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I am so tired of seeing models that none of us everyday women look like parading around on television commercials with their breasts hanging out of their bras and butt shots of them in skimpy underwear. I get so tired as I am sure I speak for many women on women being exploited to the level that they are just to sell a product. The women that you use in your ads don't look anything like the rest of us and so I am sure most of us would not look like they do in your undergarments. I feel you cater to men as if to make them believe we could ever look that great in your bras or revealing panties. I remember growing up when bras (Playtex) were advertised on TV on a manican (spelling) not top models with perfect bodies. I think your commercials are a little too revealing for regular TV and I feel that you need to find women with every day figures to model your garments instead of women that are 20 and represent perfection. We women are the ones that wear it - why don't you try catering to us and not the men viewers?

Sir My name is Daniel O'Neill I am a Boston Police Detective I have been assigned to investigate misuse of a credit card I am trying to get in touch with your loss prevention that covers Faniuel Hall Boston any assistance would be greatly appreceiated my E-Mail address is OneillD.bpd@cityofboston.gov thank you in advance Dan O'Neill (617) 343-4807

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