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Where's my porno?

I'm having withdrawals and can't use my old mags anymore because they just don't get me going. The company I order from sent them out of New Jersey two days ago ground and I need my stuff.

My taco shells were all broken!

UPS broke all my taco shells that me momma sent me from New Orleans. She wrapped in bubble wrap but they still broken. I call UPS and the tell me I should make nacho's. Never use UPS.


I was scheduled to receive a package from Hogentogler & Co., Inc for which I had specified a signature should be required. I was notified by UPS it would be delivered on Friday June 28th between 9 am and 7 pm. I remained at home all day waiting. At the end of the day I logged on to their 'delivery status' webpage and the updated delivery status was Saturday, between 9 am and 7 pm. I waited and at the end of the day went back to the UPS tracking site, where the delivery status was updated to Monday. I waited until 5 pm then had to leave home for a dinner engagement. When I returned there was an 'attempted delivery' on my door saying the package would be delivered the next day AFTER 5 pm. The package arrived at 1:30 pm as I was leaving the house. This service is so outrageous I am furious and frustrated and not sure how to let the company know what I think of their service. Perhaps a letter to corporate headquarters is the best that can be done.

Love animal ditched on doorstep

The driver didn't even knock. Just walked up and threw the box marked "handle with care, harmless, live reptiles" at the doorstep. Didn't even ring the bell or ask for a signature like the delivery notifications said they would do. The lack of even seeming to care that there was a live animal in the box is disgusting. FedEx drivers at least smile and ask what's in the box or at the very least make sure someone receives the package before heading to their next delivery. This is the first and LAST time UPS has been used for live animals by this household.

UPS no longer rings the door bell to announce a delivery. UPS delivers to wrong addresses. UPS leaves parcels in the pouring rain instead of shelter porch area. UPS makes it impossible to contact/send a complaint to the local delivery center that hires drivers who do this lousy service.

the ups driver made me pick up my own package on an overnight am delivery cost me 109 dollars. he said to me --- if you dont pick it up i will get to it when i get to it, then i told him that i was going to tell his super visor he then threatened my life. i made a police report and even the cops didnt want to do there jobs. I will nevr use uops agian, plus i am reporting the incident o corperte ups.

I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's ipmerssnig me! :)

Georgia W:The information put forwrad in the web shop, at the camp posters, in the terms and condition and at the order form for payment on camp all says Delivery before Christmas or / and Livraison pre9vue avant Noebl. I think this information is highly visible and hard to miss if you read about the product at all. However, the reason behind all this is ofcourse that it takes a while to make and produce an awesome memory package. Hope it'll be worth the wait.Your email should ofcourse get replied to. I personally replied to all emails before the 23rd of September and I know that there wasn't at the time being a single unanswered email in the inbox relating to the memory packages. Try to resend it or call the web shop if you have any further requests or questions but please be polite and avoid calling people a disgrace!

This is the worst company and I avoid them at all costs! Can't find my address because street apparently doesn't exist but shows right up on map quest. Then the f'n liers said that they called and b.s they called! I will have to check with a company in the future before I order anything from them ever again. Sorry for the company but these people are f'n stupid!

I tracked the package this morning and it shows undelivered because I have moved. Not true. I have been at this location since 1992. UPS delivers here all the time. I called and talked to a person who speaks English in a dialect I can't understand. Spent 28 minutes on hold waiting for someone who speaks English. Their website says the package is in a town 80 miles away. The phone rep says its in a town 80 miles in another direction. They claim they have no way to call either location. I am supposed to wait for a call from them while my client, who has his motorhome in the air waiting for parts rages at me and UPS. I will not be able to deal with UPS in the future. The representative refuses to give me a superior or a phone number for corporate offices. This once fine company has gone down the toilet.

It has taken two weeks to get a shipment from Austin, TX to my home in Sapulpa (Tulsa area), OK. The package simply cannot be found although every day I get an email message stating that the driver needs written directions to my house although UPS has delivered to this address at least fifty times in the past year and one-half. I have given the written directions FIVE times: to Moriah in Sapulpa office, to Aubrey and her supervisor at some call center, and to Karen and her supervisor at some other call center; each have read the directions back. I have been disconnected FOUR times and had to wade through the IVR and queue again. I have awaited calls that never came although UPS has FOUR contact numbers for me. Furthermore, they know the contents of the package is bullion (how they know that? I guess they opened the heavy box). I still have not received my shipment. What a bunch of losers! Me included!

UPS Embraces Do-It-Yourself Customer Service Received a mystifying bill for $1.76 for an unpaid balance of $29.32 that was, according to the UPS statement, shipped from a company I owned but sold in 2006. When I called the UPS service number, I was put on hold for 9 minutes. When an operator answered, I asked for an explanation. She said the system was being upgraded and she could not access my account. I suggested she have someone call me when the system was working, but she said she could do that. In other word, I was to keep on calling and waiting for an operator who was waiting for a system to be upgraded. If there is a system that needs upgrading, it's the telemarketing system, not the billing system.

to whomever wrote something good about UPS has to be the CEO's wife.....Way to Go...10 million CEO...employees that are part-time forever..... pay so low theft is prominent......and this is what is wrong with the system. I lived at the end of a great society...but sadly....greed.....took that country from me. Fascism is a nation that is run by corporations and believe me this is the end result. Look around.....think before you vote. Independently...writing in a candidate and hopefully we can find the country where hardwork and pay went hand in hand and good workers and good customers and things just changed....it's all about the bling now.

Just got off the phone w/the corporate relations person john kinnear. If you are expecting any help from him please do not hold your breath. He was more sympathetic to the delivery office rather than the customer. It is a shame that a company can treat their customers this way when we are the ones who are paying them, but I guarantee that my money will not be used to fund this company anymore. I will request USPS or not buy the merchandise. The number to the corporate office is 404-828-6000. You can not get this number through the 1800pickups, but maybe if more people who have complaints call the corporate office something will change.

They are terrible. They are the worst delivery service on the planet. Thwey should be put put out of business.

30 years ago great company.past 7 or 8 years not so great.managers have a real chip on there shoulder.bottom line is money.they want to get out of home delivery.because it cost to much money.it's easier to del.a bussiness.fewer complaints.residental delivery more complaints etc.cost more money to deliver.i know i have heard management complain about phone calls on home deliveries.back in the days drivers called customers by there first name.customers knew the drivers by name also.it takes to much timeto have them sign for packages.drop and go.they don't want to be bothered with home del.anymore.plus the c.m.aren't the best of people.they are hateful men and women.the cm in peoria,il from 2000-2004 was the worst.ifeel for these unhappy custmers.this would of been different back in the days.when managers cared and weren't so hateful.

Incompetent employees, phone trees to nowhere, and lost and damaged packages ... I'll never use them again and will tell any company who wants to ship via UPS that unless they have another carrier I won't buy their merchandise. UPS used to be a good company. Now I just hope they go out of business. D. David Scott's $10 million annual salary seems ... unjustified

I'm sorry that so many people have had problems with UPS. I recently had a problem with a UPS shipment and didn't know whom to contact, so I found an email address for an executive at UPS and emailed him about the issue. I didn't get a response from him, but an hour after my email, I did get a phone call from the manager of Customer Relations and while he had been unsuccessful in getting my package sent to me the same day, he felt so bad about the inconvenience, he told me to call him direct if the package didn't arrive the next day and he would continue to look at other ways to make it up to me.

Do not work for this company. We are still waiting for a paycheck from almost one year ago....after my son finally quit because he couldn't get his money. Also - he

Do not work for this company. We are still waiting for a paycheck from almost one year ago....after my son finally quit because he couldn't get his money. Also - he never received his W2 which at this moment I have made 12 phone calls to try and speak with ANYONE. Does ANYONE ever answer their phones? WE WILL NEVER EVER USE UPS FOR ANY REASON.....EVER!!!!!

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