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Williams-Sonoma is a company that thrives on racism and mistreatment of minorities and women especially in their supply chain. They refuse to recruit from minority colleges or treat minorities fairly in career goals - there is no respect for women even though the CEO is a woman as well as most of their customers

False Advertising

I received an e-mail announcing free shipping. I ordered an item, put in the free shipping code and got NO free shipping. I called customer service only to be told I didn't look in the TWO different places which described why the item did not qualify for the free shipping. Really, two places because looking at the shipping for the item only told me it wasn't eligible for the registry or rush shipping. That's because I didn't look in the second place. Even after looking at it I still couldn't figure out why it didn't qualify. I was told I was reading it correctly. Asked to talk to a supervisor. Oh, gee, none available. They'll call me back. Right. After reading the other ratings, you would think they would be embarrassed to have all "bad" service ratings. But I guess when you have bad service it's obvious you don't really care.

I agree with john Q. Public, the Corporation is horrible when it comes to their employees. They tell you one thing but do another and expect you too be courteous to the customers but the catelogs and website is what really cause the confusion between cust and rep. I had put in my 2 weeks notice and a week later got a letter saying that I had job abandonment and could not be rehired, now tell me whats wrong with that picture. it's up to you to decide your own fate with this company but they do not stand by their word. They will rather give credits and money back to cust instead of giving raises because they pay a dollar over minimum wage.

Two years ago my husband and I purchased a rather expensive mandolin from the william sonoma store in Victoria Gardens,Rancho Cucamonga,Ca. We used it the night of purchase feeling that we had made a smart purchase on an item that should last many years. Move ahead to April 2012 when we decided to make homemade pickles. We pulled out our wonderful mandolin that has only been used 1 time to find it falls apart. So our pickle making went on hold while we went back to William Sonoma's to see about a replacement (this mandolin's price was $279.00) We were met by the store manager and after explaining our situation he asked for our receipt,which we didn't have any longer. He then informed us that William Sonoma no longer sells this particular item any longer, and hasn't for approximately 6 months,so .......sorry but there's nothing that he could do. My husband John looked at the manager and said "I just want to be clear on this, after spending almost $300.00 on this item which we used only 1 time, visually you can see the item is in excellent condition other than the plastic piece which cracked apart, you've acknowledged you felt it was a manufacturing defect, but you and your company will do nothing to help us because you don't carry the item any longer?" The manager responded with "well sir I can give you $30.00 for it" My husband was so insulted that he told the store manager"you won't even send it out to get it repaired and you offer me $30.00 on a $300.00 item.......... you can just keep it and you've lost all of our business. Surprisingly the manager wasn't bothered "sorry sir" he said. They spend alot of money to get customers to come into their stores, yet they had great recurring customers (xmas 2011 I spent about $900.00 there) and absolutely no interest in trying to maintain a relationship with us. Totally SUR LA TABLE 100% converts, they take care of their customers!

Beware employment at Williams-Sonoma call centers. They tell you that you only need to 'offer' an up-sell but just before training is through, you will learn how 20% or below is a needs improvement. The items you are expected to up-sell are remnants of a group, or items that don't sell. The job notice says they pay for 2 weeks of training but you will be on the phone by the second week. You will take calls from all of Williams-Sonoma companies including Pottery Barn, West Elm, Pottery Barn Teen,...ETC even though they tell you otherwise. There are way too many supervisors (nasty ones at that) sitting around staring blankly at their screens or creating up-sell hype rather than supporting the people on the phone. The text on your order system screen is so abbreviated that you can't even verify what the customer is purchasing . You are expected to be on the phone at all times (noted in your performance measurements) which makes it almost impossible to keep abreast of the latest news on their message boards and the numerous up-sell changes. The worst part, is the anger you receive from the customer about the Shipping & Handling ($$$$)...OR when you inform them that the recent catalog they just received is already outdated and prices will no longer be honored...OR when their back order item is NOW permanently out of stock. When the call volume drops off, you will get mandatory time off. The truth is now told; not worth the headaches.

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