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My daughter purchased a pair of Michael Kors Boots at the Shepherdsville Outlet and for $180. She tried on one boot and they fit perfectly and she loved them. After getting them home she went to put on the boots for work and realized that the other boot that she had not tried on had a broken zipper. The store will not take them back or give her store credit. It is not like she decided she did not like the boots or just did not want them, they are DEFECTIVE. What a poor company policy!!!!! So beware if you shop at the retail outlet in Shep, make sure and check out the product very well. You could be very likely wasting your money!!!!! And by the way, the manager "Dwight" insisted she was asked if she tried on both boots and she was not! Not sure how he was so positive about that since he was not standing there at the time. Oh well, that is one store that I will never do business with again!!!!!

While the online shopping is good I have had a credit on their books for 2 years now; I have requested the refund of $60+ dollars both by telephone with their representatives and via mail with no check yet! Because of this, I am not buying from them anymore. Zappos is no longer the company it once was.

I heard Zuckerman and the set of twins that were suing him this mornig on the Today Show. Did you hear about it? The twins have arleady won 65 milllion from Zuckerman but do not think that is enough. What do you think about it? They are going after more because they feel they were groosly mislead on the future of facebook and all that it represented. Here is a young man worth 4 Billion dollars and they are dissatisfied with their settlement. Just curious to see what you think about the story.I am infatuated with your idea of the culture . I also believe that your culture will help define your company and all that goes with it. Keep it coming; you have an avid reader.

Marvin: That is so well said. Fortunately I think there is some shift where people with sscecusful careers are finding the quality of life setback when a huge proportionate of your friends are through work on a similar career plane. I think there are great friendships to be made through the career sphere, later in life, but there's a limit etc. And that there is nothing like those friendships where you can be weird and your friends love that about you.

I have been purchasing from Zappos for over 5 years now. I recently bought my kids school uniforms from them. The brand was french toast and it was supposed to come 3 in a pack. When they arrived at my house there was only one shirt. I called customer service about the problem and they refused to ship the other 2 shirts I was shorted. The way the representative talked to me, was like I was lying about not receiving the missing shirts. I will never again shop with zappos!

Someone in North Carolina stole my credit cards numbers and Zappos shipped merchandise to the thieves overnight, then Zappos Customer Service rep Joyce says "If we lose our merchandise, then we may not give the charge back." Taking money without rendering services or merchandise is theft even if it's Zappos. Zappos' rep joyce says "we're the victims too." i disagree zappos received my money, a thief in NC received a survival watch, and i paid for everything. i'm the only victim.

Good afternoon, I was just on hold for 55 minutes only to get a message that "Zappos is out celebrating their culture," and then proceeded to get hung up on. I have been a Zappos customer for 3 years. I recommend Zappos to everyone, I have always been pleased with the customer service and are more than happy to tell my friends and coworkers that's where I get my shoes. I have even written reviews on the Zappos website to tell them how much I appreciate their services. I was planning on buying new shoes while searching your website. I am extremely dissatisfied and considering no longer using your products. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kristin

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