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Its horrible when you fall and no one botherd to call from corporate, my knees wrist n back hurt. I havent got a call from them.


It is terrible when you can't enter a store because there are homeless vagrant's hanging outside the 99 cents store. When you do enter the store they are inside the store making shopping very uncomfortable for the PAYING CUSTOMER.

store clerk

as i was shopping getting rung up by the cashier i was told she couldnt ring me up do to knowing a family member she said employee and store policy is she can't ring up family member or someone you know is this true ?

you are nuts

i just shoped in the yuma 99 cent store #242 who is stupid enof to pay $3.75 a pound for blue bonnit . wen wal mart has it for under a dollar a pound . plus why cant the people speak english . this america not mexico . PRICE CHECK YOU LOOSE .

The bait and switch pricing is getting totally out of hand in Phoenix. Almost every time now something is labeled clearly on the shelf for 99 cents and rings up for more. This time Izzy soda for$1.99. I have started taking pictures and will contact the local attorney general's office.

Disabled Veteran

My husband is currently in hospice, our son came from Texas to help he was hired at the 99 cent Store in Lake Elsinore on Collier, overwhelmed devastated and my mother who is 80 recovering from breast cancer both two important people in my life no words could ever do justice to the battle with grief and pain I feel..we only have one car my son do to emergency missed a few days I begged them to understand and allow him to keep his job no HEART help the veterans right I called corporate what a disappointment


I shop 3times a week or more and shop this (99Cents Store Only 130st. Hawthorne Blvd.) for more than 3yrs.I was very dissapointed in the way I heard the lady Manager speak down and rude to the employee in front of custormers. I got a sense That NO ADMINISTRATORS Oversee or speaks to the employees and questions how they their moral is doing in working as a team.

bate n switch

I purchased candy at the 99 cent store in Riverside Ca today and the price clearly reads 59 cents on every shelf in the store that this candy is displayed... but when it was scanned it rang up at 60 cents...I asked the teller why is the price wrong...She said...I don't know and just kept on ringing the rest of my items. Watch for price switching ! It may only be pennys but I bet they add up for this company ...But the consumer is being ripped off 2 cents at a time...

very getto additude from all staff

So as I'm shopping at the 99 cent only store on bristol buld in santa ana ca the cashier (pregnent female) was very rude didn't say anything as she stareted ringing me up and then there was two co working also next to her laughting at a customer as she walked by calling her a hamburger very disrepectful there's to many getto employes working in this store...very on happy and will not shop there agen... switching to Doller Tree

prices change

I'm an avid shopper and I have a concern, I've noticed that some items are not just 99 cents anymore. I was at the store in Salinas, California and I was going to purchase grapes and found out that there not 99 cents a bag but 99 cents a lb. Not to mention motor oil, eggs, milk and toilet paper. So, now I have to be careful and read all the sale signs, when before I would go in and purchase. Thank you for reading my concerns

99 Cents Only Store

My family and I have been shopping at the 99 Cents Store Only for many years On Hawthorne Blvd.133 st. close to El Segundo.Blvd. The Manager was very rude and had women lifting Heavy Boxes while he stood their to watch (with a smile)Knowing that they needed Help.And put a lot of stress on them they can barely move the items. Almost to the point of dropping all the boxes. I will be calling the LABOR BOARD on these kind of non-leadership management.


Stolen Wallet being investigated by Security at Harbor Store location in Costa Mesa... Purchased a 99 cent gift card. If that card was registered in some way shape or form to my name. I could through Loss Prevention and Investigation regain my property. "My wallet".. Most likely stolen from my bicycle outside of the store. If the card was registered, used by a criminal in the store, on camera... Then, a culprit would be arrested and charged. I would like the company top start registering cards to people's names so that theft can be detected.... My wallet was stolen at you Costa Mesa location... It has caused mayhem in my life. ...

store on shields in fresno ca.

the store was a complete mess and unorganized . i think it needed aisle signs and more organization. the neighborhood deserves better than its current state.thank you

.9999 cent only now store?

Recently visited a store location in Arizona and noticed on my receipt the charges were no longer 99 cents but .9999. 59 cent items were .5999. Appears a name change and signage needs to be completed. While on each visit it may add up to pennies more paid but I would think it adds up quite a bit based on the amount of sales they do daily.

Expired Products

7 June 2013 -- On several occasions have brought 99 cent employees/supervisors attention to expired products (candy, gum, etc.) To avoid being sued over a sick child, I suggest the following: 1) Create purge schedule based on product expiration date. 2) Assign different employee weekly (successive employee can double-check work of prior employee & use for review as needed.) 3) Reward customers who alert store employees to expired product with free purchase (warn employees that fraud will cost them their jobs and possibly result in a lawsuit) Good luck!

Lock up Carts

I couldn't have been happier to get a 99cent store in Rohnert Park, CA. The offers are ridiculously low compared to all the grocery stores around. The products are cheaper than Walmart. But, if you don't go to the right PARKING LOT, the carts literally LOCK UP. I met 3 very very disgruntled patrons today at the store. Myself.......I parked within 50 feet of the front door in CLOSER parking lot and could NOT get my heavy groceries to my car. The cart locked up. Thank God some nice people carried all my groceries to the car for me. How ridiculous is it to have carts that don't head NORTH East? now that takes the cake for this 64 yr old.

Satisfied Customer

My wife and I have only visited the 99cent stores in the Reno-Sparks Metropolitan Area in Nevada ,both stores are clean and well stocked.We are both satisfied customers.I do not know the manager of either store and just one employee at the Sparks store,but each visit has been fun,inexpensive while delivering quality name brands too.

Bullied/Harassed by manager of 99 cent only Garden Grove

To Whom it May Concearn, I would like to start off by stating that I shop at the 99 cent only store several times a week, yet never have I been so humiliated, bullied and scared during a shopping experiance in my entire life. I want to know what exactly is your policy on suspected shop lifters? I've worked as a math teacher for the past 16 years. I know at my place of employment we have very strict rules regarding that issue. I am simply bewilldered how this manager of the Garden Grove location (who refused to tell me her name) simply decided not only to wrongfully accuse me of shopplifting but herself bully me. The most shocking moment was when I was actually verbally assulted and threatened with physical violence by another coustomer (I believe due to racial reasons) all right in front of 2 checkers and the manager. I worked hard to hold back my tears but I was so upset I was phisically shaking. The nightmare continued when I left the store, the coustomer who threatened me earlier was sitting in her car in font of the entrance to the store, who proceeded to follow me yelling threats. UNBELIVABLE!

My favorite Dollar Store

L loved these stores. It's amazing as to what one can find in these stores. They are franchised, so each is owned individually. therefore, the way they are run and kept will vacillate. We have to9 drive a considerable distance to get to one here, but it is worth it. The only criticizm I have is t hat the ajsles are not marked as to where what is located. Corporate could have t hese signs made and sell at their cost to their franchisers. Too, corporate could hire someone to go around to their stores to correct the bad features, which would be helpful to both their stores and franchisers.

Store in Northridge ca on Reseda Blvd

This store is not being manageed well. I just went over there to get a birthday card and there card selection was almost completely empty. The store is not kept clean either. We should not have a store like this in Northridge.

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