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Terrible Service

Let me start by saying our salesman Saber Sulaiman at the Leesburg Pike location was great but that is where the service ended. We purchased a king storage bed and it was to be delivered by your Woodbridge VA store on a Thursday with the delivery time to be provided the day before. Well needless to say I had to make calls to get the delivery time and it only got worse from there. The truck arrived 1 hr 30 minutes late so I was late for work. Once they unloaded the truck they realized the headboard was missing. The delivery men assured me the warehouse supervisor would call me that night to tell me what time in the morning they would deliver the headboard. I was leaving for a trip so it had to come in the morning. Well as expected no one called and I spend the next day trying to get an update. Was promised a call several times and it never came so I had to schedule the deliver for the following Friday. I insisted it be a morning appointment and was told the manager would call me to confirm the time but that never happened. I had to call again for 2 days to get the delivery time. SO the headboard came and sure enough its damaged! I was stunned that no one checked the condition of the headboard before delivering it knowing how bad the service had been up to this point. So I call the store for a manager and was told I will get a call back shortly. My entire day goes by no call. I called waited on hold for 8 minutes to be told they will bring anew headboard, all be it with no empathy at all. I explained that at this point we are so frustrated over the poor service they need to schedule a pick-up of the entire set and close our account. We spend a long time looking for the right set and now we have to do that again. We were willing to spend $1400 with your company the least we expected was good customer service. Instead what we got was us calling your store to confirm delivery, us calling on 6 occasions because we were promised a call back on 6 occasion that never came. No empathy or concern about the customer, our time or our purchase. A manager that absolutely will not return your call and a supervisor who we had to call 4 times and had 0 empathy for our problems. I have been in the customer service industry for 17 years and have managed dozens of customer service representatives in call centers. Anyone under my employment who showed such poor service to a customer was fired. I took some time to go online and read reviews for your stores, every store had a low rating and dozens of complaints from customer that were a mirror image of mine. Shame on me for not taking time to do some research. Someone from your senior management team should spend some time reading these reviews and come up with a better customer service plan. At this point we do not think I would be comfortable making another purchase from your stores or recommending them to anyone we know. If you care to know more about this please feel free to contact me directly at the email or number provided. I would welcome a chance to discuss the issues if it will make a difference.

Only worth it if you can pick up your own furniture. Avoid to have it deliver it....that is a big hassle! Good customer service operators and sales person in the Falls Church store. Again, avoid delivery!! it is a night mare

gagging commerical

What a disgusting commercial. Is it really necessary to go to this length to sell furniture. Please take it off the air and make a commercial that has some dignity and class.


I cannot shop at a store that insults consumers with that commercial with the couple gagging.

Hilarious commercial

Oh My God....I have not laughed that hard at a TV commercial in a very long time. The one where the couple (especially the man) is gagging at the sight of their ugly coffee table is hilarious. Some people are taking it way too seriously. Lighten up people!

Not a little boy

I hope you read the reviews on here. One person hit it right on the head. The commercial with the couple gagging over their ugly coffee table is appropriate for male children who think bodily excremental functions are amusing. That commercial makes me, a potential furniture buyer with more money than a child's allowance, sick to my stomach and creates a gag reflex. You need a new ad agency!


The first thing I noticed when I opened up your web site was a mention of the "gagging" commercial. This surprised me as I just saw it this morning and thought it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and I was going to my computer to write to you about it. Is Value City trying to sell to 12 year old boys??? And even though the previous writer liked the chaise commercial I think it is annoying. Grow up Value City, the adults are the people who are going to buy (if they dare) your product. After reading reviews, you may want to close shop and reqroup, from the quality of your product to the training and review of your sales and management staff.


A few months ago I wrote and complained about the gagging commercial I read another one as well. Have not seen it for quite a while. I love the new one about the chaise. Makes me want to come in and buy one. Have been pleased with all my purchases and THANKS FOR THE NEW COMMERCIAL.


No service (walked around and past associates 81/2 months pregnant and finally had to flag a salesperson for help). Placed my order (a chair) only for it to come with no legs!!! They had to be "ordered" and I had to drive back out there and pick them up. Tried to notify coorporate, but kept getting disconnected. I can't believe this horrible experience!


St. Albans wv store. I was Shopping in this store for maybe 10 min before I started hearing foul language and yelling from some bald guy in the warehouse. This isn't something I want my 3 year old to hear so we took our shopping elsewhere. Management needs to be aware of this if they want people to be able to stay and shop long enough to make a purchase.

sectional sofa

in august 2013 i purchased a sectional sofa from the hagerstown md store. a month later i felt the wood frame hitting my legs when i sat on it, they sent a man out t who ordered 2 new cores for the cushions by the time he came back with the other three did the same thing they took my couch to the shop an they are now rebuilding the entire sub-structure i will be without a couch four two weeks with no loaner or anything to sit on


I like the way value city is changing. They have better furniture, nice ads and the sales are getting better! This definitly impacts my decision of purchasing there. The only bad thing is the general managers from the stores. They do nothing! I witnessed the bad behavior and the way they do nothing. I like value city but corporate needs to train the manager to do what they are supposed to, HELP!


Wow I do not want people to go through what I been going through so my advice do NOT shop with this company. I ordered a love seat from this company because my mother only has 60" of space to work with but when it came it was the sofa. Clearly a 92" sofa will not fit in a 60" space so when I called up there they said we're sorry we will order it now and it'll be here Saturday. Well today is Saturday and I call up there to see what time they'll be coming and they said sorry there's no oder in for you. How is it I talk to the manager and I don't have no order in. We work hard for our money and if we talk to a manager to solve this problem and it don't get fixed then who can we talk to?

Do Not BUY antyhing from the Sterling VA store or any Value City Store!!!

Purchased a daybed & mattress from the Sterling, VA store. After promising to deliver items at the same time twice their delivery folks only brought the mattress .........to make it worse their staff could only say they did not know what happened & no one was willing to come with solutions. When I asked for a manager to help with the situation he had the nerve to get an attitude and said he was not going to help! This made me more livid and then I asked for the name and number for the owner of the company and after being passed around to several departments and phone numbers I finally got that information. The entire experience is a nightmare & I will be writing a letter to the man in charge of the company as well as put in a complaint about their horrible customer service practice to the BBB. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!


Customer service at Westland, MI store is insulting! The employee at the store gave my ordered and paid for merchandise to the wrong customer. The Manager working was very RUDE, and not customer friendly. I had to call another location to get corporate office phone number to resolve my issue. I will NEVER, shop there again. Also, will make a complaint against the westland manager on duty 07/09/13.

Virginia beach mall

Our experience was good until we went to get our furniture and it wasn't what we were promised. They had horrible customer service and were only willing to give us furniture we did not ask for. :(


I would never buy another thing from vcf I am now having to buy another living room sit because they wont do the right thing about my less than a year sectional. A big waste of money. Think twice before going to Monroeville Pa. store and they are very rude.

Do Not Buy from this Store

I purchased a dinning room table that came with four chairs & a sofa sleeper in Jan 2013. The sofa was dilvered 3 times before it was correct. The first attempt wrong color, the second wrong sofa all together, after arguing with the store manager Will at the Burbank location in Chicago who wanted to charge me additional for their error, finally got it right the third time. In addition to the sofa issue, one of my dinning room chairs was delivered broken. So I had to wait for a new chair. Feb 2013 three weeks later another chair breaks. I call and now I have to have a service tec come and fix my new chair that is only three weeks old. April 13 2013 finally after over a month the service guy comes out with the wrong part. Yet again another issue. Call the salesmen Armando who assures me that they will send a brand new chair out within two days. So yet another inconvience. No matter how tempting DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM VALUE CITY. The quality of service and products SUCK and not worth your time or money. ~Shanelle


I went into my local store in boca raton, FL and explained that I wanted a large and STURDYcouch for my family. I was directed roward the largest sectional on the floor. We loved it. Bought it for over $2000 and one month later the arms were falling off, the cushions ripped out of the couch and the back support collapsed on both sides of the sectional. I thought not to worry because we had purchased a warranty. NOPE. I paid another $50 to have them send a company out to sell me on fixing it. But only after they didn't show up several times. In the end all I got was an offer to give me a discount on a new one. I can not believe the cheapness of the product, and the rudeness of the staff. Needless to say I will not be buying the rest of the funiture I need for my house at any of your locations. - completely disappointed


my experience with value city furniture was very bad. I ordered a bed room set and living room set that was damaged when delivered. The living room furniture was returned twice until i decided to get a full refund for both. I have waited for a week for my money to be returned on my card and still has not been returned as of today. Very pooor customer service and the employees at Value City on Calumet City are very unprofessional.

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