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why did your guard kick out a service dog

i was here in chico, ca. get answer to my health plan. when i was kick out and harrasd by 2 of your officers. had legal paper work. but did not want to see it why?


I went to the park and lost my left shoe on the roller coaster. I have arthritis in my left leg and foot and the shoe was specially designed for my ailment. When i got off the roller coaster, there was a crowd around a little boy. Apparently, the shoe flew from the coaster and hit him on his back and he got knocked out. He was rushed to the first aid center, but thank goodness i got my shoe back.



I'm sorry to tell your employee they are not qualify to tell me if you want to fix your heater after 9 days.it means i cant to use my bathroom thank you for your company it last time to use this company .and i will tell every body about this story and i will contact with your corporation office.

Rude employees, yelled at my friend bc he mistook her for someone else.


It would be quite sexist and I mean sexist if Kristen Stewart's role in Snow White and the Huntsman was marginalized in any way because of her alleged affair. If we had to even consider that thing with a male actor, we would be left with the local milk man in a leading role. Do not go there and start treating a woman poorly because of some alleged affair. Stewart said nothing happened and I believe her. What do you know and why do you care about her personal life? Leave Kristen Stewart alone!

I would like to thank the people of Universal for make my autistic son's year. They provided us with a pass that allowed us to sign in at a ride and come back at a certain time, and he could go straight to the front. We were very impressed with the personnel and over all park. Thanks for a great memory with my family.

I went online to universal studios' website and they said that annual pass members get a free guest ticket on their birthday i waited 3 weeks and on the day of my birthday I never received it in my email .

Welcome to a posting board for idiots. Buy a VIP pass and u can flex pass to the front of the line idiot! Don't stupidly take ur attention away from ur children and you won't lose them in a theme park! (bad parent) and don't think for two minutes that security doesn't give a damn about just YOU! We have to take care of 80,000 guests a day! We care for all of u! So please leave ur own consequences from ur own actions to yourself.

I went to Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights yesterday ( Saturday October 1, 2011). To my dismay I realized that everything I wanted to do had a very very very long wait 75 min. or more!!! Are you kidding me!!! I spent $105 to go through 3 mazes!!! I waited in line for the Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses for 65 min. I finally got insdie and they shut down the maze because of a fire hazard or something. So the time I spent waiting for this maze was wasted time. When I asked for compensation for my time and money I had to argue with guest relations to get anything. The stupid person helping me was so rude and had no customer service skills and told me she could only give me free passes for day visit only. I was so mad cause I spent money to be at a special event Halloween Horror Nights so I should have been compensated for same event and price I paid. I am so mad I am going to tell everyone I know family friends and my co-workers at a very large company with 30,000 employees to never waste time and money on going to Universal Studios!!! I am so angry I feel like calling the studios and telling them to put my story on the news!!! This is a outrage and should never happen. You guys better get your stuff together or eventually you will go out of business. You should be ashamed of your business practices and should make changes immediately!!!! I want to be contacted to discuss this further at vanessagarfield@yahoo.com or (714)623-9847.

we had a child in our party, 2yrs old, go missing at the universal island of adventure park for 20-30 mins at the comic strip cafe, the park has VERY POOR security! they never showed up at the area child went missing, when we found the child on our own, he was at the outside the batman ride,luckily the janitor stopped him! we had the security called from cafe to lock down the gate. as soon as we found him we left the park. as we were leaving out the front gate, in the description of a little boy in a jeep stroller the security was letting us out! I asked her if she was even aware that a child was missing, she told me no, I told her that I have a problem with her not knowing that a child was missing to the exact description of my nephew that we are now taking out of the park,and that was a problem. I wrote a complaint with universal security, but no one will give me a number to corportate that this issue can be addressed. I find that a child could go missing this long and not have a procedure for a missing child be known by staff or security. I am writing this up to let people be very aware of this park. this situation could have been extremely bad, and it doesnt seem from the service I got that there will be any prevention of this in the future from happening. terrrible that I cant get a phone number to anyone higher up than the failed security at UNIVERSAL ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE-ORLANDO.

Looking to see if anyone at Universal can help us with our Pennsbury Prom. The theme this year is superheros and fantasy. It would be a wonderful thrill to have someone of your caliber to create and or send some amazing things that suit this theme. Pennsbury senior prom is lknow all around the world. It has been the winner of numerous awards and has even been noted in Readers Digest as Best prom. PLease Please Please someone help us to have the most amazing time for our seniors 2012. Thanks you...my email address is mtrzaska07@comcast.net

I am so disappointed in the fact that your water rides in toon town have give me a rash both times I have ridden on the water rides there.I am so upset because the ride itself is great,but the smell and the reactions I have had to the water is upsetting.I am a prefferd pass holder and I hope someone can clean these water before something worse happens to another person.I would like if someone would contcact me asap my email is as follows lanenadepapi1982@yahoo.com Thank You Jennifer

Trying getting a military discount they said they would give. We did everything they told us to do, and never received one. We kept getting different explaination on a day, days or hopper passes. If they didn't want to give one don't offer one. I also have to agree with Peter Mears, you spend all this money to wait and wait, for maybe a 60 second ride. We never got to see the Harry Potter adventure. The wait was too long. All the hype and there was only 3 rides. One small and one large roller coaster then the castle. What a waste!!! We will never go back even if they keep on building. Disney here we come. Disney knows how to treat people right, Universal you need to take some lessons from your neighbor next door. He may be a little mouse to your Hulk but I will take him any day.

The last time I went to Universal (Orlando) was 15 years ago with my young daughters. We stayed 2-3 days and had a great time. I wanted to share any part of that pleasure (this past February) with my good friend who had never visited any Florida Theme Park. To my shock, the “bargain price” for a SINGLE day was $84...but I rationalized it could be worth it for a FULL day of fun…even if we were 57 & 64 years old and didn‘t enjoy roller coasters or other fast rides. The disappointment continued as I found out my 2-3 favorite rides were now in the “new” Island Of Adventure section and all my other favorites, including the Animal Show, were still in Universal Park…and I had to decide which to choose as the “1-Day Hopper” ticket price was even more outrageous. Because of the one positive thing, short lines, we were able to cover most of the fun stuff in a couple of hours...so were quickly looking for ways to waste time and justify being there...and trying to find the value of a full-day ticket. This already-diminished value was further lessened when I discovered they even closed my favorite water ride (FOR ANNUAL MAINTENANCE!!!!!)...so my expenditure became even more of a loss. I know you will survive without my attendance or recommendation and will also not offer any compensation so…enjoy your stringent policies and business decisions. I have been permanently “soured” away from Orlando

Two days after Christmas, my wife and I took our granddaughters to see Harry Potter at Universal Studies Island of Adventure in Orlando. After waiting 45 minutes in line, I shelled out $500 for admission tickets for 3 kids and 3 adults. When we got in line for Harry Potter we were informed the wait was 5 hours. This is impossible, so we looked for alternatives. It was too cold for water rides and all the other rides had wait times of 75 minutes. The flow of pedestrian traffic is not well thought out which creates massive back up in lines wherever we went. After fighting the traffic, I spent $100 for what they sell as food and ate lunch. We then selected a Dr. Souse ride and, yes, we waited in line for 75 minutes and, yes, the kids went stir crazy. The ride lasted 3 minute. With the kids crying, we left. I ended up $600 poorer for what was suppose to have been a treat. Could you imagine a movie theater selling tickets that once you got inside, you then found out you have to wait 5 hours? This is not fair. Please refund the $600 I spent. Peter Mears ppmears@cfl.rr.com

really, this is what you're bitching about? Since when does the "Homosexual community" own a word? Gay has many meanings, and in the trailer it was specifically put in context, as not referring to Homosexuals. If you don't like the movie don't see it, but what you've done is a kin to book burning and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You have forced an artist to change his work to suit a minority position congratulations you are now more like John Burch and Hitler who also attempted to ban free speech and art. Another case of the minority hijacking the majority. if Andeson Copper dosn't like the movie he doesn't have to see it, but why should his views dictate what the rest of us see, after all, no one even tunes ito this guy his rating are below the floor. I may boycot thi film in the theater just because I know you caved to this idiot! I could care less who or what he''s having sex with, but who put him in charge of what's funny and what's not after all look at his hair enough said!

First let me say my husband and I have been card members for along time. We celebrate our anniversary and kids and grandkids birthday always at Universal. We just came back two weeks ago and another made reservation for this coming week. Here is the problem when we booked the two rooms your staff new we were card holders and never mentioned the discount for June 19th today to Aug 14th at 159.00 a night. Instead I am being charged 259.00 with tax 302.00 a night per room. When I called to get the discount I was told they were booked for those days. Your supervisor Terry said she could not adjust the rates. I ask how could you be booked when it started today she said because people booked ahead of time, I told her so did I why can't I get the discount. I am so angry I am tempted to call the tv stations and complain about the faust advertisment you people send out. If you do read this you can call me at 954-775-5611 I will no longer recommend your park to all our friends family and over 6,000 co-workers.

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