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The retail service is poor. Viking Coke pays for an add, then shorts products to the store. What's up with that? Its not just one time, its all the time.

INVEST in ME needs vital funds for a UK centre of elcclxenee for translational biomedical ME research, clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment for patients, training and information for healthcare staff, based at the Norwich Research Park in the UK and aiming to work collaboratively with international biomedical researchers.Please help us fund biomedical research into ME.At the 5th Invest in ME International ME/CFS Conference in London in May Invest in ME announced that they had entered into discussions with the University of East Anglia to instigate a research facility for ME.Discussions have continued since the conference and we have decided to publicise our attempt to set up this facility.Below is a summary of information relating to a proposal which has been formulated by an Invest in ME steering group which has been formed to instigate the setting up of this facility.BACKGROUNDPeople with ME need early and correct diagnosis, proper treatment and advice. The current status of services for people with ME and their families in the UK is poor with little knowledge of current biomedical research being applied and possible treatments not being made available to patients or healthcare staff.This has resulted in ME patients having no service and there being little progress in attracting new researchers or clinicians to study the disease.The dangers for people with ME having no proper clinical examination and no access to possible treatments is that the disease can develop into more severe forms with significant loss of functioning. There is also the danger of mis- or missed diagnosis – a common problem with people thought to suffer from ME.THE AIMS and OBJECTIVESAfter five years of campaigning for awareness and promoting better education about ME/CFS it is felt that the best way to make progress is to establish a national centre of elcclxenee for ME.The Invest in ME Steering Group (ISG) has been formed consisting of carers of people with ME to begin work on establishing a facility leading to a UK Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Research into ME.The ISG believe that a change needs to be made in the way service provision for ME patients is carried out and is suggesting a simple but effective structure for providing services and instituting major biomedical research into this disease which will have profound effects on the way ME/CFS is treated in the UK and establish a hub of scientific and clinical elcclxenee for ME within Europe.THE PROPOSALThe ISG propose for a facility to be instigated with four main elements for diagnosis, treatment and research into ME/CFS – service commissioning, service provision with clinical diagnosis and examinations, translational biomedical research and a research database to allow for more research and improved training of healthcare staff.

Viking Coca Cola in North Branch is hiring warehouse workers all the time, they can"t get any workers to stay on, must not pay well and have poor managers

I was hired 4 weeks ago and have worked 3 weeks and a day. I really liked it - no, I mean I really liked it. It was challenging and fast paced. I believed that I would be an asset to this company. And then I had a weekend that every father dreads. I held it together all weekend I was everything to everybody. To all the sympathizers and well wishers, to all of the family and onlookers I was kind and strong. While everyone broke down around me, I held it together - until this morning. I had been up nearly 36 hours. I was to work on time, meaning it to be a gainful day. It was important that I not make any missteps because I needed to be back at the hospital as soon as possible. But I just crumbled. My supervisor looked at me (or at least I saw it like this) with disapproval that I hadn't yet made sense of bd&e sandwiches. I couldn't remember which was dated what - and I snapped at him. Well, Jim, who I believe, took a disliking with me from the beginning, turned on his heal and walked out with Greg following. I stood there looking at this mess of sandwiches - which should have been so simple, I just couldn't get my brain to work. So I dropped the route keys on the freezer and clocked out. I got almost to my car when I realized that I still had a door key on the ring with my car keys, so I turned around went back in. Jim met me at the door saying, "I'm sorry that it didn't work out, you seem like a real nice guy. So I handed him the key and left. This job was a good fit for me. I probably would have stayed until I was too old to do it any longer. I have the ability and had the desire to be that perfect route tech. So thanks for the shot.

Viking coke St.colud needs to pay employees better. 7.25 to do the work we do is ubsurd

I would just like to inform you that Southview/Country Acres Apartments of Sartell, MN is selling expired Coca-Cola products out of their vending machine, that have an expiration date of a month or more. I thought you would like to know because this could reflect poorly on your company and your products. Thank you for your time and hopefully this problem geets resolved.

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