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TYVM you've solved all my pobrlmes

Sun 05-15-11 It has been over three months since WalMart IT staff broke the "Add to cart" button on the WalMart.com shopping website. Leaving all of us stranded, and unable to engage in commerce! They are fully aware of it, they fully admit it in email replies, and even indicate many others are effected by this problem ! one even indicates that staff members computers are effected too ! But no one will put it back the way it was when it worked... Corporate, just so your getting an idea of how big a problem this is, everyone at work, church, and a few breakfast spots are effected too. One of them purchased a laptop AT WALMART that is ONLY about a half year old, it also cannot use the "Add to cart" button either, what a slap in your face ! Myself, I have five computers of different make, and CPU brand. All five are loaded quad-boot with four different operating systems. And all four OS's have Firefox, Opera, and Micro$haft's own delite, Internet exploder... To be clear, thats twelve browser choices, across four operating systems ! NOT ONE WORKS ! I shopped for years before they broke it, so did everyone else I have spoken to now ! The worst part is every other button, and all other links on WalMart.com work ! We can all look inside our "Cart", so it isn't a security related issue. We can even click the button to "Checkout", but of course it complains that the cart is empty. We are all very very fustrated and disapointed, but your loosing huge amounts of commerce too ! Get ahold of this foolish IT staff and ORDER THEM to roll back the change to that necessary button ! And, for the record, I have supplied them with endless technical emails, documenting the details from error consoles and scripts, fully indicating where the problems lay, and what to fix ! So they have no excuse at all, but apparently no incentive to fix it ! That is CORPORATE's job, damnit ! Fire the oversite manager for the IT staff, and make the staff do their job now please! Thank you for your consideration, We The People Sun 05-15-11

The USA drug store on Dollarway Road in Pine Bluff, AR is discriminating in it's selling practises and in it's hiring practises. I'm sure whomever owns this store doesn't know this is going on. The head pharmicist needs to be looked at for his selling practises because something is not right. My phone number is 870-718-0163 if someone would like to talk to me. Because I'm real upset by the way i was treated yesterday.

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