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A management disaster

Thanksgiving 2014 NG offered customers to order healthy turkeys. The birds didn't arrive at the store until TurkeyDay eve (the bird's instruction says to thaw 2-3 days), & even then, they couldn't get the order right, so I was given a bird 4#+ over what I ordered. No manager in sight to oversee the chaos.

let me enjoy my visit

i enjoy shopping browsing looking at items not being asked every few minutes r u ok did u find everything ok . if i need help i will find you and ask your advice if you have any.let me enjoy my shopping experience thank you. i been going to health stores for over 30 yrs and read books on my health be nice and be respectful

I have been doing all my grocery shopping at Vitamin Cottages for over 12 years. I love the products and all. Today I also did my shopping and needed some Mag/Cal/Zinc liquid supplement. I looked at your Name Brand Product and could not believe the ingredients. Yes it had all the Mag/Cal etc but also Methylparaben and paraben..are you not banning those products from your stores?????

I am from Santa Fe, I have shopped and made friends with the long time REMAINIING staff at the Vitamin Cottage. For the past two years, I have seen and witnessed the store manager belittle the female cashiers, made them cry, also the Vitamin Dept has a woman named Karen whom seems to be the store spy,pal-lin around with management. This store has some very long time employees and they are very good people. This store has gone down hill due to mismanagement, and its lack of ordering and keeping fresh foods as well as ideas! Santa Fe is small and YOUR store has to be competitive!! But ab0ve all of the economy you do have the problem with your assistant and store manager, who checks on these people? WHere is the HR when you need them to follow up and these employees work and should be treated professionally. I will continue to shop at the Cottage, but have lost respect for a family store that has lost its values. Mrs Greene

My Mom, 98 years old, started shopping at VC when there was only the original location on Colfax Ave. Mom is now living with me, and I still go to VC to purchase vitamins for her and me. I can not understand why VC feels it necessary to have some of the most ridiculous commercials, which are now showing on tv. As my Mom says - the founders of VC would be totally embarrassed to see these stupid commercials. In my opinion, there is nothing professional or attractive about them. Please stop the stupidity.

I've never written anything like this before, but after watching the TV ads enough times, I simply had to write. I know your store and products are terrific, but the ads are ALWAYS the worst on TV and makes me refuse to shop at your stores. All of my friends, family, etc. agree and we all turn off TV when they come on. What are you thinking? I thought last year's ads were horrible, but you guys outdid yourselves again! Please do yourselves a favor and do some professional ads without your family members. A fan with constructive hopes!!!!!!!

with other reputable firms seling the same product it no wonder your isles are bare of cutomers. my biggest peave with your organization is presentation. the store lookes like the lobby of the food panty located in new mexico and they take time to help people in their search. the food is outdated,past its date of safe consumption. the worst is the two ?s who are in your tv commercials. i hope they are not members of SAG or other proffesional organizations. i am not a fan of commercials but i do not shut the sound off except in your case. come on guys your gilfriends have to go. they look like a parady on the tonight show,the difference being jay leo make me laugh. The cost for a desent commercial is exspensive but yours looks like it was done in uncle Vinnies back room studio becaus his regular girs had been arrested in a adult studio raid. chang or save the mony and do not waste the publics air space with your "junk".

I got so sick and tired of coming into (Out of )Vitamin Cottage and finding what I needed (PABA, Pantothenic Acid, B6 etc.) out of stock, FOR WEEKS AT A TIME (!!!), that I just started ordering my supplements from Amazon.com. I'm not sure what you corporate folks are thinking with your incompetent and inconsiderate ordering strategy, but I can assure you that the approximately $400.00 a month that I spend on supplements will no longer be going to (Out of) Vitamin Cottage. Amazon.com is cheaper too! I wish I could spend my money locally at (Out of) Vitamin Cottage, but the consistently empty shelves have unfortunately made this impossible. Maybe if everyone stopped shopping at (Out of) Vitamin Cottage, the corporate folks might wake up and fill their shelves as they empty...

I have bought bulk items at the store on South Nevada in Colorado Springs. They are already bagged items and they were stale and nasty. The checkers act like they are doing you favor by being there and are not pleasant or friendly. Also, they sell eggs from Amish farms like they are the gold standard. Please boycott these eggs. The Amish run some of the most horrible animal mills in the country. Research it and you will never buy another Amish item again!!! I used to shop there a lot but now I only shop there for items no one else carries. Plus too much of their organic fresh produce comes from countries where graft and corruption are the way business is done. Do I believe no pesticides were used? Not hardly.

The exchange or money back for bad items did appear a little strange for me too; however, it only happened once with a bag of cheese. Their makeup products do work very well. Example: They have a facial mud scrub that works better than expensive lines of makeup. If you have makeup and soaps for sensitive skin with natural aromas that will not break you out. We buy herbal supplements from Natural Grocers. We have used some of the herbal supplements for various things and found that the NOW brand is a trusted brand. I use herbal supplements for colds and stress because it's cheaper than paying for a doctor's visit and a copay at the pharmacy; healing is faster and better for you because it's a natural substance; prescription medicine alone will not knock out a cold. We buy all of our food from Natural Grocers. Now that we are eating healthier and exercising, we feel better overall. The long term benefits are substantial. You will pay a little more for food at Natural Grocers than HEB or WalMart, but you are getting quality organic food. Food and beverage free of hormones and other harmful chemicals. Love the selection of foods, supplements, makeup and other products and informative information they provide. Thanks Natural Grocers!

Outstanding health and beauty products with either no smell (for makeup like you want it) or GREAT SMELL from natural fragrances in the soaps, etc. I love their cosmetics because they do not irritate my skin. The variety of various products is awesome! If you still buy your makeup at department stores, you are wasting your money because they usually only put a tiny amount of the good stuff in it to "say" it's there but it isn't worth the price. These products are REAL and the manufacturers really do care more about the quality of their products than the profits they are earning I believe.

Bought 2 bottles of "Just a Tad Sweet Honest Tea" (Mango Acai White tea) at the Fort Collins store. Opened one bottle within 3 days after purchase: some gooey substance floated on top. Opened the second bottle - same thing. Took both full bottles back the next day. The manager acted as if he was doing us a tremendous favor exchanging them. Never expressed any concerns let alone appologized. (I did notice that the tea in question must have been restocked - it was no longer on sale). I did get two new bottles, carefully looked them over and found them OK. Opened one that same day - it seemed to have a slightly different taste than what I was used to but paid no attention to it. Placed the bottle in the fridge and today, two days later, found the same gooey substance had formed in the rest of the tea. Now, after two days of refrigeration, that tea should have been still OK. Tomorrow I am taking a couple of my friends along to return the opened and the still sealed bottle - I want to have witnesses as to how ungracious one is being treated. But I do urge you to investigate the freshness of the tea and until then remove it from your shelves. Thank you. Christel Pfeiffer, a faithful buyer at your stores which I value greatly.

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