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gorge phiffer, michell phiffers dad, also has son name mike and daughter deedee,named after dee van beck, also has wife or x wife i belive is jane, this person and warner bros, owe me milloins and they have tryed to kill me in the 70s and 80s, i have a book that tells allo and i mean all, i have sevrael copys out too close friends and 1 family, all i want is what george and michel owe me and a copy of all the papers i was force to sign in the 70 - 80s, i will be looking for george in wilmington n.c soon, sooo i hope this mater is resolevd by him,, reach me at oregonjames5@yahoo.co jimmy moore...from sandy ore, tell ken casper, debbie wilson, mark clemons and the rest hello....

Hi, Your customer service department is the worse structured department I have ever seen. I bought 2 Blu-ray movies. One WB the other your competitor. I had a problem with Ultra Violet/Flixster, and lost both of my digital copies. When I tried to enter the codes again it had an error code. I emailed everyone starting with Ultra Violet and Flixster, trying to find out how to get the digital copies back. I emailed your competitor and within 2 days I received a response with a new code. It has been weeks now since I emailed you, the answer I get is to go to a different website. I did and the digital copy site does not recognize the title. Wrath of the Titans.

please reconsider not showing the batman movie if we start doing that then the nuts or phycos win, and I feel that this should never happen. it is tragic want happend in colorado and we do have sick evil people in are socitey. However as I all ready stated if you cancel the batman movie the win, and the rest of society as a whole loses sincerly Michael C Reddick mcredd@mchsi.com 1351 richmond ave des moines iowa 50316

Recently I purchased a Warner Bros DVD of Robin Hood. The DVD is defective. The purchase was made at Walmart in Auburn, NY and exchanged at Walmart, Waterloo NY. The DVD does not work correctly from either store. Please contact me on how I should get my $5 plus tax back for the DVD? Walmart states that because of Federal Regulation on Copyrights I am unable to get my funds returned. In my opinion, this is the same as stealing my money. I will be cotacting the Better Business Bureau, the FCC and local Assemblyman because of this situation.

Sir/Madam: I must say in all honesty, I am truly disappointed with the way you conduct business. I have bought many Blu-ray Disc distributed by Warner Bros. Some of these disc came without a digital copy. I have written on your forum many, many times with no sucess. After reading the many post there with the same problem, I see that I am not an isolated incident. How could you in good conscience take the money from hardworking individuals, knowing you are not giving us what we paid for? What you are doing is truly the mindset of a true "socio-path". Perhaps, you should visit your Warner Bros. forum once in a while and see the kind of distress you are causing the same people who keep your business floating. We are the grease that keep your gears turning. Why don't you be the professional company you bill yourself as being and give us what we paid for. I shouldn't have to tell you we are in a digital world. We actually use the digital copies. I am sure you will not respond to this letter. However, I will give you my missing digital copies: Jonah Hex Constatine Dark Knight

I would like to continue my list: I Want To Believe. Paranormal Activity. I have been a big supporter of Warner Brothers since I can remember. However, what you are doing in totally unfair and I cannot see myself continuing the support I have given over the past 40 years. Good Luck and God Bless You!!!

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