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President's Office

If anyone didn't good service they didn't call the President's office.they go out of there way to help you.

Worst service

Customer service is the worst. My internet goes out about every three months then have to spend hours on the phone and take time off work for them to come out. They suck

Service is horrible

Wow I don't feel bad at all reading all the reviews, service is horrible you get hung up on nothing gets resolved the ceo doesn't care great top management leadership they need customer service classes 101 or read the book The power of nice, maybe it will open there eyes before its to late

bad costomer service

i had call to ask a question about my bill and your customer service rep would not let me talk to a supervisor and would try to blame billing issues on the us mail service and other invaled reasons please contact me at earliest conveniance

always over charged

AT&T is one of the most over charging company that I have ever dealt with, its time a new cell phone company. Agents and Saleman tell you one thing and charge you another.


I don't know what goes on at your service center but the people I talk to are nice and helpful, but I have been waiting for over 3 weeks now for a bill to arrive in the mail and it never arrives. Also they keep telling me I am up for an upgrade, forget it. Your service is pretty bad.

some how billing and tv issues are always relevant I am paying a huge amount for my U-Verse package and all ATT wants to do is give me more services I do not need-How does this make sense

One star is too much

Horrible DSL connection. Can't get a cell phone signal in some parts of a large city (Indianapolis). Tired of fighting with customer service. I'm done. Switching my service ASAP.

I love AT&T services and employees. You all are a bunch of haters!


I hate this Customer Service UGH

Finding out about the good will of upper management of ATT.

Really had an issue with tech. customer service and billing. Called the corporate office and found there are ones who care about the customers and will help in matters which might seem unserountable. Thanks

Extreme nightmare

This is beyond the worst company ever.

Worst Customer Service

I can not believe that I have had to reiterate my story four times and counting. Different areas do not speak or work with other areas or make notes. yet they indicated the phone message could be recorded for training purposes.

Worst wireless company

Worst customer and actual service. Tower sector went off air in August and they still have not repaired it 6 months later so no coverage but they still bill me and want penalties for early cancellation. There customer service Dept. is a joke.


Worst customer service ever!!!!

Customer service

Very good service with very poor customer service. They need to get it together


Changed my wireless service to another carrier before my cycle was up and they will not refund me for the unused time. They said they have no cancellation fees but this sure is a way to get a cancellation fee without calling it that.

The only way I see at&t go is down there lies and service lives a bad taste I have been with them since 1986.

Worst company service since they tried to do so much that nothing is being done right.

legal department

No existent .Has phoney customer service personnel answer for them. Tries to make customers feel sorry for them and act afraid they will lose their jobs, if they give out the legal dept.'s phone number or address. How dumb do they think we are a telephone company's dept. that doesn't't have any phones in the entire legal dept.

Not what you think

Calling this number will not allow you to share you thoughts about your experience with ATT or resolve your issue with your service. At least that has been my experience.

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