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They delay everything and when they do a repair it's only done halfway. If I call to complain it takes 6 weeks before they come to fix it. This place is a joke

Dispicable company

I have been in Real Estate in Florida for 30 years and have dealt with such a horrible company. My elderly parents in their 80' s have lived in park since 2002 and since yes took over a year ago it has turned in the worst of worst. They have stopped the sale of my parents sale twice while collecting rent. We gave them the listing for 90 days and really had no interest in selling....just delay delay. The only way we new someone had been in it was the door were wide open for days(it is vacant) only recourse is to pay my own money to move it out of their in stead of them getting another penny .they stall, delay to get you to sell it to them for nothing. We had a cash buyer, good credit and on day 10 still would not give approval so the buyer moved on and bought something else.Stay far away!!!!!!!

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