, its workers and it's managers.

Had nothing but problems since transferring my services dye to a move. From them drafted double payments to cancelled installation by the sales agent to numerous lies from different agents in the customer service department.

Horrible Service!

I will never use these guys again! Service was fine until we moved. Tried to put the account on hold until we found a house and all they do is call and harass me calling me 2-3 times a day. I asked them to send me a final bill to cancel service they gave me an early termination fee 2 weeks ago and still nothing in writing so I can pay it. They keep calling me several times a day. I repeat the same story and am told the same thing but still no bill and calls do not stop. I have a call into there main office. If it isn't corrected they are going to hear from my Lawyer next! USE ANY COMPANY BUT THEM!

Passive aggressive Hard to work with Bad costomer service

Been with ADT for over 7 years, really loved them, from tech support to customer service. Within the last year customer service has been really hard to talk with. Staff has been passive aggressive, with no real desire to help. I use to be such an ADT Fan. Today I can on longer say that. I really can understand all the (one STARS) that are on this site. Again it is just a shame, Would love the old ADT Back.

ADT Home Security Service

As of today my family has not had service from ADT. Our alarm system has been down for over a week. On July 15th a serviceman came to repair our alarm and said that he finally found the problem (we have been having problems with this system since it was installed March 2012). But at 5:00am in the morning the alarm went off. The status said everything we have windows, doors, motion, smash was off. ADT told us to disarm the system until someone can come and fix the problem. That it looks like they would have to get an authorization to replace the whole system and put a new one in. That has now been over a week and I am paying for this!!!!!!! I am letting you know that this problem has been going on and on and the service has been very poor. I have a daughter that just bought a home and we want to get her service but not if they is going to happen to her. Word of mouth is the best service.....

Why is ADT helping to advance the Liberal agenda by belittling White men? I just saw another TV commercial where the black customer is commending ADT for helping to apprehend a burglar who as always was yet another White guy. ADT ought to be ashamed for doing this.

poor service

ell it never triggered any thingI am an elderly lady living alone and only gets automated responses I spoke to Ms Corbin this A M who was empathetic to my situation but NO one was willing to correct the problem before I leave for vacation so the protection that I am paying for I am not getting my neighbor came over to help me and brought it to my attention that my motion detector is not triggering the alarm and it should w

poor service

Called 6times in 2days was placed on hold for 2 hours they even hung up on the customer service department I am a senior citizen and a widow and am going to be out of state on Thursday and can get no one from the scheduling department to speak to me this is the WORST SECURITY SYSTEM I cannot wait for my contract to be over my rating would be a 0

Constant Calls

I do not even have ADT - never did, yet they call my cell phone several times a week. I have repeatedly told them they have the wrong number and asked to remove my number from their system. Five months now and they still keep calling - time to report this to BBB & Consumer Division

Does not honor what was represented by sales associates

Bait & switch . One price was quoted , and advertised but when the installer came they wanted an additional $300:00 to the $219:00 already paid , even though on the interned and by their sale associate they stated 6 contacts included. Wasted my time.

Bad customer service

I was confirmed to my installation twice during the morning, I took the morning waiting for the installation, after a long waiting I decide to call and they told me that by any mistake my installation was change to the afternoon without any call or confirmation. This happened in Puerto Rico, I cancelled it and called to a manager to complaining about the fault of communication and bad service. I tried to reach any phone number for the corporate office to make a complaint about Puerto Rico and never was gave it to me.

Customer Service

The worst. They don't have a rating below bad or I would give them that.

paid but cancelled

I have been back and forth with ADT since 12/2012 and also my bank was involved. Was a paid customer for 9 years with the same account # and ADT claims my money is not received through online banking. My service is now disconnected and was told I have to waitfor 3 to 6 weeks like iI was told in December. Then give me back my money and keep your service.

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