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after nearly 10 years of employment I cant wait to be fired from this company. The management team and i mean "team" up to 10 managers and leads at one time in this building. one of them is stoned all the time the other wears sunglasses and walks around most of the day with his hands in his pockets. raises are minimal. leads don't do hardly anything and when they do they are not expected to reach any goals set for employees. (no lead by example here, more of your lucky i'm helping you at all attitude). managers are in the office all day doing personal business (youtube, emails, paying bills or online shopping most of the time). some employees are never meeting goal or and others are called lazy if they don't work above it. Horseplay runs rampant for some they are allowed to talk in vulgar ways about other employees. their wives, mothers and daughters. say antagonistic thing to others, bully, throw water on each other and it goes ignored by the "bosses". Awesome company that is poorly ran.

Keep Stock Program

We have been Grainger customers for 20 years and the best thing we ever did was get involved with the Keep Stock program (VMI) You could not ask for better face to face customer service relationship. We have saved time in managing sundries and small parts. The Grainger specialist takes care of everything. I just review and approve the orders and don't need to be concerned about running out of anything.


I have been a Granger customer for over 25 years, I am finding Dayton products on line through other venders at a lot less money than Granger has been selling them to me for. Service is great, people are knowledgeable but prices are through the roof! They play another game, we don't have that in stock! We can ship it to you tomorrow so you figure, they have to ship it to the location or me, they have to absorb the cost either way. Wrong, if they bring it to a facility you pay nothing for shipping but if they send it to your door, you pay the freight. I maintain a lot of industrial accounts but I am finding myself looking on line more and more. Your pricing your self out of business!

Facilities Manager

W W Graingers is one of the most difficult companies to deal with when it comes to accounting. they will not let you talk to a manger, just spent 9 minutes on a call then told a manger would contact me. This is the fourth time I am making an effort to resolve a matter. It is easier to just order from someone else. Plus they ship everything seperate so that they can charge you for seperate shipping cost $$$, I guess they can make more profit that way. GLOBAL is so much better & faster!

I tried to purchase an air compressor starter from Grainger. They ordered the wrong part - TWICE. The second time, I was given a "credit" receipt and was told the money would be returned to my bank account since I used a debit card. This was fine. It has now been over a week and still no money. Funny, when I use my debit card to purchase something, it hits my account within hours. Now, after a week, I'm still waiting for a refund and can get no answer as to why. I've done my last business with Grainger.

IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of tighns like that?

Great pics! Nice job on this! I love Grainger, and feel that the playing sufrace is TOP NOTCH. From the box seats, to the field level seats down the line, the park is a great place for the whole family to enjoy. I wish more people would support the Indians, it's ashamed to go out there and see small crowds all the time. IT S CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE, SUPPORT THE INDIANS!

I started working for Grainger in 2006 and Iwas injured on the job in 2008. they have been impossible to work with . they are rude and dont return calls and when the state industrial insurance tried to comtact them about my work grainger told rhem that i was fired in 2010 for bad behavior . but that was a lie because i have been unable to return to work since 2008. so how did i get fired in 2010. plus they cheated me out of my profit sharing . but the told my state employment board that they paid me my profit sharing in 2010 also. plus they treat their workers like crap and the supervisor i had went around pointing at forklifts and making an exploding sound .

I have been dealing with Grainger here in Massachusettes for several years and have had the pleasure of dealing with your government accounts guy.His name is Bob Serio.This guy goes above and beyond every time I need a quote or have a question he is right on top of it.I know you probabally hear mostly the negative when recieving feedback,however this time it is positive.Bob is an asset to your company and the main reason I still do quite a bit of buisness with Grainger.

Wow, I have been doing business with Grainger for 15 years. I have had the best experience all managers and sales agents. They are all wonderful folks. They beat prices or match other competitors. I get my product next day even if it says 4 days out. Prompt delivery and service. We spend in one of our facilites possibly 250k per year and we have 8 sites across the USA. I should have been more aware of this next issue. The funds that we buy our product with from your company go to your donation allotments. I had not realized that Grainger donates to the "Killing Machine" Abortions. I can NOT continue to endorse this for our company. Did you realize that there are 53 million houses in foreclosure alone and Abortion (killing babies) in the past years has added up to 52 million babies??? We would not be wise to continue to help you (Grainger) provide funds to that relate directly to Murder. Yes it is what it is!! You all have been great but now we will have to part from this Destruction of our children. How SAD

I am the spouse of a grainger employee in one of the southern distribution centers. I have to say that I am absolutely appauled and downright offended at the "raise" my husband received. He has been a long term employee that has worked his you know what off for this company. He is there every day on time and stays to help with overtime if needed to ensure they are caught up. It really pisses me off when I see how hard he works and the dedication he has given this company and then they turn around and basically say we could care less about you. I'm sorry but the amount he was given isn't even enough to make up for the recent rise in gas prices. This is ridiculous. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate his committment to this apparently stingy company.

I have to say, I am appauled with the woman I spoke with at either the Lake FOrest or Mundelein office in IL. THe Ladies name was Deanna Thayer. THis woman was rude, and ignorant. She seemed to be having a bad day already, but come on, do not order from these offices. She told me she was busy and I should call back later to order????? Then she hung up with a huff and puff.

It has been almost impossible to contact this elusive company online, so here is the message I have sent several times already, with a hope that one day (maybe in the distant future, like a message in a bottle) it will reach them: Comments/Questions: A radio commercial you are running in Albuquerque, NM, on KKOB AM, is just horrible. The announcer uses this gravelly, hoarse, breathy, whispery voice that is so awful and non-human that I have to turn it off. For the longest time I tried to decipher what he was growling and huffing about so I could contact you, and only just now was able to decipher your name. I urge you to review this horrible commercial, this horrible voice, and re-evaluate how you spend your advertising funds. It's awful and makes my skin crawl----like nails on a black board; and I'm not the only one.

Applied for a job with Grainger. They wanted a detail oriented individual. Not so!! When I was told that my qualifications did not meet their expectations, the email was sent to me with a "Dear Tiffany" salutation. Doug=Tiffany???? Oh yeah, that's detailed. What a joke.


I am a purchasing manager for a large industrial firm located in Ohio. I have done business with Grainger for several years. One of the reasons for this is the people there. People who care about what they do. It has come to my attention that under some new management, many of these good people have been let go. I am no longer purchasing from grainger.

The Orlando Fl, L.B. McLeod store has very poor customer service. I have used this store for years in my business. I went in to pick up a pump that I had ordered (order #1106084034)and they told me that the order was canceled and that they did not have one. When I questioned how it had been canceled, John Leon decided that I could pick up the pump that day; I made a comment to my wife on the phone that they were idiots. John decided that he did not want to help me and told another sales person to handle the transaction. In the middle of the transaction, John came over and said that they would not sell me the pump, so I asked for my credit card back and walked out. Later Joe who said he was the branch manager called our office and made threatening remarks, saying he had witnesses and video and would sell us the pump. I am not sure what the witness or video will show, and find it very odd that a branch manager would call if he did not want to resolve the issue and sell a product. I will not use Grainger in the future and will pass my experience on to others. John Leon should be fired and the manager Joe as well. That is not how I treat my customers and I am surprised that you put up with that. I will say that Judy Berry in the Tampa phone center was helpful in trying to resolve the matter. I understand that she is the one that asked for a manager to call our office. Joe however said that he did not know Judy and was very rude regarding her.

I really enjoyed working with Grainger in the past. I had business relations with Bart Fields in Dallas Metro area. He bent over backwards to make things right and to provide surpurb customer service. I am interested in working for your company and I have applied on line. I would like to go into your global sales. I know it is new and about to take off.I really enjoy business relations and getting to know customers and building good repore for present and future business relations. Terrill Johnson

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