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Working for Vitas

Vitas is a great company to work for, I find them caring and compassionate. After working for some truly awful companies, this is a dream.

worst company to work for!

vitas has become one of the worst companies to work for in my area. they dont care about there employee the office is the most disorganized place i have ever worked for. and it seems like every time they change rules and polices to be more convenient for them but not for us out on the field. if you are thinking about working here please do your homework first and research.

My mother Andrea Torrez was recently a patient at your facility. The vitas in the Baylor hospital in Fort Worth off 8th street. Your rns had absolutely no compassion with my mother. I fought tooth and nail with the social workers to get her a Iv much less to get her out of there. The social worker made me feel as if she was getting paid by commission and my mother was just another number. The social worker was asked not to ask my mother if she was ready to go meet her maker a question that the social worker kept asking my mother. She kept on with questions like that in her room by her bed. In my opinion my mother was a dollar sign to your facility. Your staff and especially Karen Mega a reg nurse and the head social worker and one other social worker. Very rude no compassion at all. I felt as if I moved my mother out of there, they would lose commission. What is really going on with your company???? Very evil very rude and no compassion at all. maidforyou12345@yahoo.com. My mother went from her death bed-- to a rehabilitation center.

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