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Define journalism , Dave. If it's so iibltrncaexy linked to a model of commerce, then can you truly call it journalism right now? I don't worry overmuch about the survivability of real journalism. I think the genie crawled out of the bottle on that one several hundred years ago.I think what's happening today, especially with the Wikileaks issue, is that people are slowly responding to the slack and mediocrity which have plagued the industry for decades, now. That won't change until journalists themselves change it. If they don't, they're more than likely going to find themselves offering to write copy on the street corner for a can of beans.

Reorganization is a useful bunisess tool, if used with a solid reorganization plan to satisfy creditors, stockholders and the courts. I've helped two small bunisesses do the same. One went under the other is alive and strong today after 20 years!

I have been to the Uno by lynnhaven a few times before I goto the movies. And every time;I end up waiting 15 minutes before my drinks come to the table, a good 45minutes before my food comes and then another 10 minutes before I could get my check. You would think since they are next to a theater they would be a little more timely. Did not enjoy my experience any of the 5 times I have been there and wouldn't recommend anyone else to go there. SN: need better management I always see one guy trying to do it all.

We recieved a toally poor take out experience with UNO's in Dover New Hampshire. The fish and chips were missing the chips. The short Ribs were very short like three of them over cooked and very small amount od greasy soggy fries and vegatables. This was very unacceptable and as an ex-chef I find this food an insult to your corporation. mvecc@metrocast.net

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