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Worst service ever

Visited (twice) Staten Island store 2855 Richmond Ave to get international network added to my account. Only needed pay per use. Simple right? They know nothing about how to do that The "salesgirl " was more interested in drinking her Protein drink! than helping us. We waited an hour we were treated like we were stupid. I hope her protein drink helps her brainpower...I called the 800 number and they took care of everything thankfully!

No service

Worst customer service . Stealing money by overcharging bills. Hard to get some one to understand the business and have knowledge of customer service. Wasting lots of time over the phone without getting someone to help. All I get either disconnection or passed on to different people, not in position to help


worst people i ever dealt with. does any of their employees have a brain? rate them a 1? they owe stars

Message for CEO

If you can find the time in your day I would like to speak to you not to a recording

This is the worst service in wireless ever! I have repeatedly called AT&T for 17 years about my dropping calls issue and they have finally said this am that they can't provide consistent service to me for my wireless phone! I have been a customer with them for 17 years of spotty service…today the manager suggested I get a prepaid go phone so I won't have dropped calls! Imagine that!


Ok so what the heck is going on with this Company? My God 1 month with ATT is like being back in Nam.......Wow. I called for billing and still do not have an cash amount. Two hours on the phone dropped, rerouted, and still no supervisor to talk to......Good bye att.


I am a new customer (only 2 weeks) with AT&T and totally disappointed! I have been on a transfer roller coast for over 3 hours today and my problem still has not been resolved. I tried their "live chat" on their website and I was clearly dealing with someone from a foreign country. I would NEVER recommend AT&T and am in the process of switching to a different company right now.

AT&A is the worst!!

AT&T is the worst ever. They are so bad, I wish I could get with 1m people who have at&t get them to corp office and let them hear our issues

Worst Customer Service Ever

I cannot even describe how bad it is, I will take them to court if I must! What a joke in 2014, terrible customer service, find a training company and fix it, although I bet it is your culture and leadership


This company really needs to be run out of business it has the worst customer service ever!! If they didn't have a monopoly on phone service they wouldn't be in business for 5 min

all the negative above is true... but you cant even get corporate on the line 1 210 821 4105 maybe someone else ll have better luck btw that is a negative star

Try calling one of your stores sometime! if I was a corporate boss I would try taking my company back to the basics and provide customer service.

This is the worst company ever. They had notoriously and continuously charged me for items I never approved and I spent numerous hours on the phone being transferred from one person to the next repeating myself at least seven to ten times with great frustration. When I finally closed my account they once again tried to charge for services that were not due to them. It is the worst company ever.

No Service in Customer Service

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with!! I call every month with huge over charges or bc I was suspended due to their error. I get transferred over and over and no one knows what the other is doing. I am working on switching as we speak!

Our problem is we want the Hallmark channell. The rating is due to not having the HM channell, otherwise we love U-Verse.

horrible service

I have been dealing with the most horrible customer service center with At&t. I have been thrown from one rep to another for ten days now. I have been put on hold anywhere from 1 to 2 hrs at a time. You know how much I have gotten resolved? Absolutely nothing. I give At&t close to $500 a month and I am beyond disapointed in this company.


Tell your story to the TV station and ATT will start listening to their customers.

poor costomer service

your comp need people more effiicient especial the main supervisor in miami


your comp need people more effiicient especial the main supervisor in miami


Extremely poor customer service, promises made and not kept, inconsistent answers!

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