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Why can't you include a section to be filled out before posting when it was posted and when it "originally" aired/took place etc. additionally you could improve on the search functions as the catalog has grown and will continue to do so !

the slow loris

I have recently become aware of the growing slow loris problem where many people have been buying this beautiful creature after seeing videos on YouTube. If you could kindly ban the seemingly innocent but realistically tortures videos from your website this could help slow down the market very much. Please help!


Very disappointed with all the new advertisements we have to listen to before looking at the music videos. Why did you start this? Hardly ever going on youtube now because of this. So disappointing and annyoing. Goodbye to youtube till you stop this.

XS Energy Drinks

Youtube fans shows love for me watching my videos promoting XS Energy Drinks.Sean Felder says Amp Up Your Lifestyle.

Web page Link to Link Problem

This website may be good. But on January 14th in 2014, when I click a link to the channel from the search query, the red bar on the top of the webpage loads from left to right. Then the next webpage opens, but suddenly there was no title of that webpage on my Safari History. And that happens still today. There must be some false upgrade. Besides, I have the MacIntosh laptop, and the Youtube Headquarters must find out this problem.


I tried everything to report an issue with a minor's name and personal information being on a You Tube video. There's nobody who will take a call, and the flagging doesn't allow enough information to get it removed....if any body actually does look at those flags.

Ads popping up

You Tube has allowed vendors to come on pages and destroy the enjoyment of You Tube programs. When listing to something on You Tube another sounds comes on from a vendor trying to sell something. It's like listing to 2 channels at once. Not much fun. Also when thew ads are popping up all over it takes away from the vision of You Tube.Face Book also allows this kind of distractions. Get back to Quality in programming.

Money Distributed to variour channel

Hi, Just wanted to know is the same content paid when it is shot and uploaded by any one or channel as it is available by various people. Like a ganga aarti which is common but uploaded by channels and common man in india.... DO you pay there channels for the content. And if so why are the others not paid for the same thing....Is there is a scam in this also. Regards Aman

The concept

I enjoyed you tube imensly until suggested films started to pop up and populate my search results. I resent being second guessed so much I am considering quitting all social web endeavors and use the web only for work. Is there any way you can stop this suggested populating of my search results? When I want a ring in my nose so you can lead me around I will have one installed MYSELF. I am very unhappy, its like being followed in an underground garage.

General Overview

You Tube is probably the most original concept ever divised for the Internet. So much so, that I am opening up a walk-in video recording studio in downtown Hollywood, just a block from the "Walk of Fame" and Capitol Records. With "You Tube's" blessings, I will exist to create content specifically for your website, with top of the line production, editing, and mastering. Broadcast Video Studio/ Hollywood

Orphaned videos

There are videos people can't change, delete or update because they opened their YouTube accounts using various email addresses that were not Gmail. Please give us a way to access our videos that we posted. Don't let them just be orphaned. And please don't delete them as that would be unkind and cause a lot of to switch to Vimeo. And, some like me do not want all accounts linked to Google+ -- that's ALL my info in one place with one hackable password. Not a good idea. Plus, I want to keep personal and professional videos and emails separate.

Youtube is the best

Youtube is one of the best websites one day i would love to visit the company headquarters love to or work there to experience it

Dangerous. VĂ­deos

Hello my name is Salvador and I wring you this letter to begging you to check or make a security cutestions before people put videos that contain violence murder sex etc. I am father and recently somebody send a video to my kids that show a guy cutting a women's head when I see the video I shock is really nasty please do something about it as a father I will prusieted thank you


Why so many ads before I play a any music videos and why when click on skip this ad it will not skip the ad . I keep clicking skip this ad and it will not go off . Is this how this compeny is run by making peaple very angry with youtube ?you need to fix this problum with youtube videos ads that know one do not want to see know more. This makes me so very up set with youtube.

Educational Partners

Being a volunteer advocate for the Institute for Shipboard Education, I am shocked and deeply disappointed higher education institutions are prohibited from participating as "Partners". Certainly, during these difficult financial times, the ability to establish and fund scholarships for university students is critical and I would hope you would rethink this policy and allow or create an avenue that invite "Partners" building scholarships.

We all apreciate th servise you give. Goodness and peace. To all your hard.. work Thank you .

how come like big company can;t fix this things,shame for google or youtube or any webs who still have that anti islam movies ..

o Whom It May Concern Gentlemen: Please establish and follow a very simple rule: Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. We are Muslims. We love God. We love his prophets (all of them) peace be upon them all. And we love people who respect others beliefs. Kindly remove any and all videos that hurt people and cause violence against any faith and their beliefs. You know it is the right thing to do. And you know exactly what we are talking about and you know you can do it. Thank you and have a nice life. Yours Truly,

It is with deep regret of my whole community in Central Ohio that I am writing you to kindly withdraw all the disgraceful clippings you chose to allow to be displayed to the whole world against our prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).I urge you to pull it with immediate affect. Just like myself all of the Muslim community residing and around central Ohio has pledged to completely and forever boycott you tube due to this irresponsible and despicable act of yours. Even if you are not a true Christian would you not believe in ( Do on to others what you want done to your self ). Even the athiests and agnostics that I know , conduct themselves with certain principles and code of ethics. Even a faint semblance of this is absent in your reckless and irresponsible act of posting such a hedious clip on your YouTube . I hope my message reaches you with the firmness of the pledge that me and my entire community feel in our hearts.

To all youtube controller,s. gentlemen we are muslims and love God and all of his prophets.(peace be on them all).and we love people that respect other,s belief.kindly remove all videos that hurt so many people and cause violence against any faith and their beliefs.you know exactly what we are talking about and you know you can do it.until you do muslims around the world wouldn,t support google ads or any of those that sponsor it.thank you and have a nice life.

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