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this number on this site for corporate headquarters is disconnected

Fradulent billing

I spent almost 3 years in Vatterott's court reporting program. My tuition was completely covered by financial aid. I transferred schools over winter break, well before the start date of the next quarter, yet Vatterott billed me for the new quarter anyway. When they weren't paid by the student loans, they sent the "debt" to a collection agency and I can't reach anyone at the Vatterott corporation or the court reporting school who can or will help me out, even though I have proof signed by myself and the school representatives of my withdrawl date. That leads me to think this is more of a scam than an error, although if someone would just help me resolve this I would change my mind on that aspect.

I hate the fact that im not learning anything in my accounting class and they want do nothing about it. Appling farm campus shows alot of favoritism to students. For example, I had my nails done and so did a few more classmates but me and the other girl that the same race as me got call out of class because of our nails and didnt say not a word to the others. Please dont go to vatterott.its a waste of time and money!!!!

mislead by vatterrott online

This college should be shut down. The so call professionals there just care about recruitment and enrollment not the student's educational goals and future. It's for the money and that's how I feel.

shut it down

Iwould never recommend anyone to go to the vatterott on dividend dr in Memphis, tm. It is the worst school ever. Your hours get stolen, your money messed around. Each student is treated differently based on situation of if they get kicked out or not. Everyday the ules changes. Instructors don't care. They don't get in order until they are being hassled by corporate. This school gets all this money n things are always broken or stolen, n its unprofessional. I know everyone has to learn things on their own, but do our research. This school is not worth the money.

Vatterott Tulsa

Vatterott Tulsa is a good school, but the decisions being made upstairs, at administration, who says that it's corporate's decisions, is what makes it hard to be motivated here. The instructors and director of my program are some of the best, how they're working here I don't know.

refusal of course change

I have been asking to change my course and my advisor will not give me the time of day. I am needing to go all online and by doing that I need to change from medical assisting to billing and coding. Due to alot of things going on in my life with family.

very angry

I attended the okc ok campus and I woould not recommend anyone to attend this school.they give you the run arround and if you try to withdraw or whatever they keep you from doing so.its unprofessional and retarded

Vatterott on app, farms is the worse place to attend f oi r a education. Their complete liers and ruining young lives and credit. Im in the diesel program since day one we"ve never had any tools to get the job done. Vatterott is a waste of time in money. I wouldnt reff to anyone. Thinking about filing law suit. Vatterott is a complete rip off. They fired the best teacher they ever had Mr. R. Kimbell. He made sure his students got it, not like des other instructors not giving a shit.

I was at vatterott college today to recieve a service and noticed that there was no instructors on the floor for awhile. When of the instructors showed up she had the nastiest disposition however I did not catch her name . The students use of vulger language along with the music over the intercom was very inapporiate for this of type of setting. I was so disgusted and I would never patronize the Northpark campus or refer anyone either.

I attend the Springfield, MO Campus, I'm a 4.0 student and I have my diploma and am continuing with my Associates. I love this school, it's corporate and there stupid decisions that I'm upset with. Since they added the Diesel mechanics program, all advertising for all other programs has been basically null and void. Some really great teachers have quit or went part time because no one is worried about filling any other class but Diesel Mechanics. I started school in day classes, they flipped me to nights , i'm a single woman, and the one security guy they had , the Home office has decided no to renew the contract so no one is here from 8 to 10:30 to keep us feeling a little safer. There are numerous other bad decisions that is all on the Home Offices hands. I foresee this school closing if they don't get there crap together and start caring about their students and there staff. A year ago I would have Gave this school 5 stars.

i've been attending vatterott for cosmo getting my hair fix. I'm very dissatified with students. They have one young lady whose use vugar language and just don't care who heards her nasty mouth. The school is located in memphis tn off divided drive and millbranch. The students never have supplies and they use pine sol for babercide if stste board see that there in trouble and there always a fight going on with the young lady name tasha. One day i saw her assault a youg lady in the parking lot about a parking pace. The directory's came out but nothing was done and she cursed as if she was at home. They need to shut that school down, this is the second director they have appare4ntly nobody wants that dam job.

iv been attending vatterott sence october of 2009 and it january 2011 i didnt have problems with the school till this phase its the 7th week and im still waiting on my pell grant to be approve by corprate. i understand i have to wait long because im on acadmic probation but everyone just got there check on friday of week 6 and some still have to wait this phase is done in 4 weeks. some people live on there checks whale there in school and when you have to wait you fall behide finacaily.


not understanding the staff at this location, wheni enrolled in the M.A program i have been issued numerous of rules. i was told no fake nails and no overlays to day one of my classmates where asked to cut there real nails off her nails was already short. i can only only pray for the new students, im so glad this my last phase and ill be done i will not enroll at this location..where are the people who care for others some rules are undersatndable but when she came back in the class with her nails cut all the way off i knew this school will crash unless HEADQUATERS gives surveys to the students.We need to be heard not speaking through a site.

I really dont understand Vatterott Appling Farms in memphis tn. These people make new rules every week...The things they ask of us to do is beyond what we need to do.. They make us feel like kids.I truly hate this campus its depressing...Someone from corporate need to walk through unexpected...When we brought issues up to Mr. Shaw his reply was "If you guys want to withdrawal go ahead" that was rude and discouraging I have nothing to say good about this skill..We go through 5 phases and my first 2 phases I didnt learn what i suppose to learm..I will do what i cant to take these people to court enough is enough...DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

Vatterott College, Kansas City Missouri school should be closed down. All that attends school there are people that do drugs. Students that should be in jail but are given the chance to go to school or jail, they send them to Vatterott. Teachers also do and sell drugs there, very un professional in the way they dress, no dress code for women, they can show whatever they want, who wants to look at those fat women with half their breasts showing everyday. Who wants to watch the men instructors that are married trying to get the students and staff to have sex with them, most are married. Teachers have no degrees, but make alot of money to play. I would not attend there if tuition was paid in full and I did not have to pay one cent! They need to do something and starting with hair drug tests with teachers would be a start and then the administrative staff. What adult tech school that charges thousands of dollars for an education have a couple of bimbos that work in the front be referred to as the school cheerleaders? NONE!!!!!! I AM SO SO GLAD I DID NOT STAY THERE, I am going to a good school now, NAU, GO National American University, thats what they call a professional school and since I attend there I can say, Vatterott will teach you nothing but not how to get an education.

this school is not the greatest you just have to make the best out of a bad situation with that being said there are a lot of things vatterott can improve on, but i will say the director of my program likes to foucs on professionalism but lacks that her self. the "tools/supplies" we have are not worth the amount were being charged per sememster or quarter or how ever they break it up. the list could go on, but i say save your money and go else where and not to vatterott!

I can't tell you my name, i am a student at the memphis campus, Applin Farms. We recently had a temp teacher by the name of Ms. Murphy. She is a wonderful instructor. Well she recently left due to the mistreatment of Mrs. Mitchell, and Mr. Curtis, and the program Chair Ms. Rodriguez. Mrs. Mitchell stopped ms. murphy in the middle of her lectue to talk to us about walking out on mrs. Rodriguez, mrs. Mitchell also, went out witha few of us to have a drink and eat. She asked ms. murphy, and ms. murphy said noshe don't hang out with students. Ms. Mitchell also told us that ms. murphy was a snake, and she emailed ms. murphy a picture of a snake. Mrs. Mitchell told us that mrs. Rodriguez can't teacher, and we was not gone learn anything. and she was right about that!! mrs. rodriguez be on her phone while she make us read chapters, mr. curtis, is on his laptop on facebook. ms.murphy is the only instructor that teaches. Mr. Shaw did nothing when ms. murphy went to him, he just looked over her. ms.murphy class is smart. we know more than the other students thats leaving. they don't know how to draw blood, or give injections, they dont know terminology. Ms. murphy taught us all of that. Where ever the temp service place ms.murphy next week, me and a few more students will be going with her. Because we understood everything, we can ask ms. murphy questions, and she will answer them. Mr. Curtis, give his students the answers to the test. I heard him talking about ms. murphy to a student, ms. murphy said nothing. what kind of school wouldn't want a great instructor like ms. murphy???? yall need to get ms. murphy back??? also, mr. curtis teaches them the wrong techniques, he not even a Ma he was grandfathered in. Mrs. mitchell told us that. bad teachers.

I can not believe the people who are still stupid enough to sign up to go with Vatterott College. There are what? Ten years of Vatterott complaints online and you jackasses are still suckering for that joke of a school. As long as there is a sucker these career schools will search them out and get in the old bank account. Grow up people...you have been had. Warn others so they wont be so stupid.

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