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Younkers politely discriminated for whatever reason with regard to their hair salon. I sat in the hairdresser's chair. The only other hairdresser in the salon came over, assessed my hair as very damaged; went back to their behind the scenes supply room, returned and asserted their salon did not have a permanent wave solution for me. I dug in my heels, she recanted, saying she was new, had just been there one week. Yet, this person thoroughly acted like she owned the place, like a considerably longer term worker would and, though not the one who (out of the two present) to finally do the hairdressing work of permanents, said she would run over to a supply store named Sallys, a considerable drive away, and purchase a perm. She arrived back sooner than such a trip would have taken. In addition, when scheduling the appointment by phone, I asked what brand of perms they used. I was told Matrix which is a professional line ordered by subscribing salons in bulk quantities. I have no idea what was used, feel like it was underprocessed for the curling liquid and over processed for the neutralizing liquid The jury is still out as to the ultimate result but now, six hours later, I predict straight hair before two weeks are over. Lastly, since the venture into refusal to work and then quick change of action after I said, no, I don't want a cup of coffee, I want a perm - this is discrimination, took over 2 1/2 hours, I ran late and without included haircut, having to get home by means of private company transportation. As well, unheard of judgement was used when, with one hairdresser tripping around the Sallys locality, the second and only other business person of the salon was almost out of the shop on pretences of having to leave an unknown person alone in a business containing too numerous to count supplies a dishonest person could have shoplifted, not to mention the cash register. I quickly glomex on to a spare chair and sat beside an attended cash registe

I made a large order online consisting of mixed items and merchandise from different departmets. I entered a coupon code I received in the postal mail and I also got a good "bonus buy" deal for a specific item that was also advertised on the flyer they sent me through the mail. It was the last ray I can use the coupon an the get the bonus buy item. I was having a difficult time submitting my order because my Younkers credit card was rejected several times for no apparent reason. My card worked just fine when I used it in the store the day before. There was a red note that asked me to call customer service. I called them. While I was waiting for a rep to pick up my call I went ahead and retry the whole process of billing, payment, an submitting order. It finally went through! But unfortunately and sadly, the discounts I saw in my shopping card did not reflect in the final submittion page, the page where the site gives you a confirmation number after submitting your order. My call was finally picked up by some guy who has a very heavy accent. I told him what I went through with the site trying to order my items and also explained to him numerous times about the discounts being misleading. He went into my account, pulled up the order just being submitted, state that the order was sumbitted at 1:03 am cst. He will submit in writing what happened, the amouny i should pay and the amount they just charged. He said he will not gauranteed if his supervisor will approve this once submitted. But if it was approved, they will do a price adjustment or credit it back into my account. He confirmed my email and stating that i will receive an email confirmation of the writing submittion he just did and also another email from the supervisor approving or not. I NEvER received any email from them. What a waste of my time. They didnt resolve anything. I ended up holding onto the items because they were gifts to my mother. Thanks for that customer service support younkers. So nice that u ignored my conflict and concerns. One suggestion though, please hire/train your reps better not to lieeeee!!!!!

I have shopped at your store for many years, always thinking that you carried decent merchandise displayed nicely. However, in the past couple of years the practice of offering extra discount coupons because I charged X $ only to find out they hardly ever cover anything I want to purchase is deceitful and misleading. Also, most of the time I cannot take advantage of the "special" deal if I don't charge it to my Younkers account. Then, you changed to HSBC to handle your credit cards. I just received a letter from HSBC, who obviously is going through tough times, felt it necessary to to raise the interest rates for everyone in my state to an astronomical rate with a threat of even higher rates should I ever be late. Needless to say, my days of using your card are done. In turn, it means my shopping days at your store are also done. AHHHH greed.

I had problems ordering several items. After speaking to customer service and not exactly confident that what I was told true, I decided to test it. So I ordered just one item to see if it would go through. It did. Then I ordered as many of the items I could from my original list without having any on-line problems. I then looked for instructuions for cancelling the first single-item order. There are no instructions on the website. There is an email address and phone number buried, I finally found them. I sent the cancellation email just shortly after I placed the order. I received an email back 8 hours later that it was too late to cancel the order. Hum, I don't think so. Customer service is handled outside the United States, the telephone reception is scratchy at best, the employees go only by a script, and are unable to resolve issues. Poor service Younkers. You can do better.

I had received my fiesta dinnerware order on Feb 2, 2011, only to find that two of the dinnerware bowls were broken into fragments and that the bottom of the box was poorly packaged without any cushion for bowls. I contacted customer service on line, told that shipment would be sent out, only to find out in days ahead that nothing was done. There were frequent calls to customer service, having to repeat myself and situation over and over. Each person I talked to stated that they would check with the distribution center or/and manager but never received a follow up call from them. I have had multiple excuses and whenever I tried to contact a customer service manager, it never happened. My shipment now cancelled (Feb 17) and I will never shop at Younkers in the future.

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