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I was told my bill would stay the same after up grade , of course it did not it went up$100 called three times and they do not care

bad ad

Why does your commercial have to make white men look like an idiot? All the females are made to look so with it but the white guy is a goofy looking boob BAD Ad

Customer Service Liars

Real simple, agents tell you that they are changing your service and then never put orders in. Absolutely criminal how they treat customers.

Lied to

We lost our inverse and Internet service Tuesday am called and was told no one could come out until Saturday I said unacceptable my husband is a college professor and needs Internet talked to supervisor who said someone would be out next day Wednesday called back later was told we were listed for Saturday no notes no Explanation why we were lied to. We r going back to Comcast

Consumer Service

I am pleased to say that when I called regarding my payment issue and suspension of service with AT&T customer service that their corporate headquarters treated me with courteous consideration and immediately resolved my problem in a very efficient and professional way.My service was restored and the representative explained exactly what I owed for the next payment.


Trying to get ATT customer service to account for billing charges is a joke. They make charges that they can't reverse and say there is really no accounting department to talk to they just make notes in the system and wait for someone to take care of it.


The worst customer service !!!


Criminals and need to be put in jail!!! Cancel your service. When the AT&t rep calls, jerk them around as long as you can. Waste their time like they waste ours and tell all your friends.


Worst company ever!!!! And if you don't stop sending sales people to my door I'm gonna sue you. What is this the 50's. Stop it now!

pulling out whats left of my hair

ATT has become the worst customer service I have ever experienced, I have been on hold from department to department each & every time I call for uverse service. Were talking hours to obtain a simple price. I kid u not, it is virtually impossible to talk to any person, they talk service but deliver nothing.

unsatisfactory customer service

The AT&T customer service is horrible. Not only is their web-sites bogus, their telephone numbers go to out of the U. S. A. Americans need to be aware of what is happening with all our communications. Others are controlling our freedoms. AT&T does not let a customer get to their offices, they purposely hide behind emails, telephone calls with recordings, so Customers cannot get their issues resolved. These are all control tactics.


I have had At&t bundle with home phone, wireless and Direct Tv. I never had a problem till will went with At&t wireless. Ever since we got our wireless phones, they have been the worst company. I unbundled my services and now I am getting rid of At&T. Was told my a representive that they Credited my account and it never happened. I recieved a huge bill because of the lies of one of thier employee's. No don't do business with this company. have to give a one no option for zero


STAY AWAY FROM AT&T! They offered a deal over the phone--on a recorded line--then sent a contract charging $360 more than they agreed to. Contacted the President’s office—they will not stand behind the deal. I’ve wasted hours trying to get them to keep their word—it has proved impossible. Do yourself a favor--avoid AT&T like the plague!


Willie in your Texas office he was so helpfull and got my wireless up

Horrible company

This is the worst service I have received from any if my previous phone carriers


ATT has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. Their automated phone system will assure that any problem you may have is NEVER resolved.


Moving to Brighthouse!!!!


This is the worst company that any consumer can deal with even Executive Office cannot help you. You can't rate below a zero

Terrible company these guy stole my money by accepting a payment and then cutting off my services. Then saying "oh, we cant refund your money". Never again will I go with At&t.

at&t sucks something im not gonna type

If your planning on dealing with these people make sure you have a bottle of Xanax handy.

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