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Review by J.H.U. for Microsoft Office 2010 Home Student (Disc Version)</a> Rating: If you're like me and own the 2007 vresion, you probably found the Microsoft Office 2010 Home/Student a welcome surprise. First off, there's really no earth moving changes to the latest vresion. Just a nice tune up with a couple of new features.I like the improved Ribbon. The ribbon is now fully customizable. The usual options (open/print/save) are all still there. Missing are the annoying boxes and tabs. Now everything is easily accessible and under one roof with Backstage View. The new template feature is a keeper. Web apps is certainly a welcome tool. Accessing my documents just got easier.For me, the big kicker was the improved features in Power Point. Video splicing and direct photo editing has never been sweeter. The built in fade feature was something unexpected. Without a doubt, I like being able to perform those functions under one program.Word has been fine tuned to allow for easier navigation and document building. Everything is right there. No more Where will I find? menus. Excel is outfitted with a new tool called Power Pivot. Basically if I'm running with a major data load that requires more then one spreadsheet, it taps into supporting documents.I've found that One Note to be an above average tool when I was working with two laptops. I like the auto link feature that keeps you in play with Word, Power Point or the internet. The format painter is sweet.I know its only wishful thinking but Outlook would've certainly made this new vresion complete. The new tweaks may or may not make it easier for some, but its a step in the right direction. For me personally, I think Microsoft finally got it right on this one.

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