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non existent customer service

Terrible customer service. Waiting 2 weeks for work boots prepaid. Refusing to issue refund. Arrogant staff.antuquated tracking system. Will never patronize again.

Customer Service a joke!

Wish I would of read these reviews before ordering!!! The employees in Boardman store are clueless and is there really a customer service department??? Because no one answers or returns calls or messages! Will never shop this store again! I'll go naked and shoeless before I spend a dime in this store!! And I will spread the word!! I wouldn't even rate this company one star but had to to submit review!!!

Worst Company out there!

This Company is impossible to get anyone to return phone calls non the less follow up on complaints. The problems with this Company obviously start at the top!

workers stealing and customer service poor

I was in the store in glenoden pa. where I witness a female employee selling merchandise on the side. But that's not even the sad part. After seeing this she then gets on her cell phone n talks to someone on the phone qho appeared to be her mate of some sort n have a lovely conversation. I played it off looking around the store as if I am lost just to see if she would at least have the courtesy to ask if I needed help. After 10 mins I decided to take my money elsewhere. Black employee name was ciara. I do not recommend any one to shop at this store.

Lousy Experience at WorknGear

I ordered a pair of boots 4/5/13 was told boots would take a week to 2 weeks to come in, now I'm in my 3rd week of waiting. Could cancel because they were on the way, well so is 4th of July. I feel my money was being held hostage so i could not go elsewhere to buy these same boots. I will never shop at workngear again.


Sadly it seems I am not alone in my dissatisfaction with Workn Gear. For the 2012 Christmas holiday I paid for 3 day delivery but took 9 days to arrive and it was after Christmas. I wrote an email to inquire as to what may have happened and to express my unhappiness. However I have had no response whatsoever. In the future I will shop elsewhere for my three sons and suggest that my extended family do the same.

Poor customer service

I am a nurse and bought a pair of Klogs Boca for $55.00 (iwanted nurse mates but they never seem to have my size), while they were comfortable when I tried them on in the store they were extremely uncomfortable and hurt my feet after several hours of working on my feet the first time I wore them. I thought maybe I would have to break them in so I gave it a 2nd shot and the 2nd day of wearing them was worse. I immediately contacted the store who told me the manager wasn't in and I would have to call back the next day which I did yesterday only to be told that I wore them "and just because I didn't like them they could not be retruned because I wore them, she also said they inform the customers to wear the shoes around the house for a few days so that they are not dirty and can be returned (I was never told this and besides when you need a new pair of working shoes whoever heard of such a thing?)", I said it wasn't that I didn't like them but could not wear them because they hurt my feet and how could I expect to wear them sometimes 14 hours a day", I then requested corporate number to contact them, when I called the customer service number I was told the store manager did what company policy was and that the supervior manager would call me back - guess what? never received a phone call from them, I will try again this am - I only bought the shoes on Monday and contacted them on Wednesday, today is only Friday. Am I expected to eat the cost of these very uncomfortable nursing shoes?? I will not purchase another item from this store as they have very, very, poor customer service and do not care about their customers.

I did about four or five takes of this video before going with this one I seowhd the flex in one of the other takes but forgot to do that in this final one.The top of the pad flexes a fair amount at the break above the knee, there is little to no flex at the break below the knee. I like fairly stiff pads, I asked for no breaks on these to keep them a bit more stiff.

I bought a pair of Rocky MudSox steel toe boots from the store in Joliet Illinois mall for $125. These are waterproof, but any water over the heal and your socks are soaked! I tried 3 times to go back to store and see the manager and he is never in, bankers hours I guess, def not Work n Gear hours. The clerk said she can not even exchange them because I wore them.... UH hello I only wore them twice, I was back in store less then two weeks to exchange and your telling me that I spent $125 on gear that is suppose to LAST for the working guy for nothing, I am stuck with boots that I wore twice and defective! I passed emails and had wife facebook all the people in the work force NOT to buy a thing from this store or online if, once you buy it your stuck with it no warranties!

Went to the store in Clifton, NJ only to find all the prices on the tags were covered over with a higher price!! I don't see how you can justify raising the price up on something that comes you to prepriced. $14 scurbs now have a sticker that says $18. Needless to say I walked out, if you want to charge way more then you are suppose to, at least have the brains to remove the old ticket and put on a new one. Don't shop here, the store is dirty. Also since they did not have a pair of size 8 work boots that my husband was wanting to try, they said he should buy a size 9????

The watertown store is a joke! All the employees are incompetent and can only sell and take your money. But when it comes to a return or exchange, you get the run around and the manager never seems to be there and he is the only one who can do a return or exchange. I only use this place if i absolutely have too in a bind. I will drive to NH or Maine to make a purchase from now on. DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

I am very disappointed in the company. I ordered work pants for my husband. I ordered the wrong size. I sent the pants back with a receipt and it has taken the comapny more than two and half week to credit back. When I called the customer service office they were not informative or helpful. I would not recommend anyone purchase off of the work and gear website.

They use the ol' "bait and switch" method.....the price on the signs above the clothing is not the same as on the actual tag. I had to get a complete refund after they rang me up for twice what the sign said. They lied to me about why the sign are up there...saying they shoulda been facing the other way. A total lie. The sign was connected to the rack that had the coat on it I was gonna buy. Liars.

Do not order from this company. They Lie!!!! I ordered shoes from this company and had to exchange them for a smaller size. Weeks went by calling the company. They stated the item was shipped. Still waiting. The shoes were discontinued. They didn't have the decency to let me know this, just kept me waiting. They did refund my money but snuck it back into my account because they were too cowardly to call and let me know. Bad business.

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