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We've opened two acotcnus thus far, at the same Business Banking center.Same experience, expect we were told to come back a little later.When we did, we were met with a young man who I can only assume is Sean who was ridiculously efficient. Brought us into the next room, discussed what we wanted, and created our account so quickly that I felt sure his clacky dell keyboard would melt.It would appear he is the only one who *works* out of this Business Banking Center .

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About 99% of my trips to the market are with both my kids. And with my family being vegan, I am forced to cook, so I stop by one the Whole Foods Market at least twice a week. And what I hate most about grocery shopping is walking down the aisles scavenger hunting for products for my family with both my kids. I don't have time to hunt. The vegan "V" symbol is not always found in front of the packages, so my eyes get exhausted from searching for the "V's", and reading the ingredients. So I always end up purchasing only the products I'm familiar with. I know there are tons of vegan products I haven't tried, and would most definitely love to try. My suggestion would be to put a visible "V" next to the price of all the vegan products available so that I could just cruise by the aisles and know right away whether or not my family can eat it. I'm sure the gluten free shoppers would appreciate this idea too. And most importantly, I'm sure this small investment would make your shoppers less stressed, and your sales will increase for sure. Thank you for listening.

whole wallet is a great place for good food, much of their Packaging really sucks. try opening a whole foods brand coffee bag. try opening it without spilling!! i could design a much better bag with a senior high school class. whole foods does not employ competent package designers. they are difficult to open, close or even read,WHO do u design ur packaging for? if u need help with good design, let me know cause much of urs is terrible.and ur claim to be super green just ain't so..wanna be greener? i could save u time ,money and aggravation. whole foods ,,hhmmm fix ur packaging!!!

I live in Naperville, IL and shop at the Whole Foods on 75th Street. I LOVE this store. Today, 2 days before Thanksgiving, I got amazing service even though everyone was busy. The girl in the florist took extra time with me to understand what I wanted for a centerpiece and what my budget was. Josh and Paul in the meat department went out of their way to get me exactly what I needed for a sausage stuffing. Paul and I talked for awhile about the various turkey sausage he had in the window, then he suggested that perhaps they could make a special sage sausage to go in my stuffing - Paul went out back and made me fresh, custom sausage, all this work for just a pound of meat, but I was SO HAPPY to have the right thing. I asked to see the manager on my way out (to compliment these two men; I could imagine that he was VERY busy today) but he took the time to come to the front of the store to talk to me. Even though I am sure he thought I was there to complain about something - he approached me with a big smile - WOW - now that's customer service!!!! I always get great service in this store!!! Wish I knew all the employees names they are all great!

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