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poor customer service

I should have just stayed with comcast

fraud sales

Bad sales practice, lie to you just to get your business. I will cancel my service and never go back to them.

Fraud Sales

My problem, has been solved by the corporate office, Many Thanks! I called them and they responded very quickly.

Fraud Sales

I obviously thought I was entering an AT&T store, but I entered thru the gates of hell! And met one of the devil's disciples, who lied about everything!

I have been using AT&T for years and only lately started having issues. If they get all their people and all their systems on the same page. AT&T would not have all of these problems.

The worse service ever.... Been with them over 10yrs and never had a problem. They went down hill, cant get a manager to help at all

The overwhelming cost and poor customer service

Why does it takes 24 hours for corporate to make calls to customers concerns


Never again..........Cheaters

This company has gone dwn hill just like comcast

I will be going with a new company & never go back to ATT Again


The worst possible experience ever. TV has been out for 5 days, two of the days they claimed no ticket was put in. The worst nightmare ever


The email changes/updates ATT uses don't help at all. They usually make life worse.


The worst company on the planet. Charter is right behind them. Who the hell try to bill a land line like it's a minute phone? Getting rid of them they can send whatever to collections because I will not pay these lying dogs "NOTHING!"


Repeated problems with services and customer service is completely ineffective.

Worst Ever

If there was a negative star I would give it! Closing one account and looking for different service for 2 other businesses


AT&T is so yummy. They have given me no troubles. there might be flaws but I have had a great experience with them. Thank you.

AT&T Sasmung Galaxy Note 3 - Have concerns

AT&T has the worst customer service


I feel sorry for AT&T employees. I've been trying to get answers for phone replacement but couldn't get it from AT&T. I had to find the answers myself. That is not good customer service. So ask yourself are they really #1, I beg to differ.

Bad customer service, 2 days with out cable because they make a mistake, one hr evethy time I call, and weekend wih any solution.


not good

rate. O

Phone doesn't work half the time. Much of my phone line is on top of the ground so when it rains we have no service or it sounds like two cans and some string. So tired of I'm sorry!!!! Called corp number and it switched to repair. What a joke

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