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If there would be a rating less than 1 you, as a company, would receive it. Your committment to your employees and clients is less than honorabl, it's deplorable. As a mother of an employee who was injured on the premises (Arlington Heights), you ignored his injuries, ignored the workman's comp. lawsuit and ignored him totally. This is NOT the first person to get injured at this location. When the manager of this site lowered his hours to less than 4 per week, they told him that now he is no longer able to meet his minimum requirements and let him go. Great job! You are a class act and one that anyone would look forward to calling you as a employer. NOT! I am leaving my name out of it so that I won't be harrassed by your so-called management.

Cut to the chase; XSport Fitness’ business model is using the bait and switch tactic. Once you sign up on a “month-to-month” basis they have this “policy” in which the only way you can get out of the agreement is to send a certified letter stating your wishes. Oh, that’s not too bad to ask of a customer, but it’s not that easy. They continue to give you the run around on why haven’t stopped from withdrawing funds from your account monthly. Granted the $29 bucks a month is peanuts in the realm of everything, but I’m talking about principal’s here. You have to call a “800” number and talk to a customer service representative in order to get them to understand you do not wish to be a member any longer. After which I faxed my letter to them, stating to them to close my account. By the way, let's just say the tone of my voice could have shattered a wine glass...that's what it took to get it in their heads to stop charging me for frivolous charges. Only then did they promised to credit my checking account for 3 months (after debiting for 7 months longer than they should have). Like I said, $29 a month goes unnoticed, until you realize that a membership that you cancelled 8 months ago is still drawing from your account. Forget trying to handle this in person (at one of their actual brick and mortar facilities), that isn’t going to happen. Ask yourself this question before you go signing up and being duped; how come you can’t find “ANYTHING” about who the corporate owner(s) is/are or their names, titles and location of their executive staff? Why? Because they don’t want to expose themselves to having to actually face the customers that they have deceived and swindled out of money. They provide a good story to lure their client’s in, but beware that you have been warned! Sincerely, An "X"Sport Fitness client (unfortunately)

To Whom This May Concern, I am a member at Xsport fitness and a well respected teacher in the Chicagoland area. I used to go to the Xsport in Lakeview, IL but I had to recently relocate to another facility. A trainer (Ricardo Wood) began to be friendly with me and I was asked to come to a Trainer party/get together. To make a long story short he demeaned me to the fullest extent. I could not return to the gym because of the harassment that followed. I am sure that Xsport fitness is a facility that employs highly respected employees and not men who degrade women. This is truly a disappointment. Jane Doe I.e.. I wish to remain anonymous for my child's safety and I.

October 14, 2010 To Whom It May Concern After successfully using Xsport Fitness Center, at Chicago branch on State Street, for couple of years, I recently experienced a terrible dilemma. I would like you to take action in this matter. I had believed that your fitness center is trustworthy place as well as your staffs and trainers, before I got hurt. Unfortunately, among your devoted staffs, there are people who take advantage of the given opportunities. One of your trainers, Garfield Green, is the one of them. Basically, he provides his services cheaper to females’ client at gym that located in building that he lives there. He has taken advantageous of created situation and hitting on clients and makes relationship with them, no matter his clients are married or single. Since I do not want that happen to any family and keep away their relationships from hurting, I want your consideration in this situation and take appropriate actions. Again, I’m thankful of your services, and I will continue to utilize your services, since you brought good things to our community, also I would like feel comfortable at your place. This email is sent by me on be behalf of people who got hurt in this situation. Sincerely, Your truly client.

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