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Hi,I wondered if you would be scoiktng felt balls? or also Rose trim {3d roses on ribbon or mesh} and finally {phew} i wondered???? If you may in the future have an option for selling scrap bags, {ideal for us patchworkers and quilters, plus uses up your scraps} eco friendly and money making for you lol. Loving the blog and new site design, keep up the good work.Best Wishes, Michelle x

A lot of people had some harsh rweeivs of this article. It could be that the writer was trying to find better alternatives to fast food, which is arguabley a lot worse than the things suggeseted in this writing. I agree that you can eat healthy without having to spend hours in the kitchen, or break the bank on food costs. I think we have gotten so used to an instant world that we have taken the enjoyment out of food preparation. I believe that we would be a lot healthier and happier if we took the time to develop a relationship with our food and its preparation.

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