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Speedway/Columbus Tucson..HORRIBLE SERVICE! pancakes burnt on one side white on the other, I went to take the rest of my chicken sandwich and fries home to find out my fries were dumped on top of a dirt plate! Under the fries was a single sliced mushroom and diced already cooked onion!! The asst. mgr after having to flag her down acted like I was there trying to rob her or something! I was angry, yes I said ONE swear word and she like to have had cried! She said not to swear so I didn't and she flipped out! Told me to leave she was calling the police! She started backing away from me like I was going to hit her or something! This is dinner time folks! My daughter got her first pay check from work and was soooo excited to buy me dinner! She walked out of there in tears! She wasn't upset at me! She upset that this woman that is twice my size acted like I was trying to hit her or hurt her and made a HUGE scene! I did say one swear word..I said you served me on a f'ing dirty plate! And this woman turned it around like we came to rob the place! Unreal! I am calling the health department and corporate! Not acceptable. I have been going to that village for the last 8 years at least once a week. NEVER have I EVER had something like that happen!

Terrible business ethics

How do you justify serving frozen pie to a customer? I know the difference so he must of just not give a damn.


72 sorenson is getto slow and no customer service i hate goin to that village inn it sucks!

gift card issue

bought a gift card for my in-laws got home dropped it dog chewed on it they would not refund me the money now I'm out 50 bucks and my in-laws got no Christmas pretty sad they like that place


Ivwas just let go from farmington store in nm. accused of drinking on the job. which is NOT TRUE. besides that sun was date of accusal. and no one called or informed me. when i called told me I worked wed. show up and thats when they inform me. im now fialing a lawsuit. no proof just word. other ppl are drunk working while drinking on job who still work there. so

bad service from manager

I purchased a pie and the price on the label was 14.79 however they changed me 15.29 when I told the manager she said oh well they had the wrong price and would not refund me the 50 cents. It was the princilpe of things you advertise on the shelf up front of the pie and get charged something else. Very wrong. I would never go back to the 1402 E. Harmony rd store.


I was at village Inn when I seen that the Servers somking pot.long wair times they always say bad words in the back house I wish that someone could clean up Village Inn good food bad people its so sad when you have to get hi at the line is not clean I seen a cook pick up food off the floor and give it to someone to eat it. People are only in it for the money what happen to doing on to other as you want done to you God would not like this at all this in Tucson Az

Hostile work environment

Been working and village inn for a couple months and i get cussed out daily from a server for no reason and the management doesnt seem to care

Dinner at Village Inn

Just got back from dinner at Village Inn. Was seated in corner booth. Had windows to the side and in back of me. I could not help but notice the layers of dust on blinds and windowsill. How gross.


I got hired PREGNANT, went through all my training and tried to go back and actually start my job and was told I could not work! That they were not allowing me til after my baby was born. I will not be back after he is born nor will I EVER spend my money there to eat! 9 Mile, Pensacola, FL !

poor service

I go VILLAGE INN almost every morning in Coralville , Iowa and always order the same thing and the price is different every time .. What is up with that ??

144 th and maple in Omaha Ne is going down hill!!

Had the worst service and food ever there were 16 of us and only 2 people were happy i called to complain the manager said what do you want me to do and hung up on me.This was at the Zephyrhills store

i use to work there

I just want everyone to know i use to work at the new one in fargo north Dakota and the cook manager eats on the cook line an dont changes his gloves when he eats and one of the dishwashers wipes off the food on theplate and he dont run it threw the dish pit they leave stuff on ice thats suppose to be keep cold

Wed Pie

We just returned home after eating a lovely lunch at the Village Inn in Colby KS. We eat there on Wednesday, a lot, because of the 'free' piece of fruit pie. It has been a great time to enjoy a meal out and a 'free' dessert. Today, we were told that we couldn't take out our 'free' piece of pie. WHAT? It is a 'free' piece of pie, we payed for the entree, and got our 'free' piece of pie and were told we HAD to eat it there? I'm sorry, but that is the most ridiculous rule in dining history. It sounds like our federal gov't is sticking their fingers in where they don't belong. I know that we will probably not eat at VI near as often. If we want a piece of pie, we'll go in and get pie.

we love service from Natasha

Me and my family always go to the village inn in wheatridge co we live pretty close Natasha usually serves us she is great at what she does she is why we come back her smile and great service is appreciated:-)

dissapointed in way things ran

I went into the village inn in papillion ne. and asked for 1 Table for 4 (myself and the 3 others who were to be with me.. They said all tables were full but there are plenty of booths. As i looked around the tables for 4 were filled with either 1 or 2 people. I asked why would they do that especially around lunch time. I was told I could be put on a list. I declined and left. I will give it 1 star as it looked clean.

it was nice

Great food

Didn't even get what I ordered rude service when walking into the door recker and brown mesa az

I have three little children asked to be placed away from other customers not to bug anyone right away rude from the host I'll seat you were I want we are busy! When there were less than ten cars in the parking lot. Order my food asked three times for condiments finally received it but never seem to get our sides of fries I still left a tip. My family has spent Alot of money eating at village inn and are done I will not pay a company that has no control on there employees or the management team what so ever last time I will eat there again that's to bad because they had good pies! I wish I could not even give a star something should be done about this.

crappy management

The Juan Tabo, Albuquerque location did a very poor job of meeting the expectations set I'm the menu. The "manager" aka supervisor failed to properly satisfy our displeasure in the service. In face he was dismissive that we couldn't order just a sandwich, so paid for sides we couldn't eat. Additionally the pepper jack cheese mix that is supposed to be melted over the pioneer crush was not melted, it was soup. As a result of the experience we will not be return customers

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