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Customer Service

Worst customer service I have ever encountered.. Will never purchase another Westinghouse product in my life and will share my experience with everyone I talk to. Been trying to get a TV power cord for 2 months and I am right where I started 2 months ago. Supervisors take my name and number and say they will resolve and call me back in 48 business hours. Have yet to hear from anyone

Rigging Specialist

Looking for a contact phone number for Jerry Edwards at DC Cook Nuclear Plant.

resolved issue

It took almost 6 months to somewhat fix my complaint, I say somewhat because I originally bought a 46 inch tv that only worked for a couple of months. The issue was resolved when Westinghouse replaced my 46 inch tv with a 40 inch tv and to make up for the smaller tv also sent me a 19 inch tv. I decided to accept the deal just to not have to wait and continue wasting my time trying to get the right tv. I will have to evaluate this situation next time that I decide to buy a new tv.

I tried to reach the corporate office several times with no answer. The reason I was calling was to make a complaint on the Roanoke, TX location. People are extremely rude there.


Sent my t.v in on 1yr waranty by Westinghouse In Octi 2012 But in Nov they called to tell me they were sending new tv.Question so why have i need reicieved it its January 2013 and no one returned my call @ there company

westinghouse is a Fraud!!

I wish I would of found all this info before buying this tv... It wont turn on after exactly 11 months of purchasing and no one from tech is calling me back after 2 weeks of calling them non stop... I give up.... But this company needs a lawsuit!!! I own a 46" LED TV. They don't even deserve this one start

Worst Technical Support Ever

I bought a 50" Westinghouse television. In order to activate the tuner, I have to give my model # and Serial No online or by phone. They say they will give me a tuner activation code afterwards. When I go online, I am given the phone number to call. When I call the phone number, I am told to go online. Since Friday, for the laat four days I have been trying to get a live person to talk to. I have left answering machine messages and emails, but nobody has responded. I am 59 years old and this is the worst technical support I have ever experienced.

Passing the Buck

I purchased a 50" LCD for Black Friday. Upon turning on the screen there is a crack in the pixel screen, not the glass, which obviously a manufacturer defect. Upon calling Westinghouse I was told to bring it back to the store upon the unit being defective after I told them it was defective (obviously). However, I couldn't return the tv if I want to keep the tv because it was not an item that is regularly in stock. Called Westinghouse for second time. Immediate response upon hearing my problem was to bring it to the store of purchase without hearing that i already done what they recommended. Westinghouse wants nothing to do with the replacement of the faulty product and also stated that if I keep the tv I will have to go into repairs which will be costly. What type of customer service would tell a consumer that they would have to pay for something that was wrong with a product that was the responsible company's fault. All they are willing to do is pass the buck and send me on a run around. Very poor customer service and will not be dealing with this brand again. At least the store I purchased it from is willing to try to make something work out. Otherwise I'd be out a tv, and the time I wasted hanging out in line

How to make this long story short...hummmm! NEVER BUY WEESTINGHOUSE

I have a 3 mo. old Westinghouse TV. They wanted it shipped from FL to TX. Done - Three months later, told they cannot fix it. Asked for $ back. They said 5 days to get a call from Corporate to decide how to get it back. 14 to 16 weeks for refund. Are you kidding me. Comp USA wants nothing to do with it except they took almost $700. and $75 for extended warranty. Stay away from westinghouse products and Comp USA.

Our 2 year old White Westinghouse oven's heating element exploded. I called their customer service line and was told there was nothing they could do. Okay. I really would not recommend buying from them.


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I purchased a 60 inch TV that began flicering 6 months after purchase. Upon calling Westinghouse Digital, I was told that it would not be serviced and I was to return it. I have been trying to get a return authorization and shipping documents for months. My case number is ZW1162805. I have been promised that they would be mailed & I have been promised that they would be emailed, both without results. It is upsetting to me that I would purchase a TV from a name as respected as Westinghouse and then be told that: 1. It would not be serviced 2. I would need to go find a box to send it back 3. The Westinghouse facility in Houston would not accept it if I drove it there 4. Shipping labels would be sent multiple times (but weren't) Believe me, I am sharing the story. Avoid Westinghouse products! -- Dave Walla wallad@georgetownisd.org

I have been waiting for my tv to be fix or replaced for about 6 weeks and the can't fix it or replace I ask for my money back, they say I have to air tell the 24of june to see what is going to happen n then wait again to get my money back that is so unfair.

Gentlemen, Four months ago I bought a Westinghouse flat screen TV, two months later it just stopped working, no sound no picture. I took it to Best Buy in Fresno where I had bought it and they told me that you supply a one year warranty and to contact you. This was two months ago. I have only payed part of it because I got an 18 month interest free loan for it. I have called numerous times to your service department and have mot resolved the issue. I still have the tv that does not work. It seems that I am just getting the run around by your company. I want to resolve this issue without having to go the The Better business bureau. I am not going to pay for a broken television that is still under warranty. So I may have to get involved with a small claim court case against your company. I know that my credit will be affected and I have excellent credit.Please reply ASAP to my e-mail address. I just want for you to do the right thing and fix my tv. It has been over two months since this fiasco has started. My Phone no. is 559 7187408. thanks

I have a very old Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. sewing machine that I would like to know how old the machine is. The style No. is 281650. If you have someone that can give me this information, I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks for your time. dspence1910@att.net

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