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I spent two hrs on the phone Friday trying to get the matter resolved all I got was bring transferred to other people so 2 hrs on the phone and transferred about 15 times (no lie) even my primary doctor called to day and the nurse was put on hold 45 minutes

I have tried to submit a review and apparently was not able to submit because the lower line states "type the two words" There are no words to type. Apparently it is s scam.

Director of Accounting

Called to resolve 2 checks received with no backup. Could not get any information and was transferred numerous times. The last person I spoke to at the Railroad division was actually rude. Seems there is no centeral location or options to find out about checks received without backup. Therefore these patient's accounts will go unpaid.

Doctor's kickback

It appears to me that doctors within the UHC network will not do the necessary testing to confirm a condition that is obvious. Why? Could it be that they get a kickback if they hold down health costs?

bureaucracy at it's worse

I have had nothing but problems with uhc. The CSRs have told me different things about the same problems that I am having and when I want to speak to a manager, they lie and say the manager is going to say the same thing, but that isn't true in several calls. They cut me off from medicines and supplies that I need or I could die and they don't care. Prescriptions written by the doctor are ignored and they want the doctor to call them to verify what he has prescribed. I am going to file a complaint and get a lawyer so that if I suffer from lack of the medicines and supplies I need or die from that lack, my estate will hopefully own uhc and will shut it down. Heartless, no customer service, and they only care about the bottom line of keeping the money to themselves.

lousy customer service denying medicines

the company hires bean counters not customer service reps, who have screwed up my medicines but don't do anything to solve the problems they cause. getting a lawyer so that if I die from lack of medicine my estate will own the company and shut it down.

Care Improvement Plus, Medicare division of United

At first, CIP & United were a godsend for this moderate brain injury patient - prescriptions were paid for by both of us, (with brain injury, you get a lot of drug allergies) - then doctors started turning me down for simple tests, now they are not paying their fair share of the astronomically high prescriptions, trying to force me to use their horrendous mail order drug program where you see no pharmacists to ask questions and the prices are much higher. I am really, extremely displeased with this company and I have every intention of removing your plan from MY Medicare. You have cost me more money than I can afford to pay, without going completely broke!!

Primary care doctor

I have been trying to get U H C to correct a mistake that someone made to my account, evert since August 8. I have been shuffeled around like they playing a ball game with me. I am very upset with this company. I believe that becuse of the age of their clients they think it is okay to push us any way they choose.

Call wait times

Your company is the scum of the earth. I cancelled my policy and hope others will do the same. Ridiculous! You should be put out of business.

CAC Medicaid Rep

Every day in my job I see many clients. Some happy other not .... but always people are happy and not complain with UHC community and state plan..... we are here to serve you and your family

I had both of my knees replaced in the 2011 United Health Care was very easy to deal with my doctor. All bills got with no problems. So I can say I must have got lucky...

I agree they are horrible they tell me where to go for blood work and now they are not covering it. They need to be sued so they will wake up or every company quit using them!!!!!!! Wish I could put no stars.

Beware dont use them

Refusing to pay for services in network. Wish I could put -star. noone in customer service knows what they are doing if you call 5 times you get 5 different answers.

I take back my earlier review

After further review, the information provided was not correct. When calling back, all I got was someone who was argumentative and told me to basically get out a calculator and figure it out myself.

Evidence of Coverage Letter

I need a letter stating that I had dental coverage throughout 2013. UHC refuses to provide the letter. I have filed a complaint with Medicare.


i have no rating for this company. The ratings don'r go that low. This is the worst company to work for or have insurance with. They are pigs. Stay away from them.

medicare prescription drug plan

on 12/31/2013 many participants were disenrolled for their payment not posted on December 31,2013. I will complain to AARP and Medicare regarding this unfair and unsafe practice. I personally was enrolled with this company for several years. I belie I missed maybe one payment and the instruction from the company as I have been informed was to post that payment to the late payment this I would not continue as a covered employee. Horrible practice and one that I will not sit quiet about.

Despicable Company

It has taken over a month, DOZENS of phone calls from me as well as DOZENS of calls, letters, and faxes from the neurologist, calls from the referring physician, calls from the patient advocate at Michelin (where the group insurance is purchased from), and still no resolution. They all pass the buck, give you another number to call, and another department/person to speak to.

Deceptive business practices

What kind of organization that is suppose to geared toward customer service does not provide contact phone numbers, e-mail addresses or over the last names of their representatives. Answer-a company that is structured around upsetting people so deaply that they have to keep their employees as anonymous and not traceable as possible. KARMA-United Health Care....


Incompetent Provider Relations, don't pay claims, give providers run around thiking they will get frustrated and give up. They want me to give them 5 stars to post this....it's actually minus 5

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