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Obviously in the changeover from Charter One, there has been a lack of training on new US Bank rules and procedures.

bad services

They don't have loyalty towards their customers and they don't value their customers, but they want your service and they lie to their customers. They don't even deserve a star.

soon to be Ex-customer

Worst bank to do business with. Worst Customer Service. Would never ever do any business of open any accounts with this bank ever ever again.

Worst bank ever, I would never ever do business with US Bank. bad customer service, and NO BODY cares. give it a -5

IRA Annual fee Ripoff

This is the only bank or brokerage to charge an annual fee to be the custodian of one's IRA.I would never stand for that. But I recently saw a friend's statement. He earned $8.73 interest for the 12 months ended 12-31-14, and was charged an annual fee of $30.00. If that makes sense to anyone, be sure to let me know!

No Customer Service

This bank would have to look up to see the bottom. I reported a mortgagee death last year, and again this year and yet nobody seems to have seen the documents. Trying to get an address is next to impossible, they only phrase the service reps know is "fax it".

My Branch

My review is Minus 5 Stars. I was told by my branch's manager to take my home out of my trust or he wouldn't take a home equity loan application. He demanded to see the original deed. I had it recorded, showed it to him, and he took a copy. He took my application. Two weeks later he denied he told me to do it. I have contacted the Regional manager, and she can't control her own employees. My loan was approved by the corporate office. I supplied my home insurance, and two other documents they asked for. I asked them to contact me in writing. They refuse to. It's been ridiculous. They gave me legal advice, the regional manager acknowledged this. She offered to pay the expenses for taking it out of the Trust, and putting it back in the Trust. I have asked for her supervisor's information. She has not replied.

Rip off

I went in to my local branch to get copies of my statements the lady helping me told me there would be a charge never told me how much it would be. Two days later they took $336 from my account. I called customer service they told me they could not help me and that I needed to go back to the branch. I went in to the branch to talk to the manager I received half of the money back and was told by the branch manager that I would get a call back on the remainder of the money. Three days later and I am still waiting. If I do not hear from them tomorrow I am going to file a dispute with the BBB.

Tis bank is a scam. I called because my monthly payment went up and the lady tells me because my taxes went up. I told her that my escrow stayed the same so there is no way my taxes went up. SHe then told me my insurance went up which wouldn't happen in the middle of September. Then she said my city tax went up and I don't even live in the city. Beware of this bank. I am in the middle of changing banks


well usbank took or credit out 34.95 out of my account . number on they put me in the hole . i been with usbank for a long time , never had to use fraud , someone took money out of my account . this how i'm treated with the bank . i never in my life that all treat your customer this way .. i just had to fix my account due to a alarm people taking money out , after i cancel my services with them .. i'm not working right now . i'm a single mom . this what i get . i mean i'm at the point in tears and crying .. really


I agree with everyone here: WORST BANK EVER. still sending me bills for mortgage payment 2 years after foreclosure notice. This continues to push my credit rating back down to start of seven year recoup cycle every month. They refuse to stop.

Account Updates

I am a new customer with US Bank. I overdrew my account the first month because I had no idea that US Bank does not have real time updating in the internet. Over the 4th of July Holiday, from the 3rd to the 7th, there were no updates. Even 5/3 bank updates in real time! I guess I won't be with US Bank very long unless they can make it into the 21st century immediately.

bad community relations and PC

Just learned U S Bank has fired a teller with 25 years employment with the bank for saying "have a blessed day". I am fed 100% up with PC that attacks my religion, my nation, the Constitution. We have 3 accounts and all will be closed within a week. I ask everyone that is tired of PC and attacks on Christianity to close your accounts. Let them have the ILLEGAL ALIEN and ISLAMIC business. No more business from me.

poor customer service

I am wanting to draw out a large sum of money and they are telling that I am not able to get my own money out for almost a week. So then I asked if I could get a cashiers check and they want to charge me for that. Very poor customer service

They ain't no five star!!!

I deposited my check on the 21st, and its over a week and they are holding my funds to date!!! The customer care won't let me talk to the manager, I hope the corporate offices read all these reviews and are doing something about it!!! We have bills to settle and emergency that need to be taken care!!!

This bank STOLE my cash right out of the ATM, and will not return it. They state that I didn't put any money in the envelope, and they are not returning it (based on employee's word). They won't allow me to talk to anyone past customer service, and have not stated they watched the surveillance camera. I filed a claim in small claims court. Hopefully they see this in my favor. This bank is the worst bank I have EVER used!


I wonder how they are staying in business, they are so screwed up it is not funny, sent them insurance check to endorse and mail back to us, with other leasing co.'s it take 4-6 days to get the check back, in this case I sent the check on 12/19/13 and as of this date 1/17/14 ... I can not get an answer from any one, when I call In get switched to 5 -7 people with no result average call takes an hour or more, these people should not be allowed to do business any place in the US,I will give them minus 10.


This bank is really horrible. I opened an account, and my check was direct deposited into the account. Yet, I have no access to my funds. They expedited me a bank card, but no pin number. I cannot pay my bills, everything is late. I have no money or no way to access even if I attempt to send money western union, will take up to 3 business days to receive it. As soon, as I get access to my funds. I will be withdrawing and closing my account. The telephone bankers are rude, and they all pass the blame. They will not allow you to speak with a supervisor or manager, and constantly blame the last representative for their mistakes...The worst bank I have ever dealt with in my life!!!...Absolutely SUCKS

Talk shows in illinois trash your bank terrible .Referring to their genitals on fire etc-Claiming difficult not educated Mortgage Bankers and telling everyone stay away from US Bank. How can you defend yourselves against this?

In Grocery Store Locations

These reviews concern me, and I didn't realize USB was so bad. We have been with them for about 4-years, and honestly found them to be customer service oriented, but then we are not dealing with Mortgage Loans, or Insurance issues. My main concern is the in grocery store location, we deal with quite often, is repeatedly getting robbed. I don't get Managements position on this location. Isn't it time to close this location. They tried security guard, this has failed. My perception of this particular location, since they changed Management, this location has been hit 3-times within the same year. When will Corporate learn? Well, after these reviews, and my concern of USBank security at these grocery store locations, we may be looking for another bank to have our SS checks direct deposited. This is all we have, and can't afford to have our money stolen repeatedly, and without some kind of Corporate decision to close these offices.

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