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i been driving for yrc 13 years we new truck why these drive vandalize the new truck 70002 some took a cigarettes an burn hole in the ceiling out of 211 it was real dirty in side there never no fuel when i leave out of 211 it take them hour an a half to a tractor out or when i'm doing triples drop 2 al 218 pad bobtail down to 211 switch tractor an second set to 218 an hook up an go to x50 to 309 42 miles round trip i don't y they put linehaul out of 218 where we can just leave out of 218 with triples an be fuel an ready to go i know costing a lot of money in fuel

i work for yellow transporation for 10years which is now yrc for 2 years i'm 211 akron ohio have 3door garage only 2 trucks can get in its a shame if you got twenty thousand truck an 2 door service garage something is going to get miss.we freight but don't have enought trucks to pull it that y we come in from a run an we 36 hours or more to get out u a wheelboard down her in akron ever body sit to waiting to get out its hard to make it working on this kind of sydtem we need a hog board down her we want b stack on top of each other like bugs we need help lord god help us god will make a way out of know way b bless

I think this company is going down the toilet because of the way they treat their employee's. Those who helped from the begining to build this comapny. You can work there 26+ years and no one NO oNE in management can say thank you..... Pretty sad..

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