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Go somewhere else USAA has lied to me many times. Check on the internet where USAA has been and being sued over and over....

Unsatisfactory and unprofessional servide

I spent two hours trying to log on to USAA website and was blocked every time. I called the support number 3 times and spoke with no less than 5 customer service representatives--all of whom were unable to assist me in resolving the problem . I finally had to make the decision to close my savings account and take my business elsewhere. I have been a USAA member since 1967. But no more.

Customer Care

USAA has grown bigger. It not better in the last few years. No longer can members with long membership get the quality care from the bank or home loan departments.

stay away from USAA

they will rob you take your money for years and years then try and file one claim GODD LUCK you will lose I now have to file insurance fraud claims with the New Jersey insurance fraud division I am amazed USAA has gone so far downhill they werent like that in the 80's SAD


This so-called bank is the worst I have ever dealt with in over 25 years of banking. I will never bank with them ever again!!


We bank with USAA , last week we have made a small deposit to our checking account at the UPS store . Usaa placed a hold for 8 days we called on the date that was deposited and advised we got rent to pay can they it be release ? the rep declined and said I would need to wait until the date it clear 6/15/2013 please folks contact Federal trade to file complaints !

Don't Place a Property Claim

After being with USAA for 18 years I filed my first property claim for my TV. I was moving it and dropped it! I was drilled for 6 months accussing me of lying cheating and finally defrauding the company. I finally just closed the claim after providing the agent with undisputable proof on my claim. I was told I could no longer get insurance from USAA because of my claim. It is so hard to believe...if it wasn't me I would say, YA RIGHT and what is the real story, but it is me and this is the REAL story! I was so proud to be a USAA member 18 years ago, but to be accussed of defrauding the company is so humiliating, I just find it so hard to believe the company could change so much! REALLY over a stupid TV.


Logging in to secure information about USAA services has become so complicated and convoluted that it's simply useless!!! Thoouh I've been a member since 1955 I shall soon drop my membership and look elsewhere for coverage. Sorry.

USAA is advertising they report to all 3 credit bureau with there Credut Card, however they are only reporting to 2 and leaving out experian. And when i call they give me the run around saying they report it and when i call experian they say they havent receved anything. I went to online fourms and this is happing to more people that me. It really putting me in a bad situation because im trying to buy a home and with out that score being reported its not improving my score enough to qualify for a house. Dont use USAA Credit Cards they are not producing as advertised.

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AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA Have had some success in life and own multiple homes. Insure them with USAA, as I do all my cars (5+.)Been with them over twenty-nine years, never failed a claim ever. Wind storm blew in, and knocked a row of trees over. Filed a claim, denied! They have been happy taking my premiums all the years. Now I'm looking for a new insurer. AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID USAA AVOID PERIOD

"ATTENTION ALL USAA MEMBERS WHO ARE "PARENTS"OR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO ADD ANY FAMILY MEMBERS ON YOUR ACCOUNT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF USAA....... Reading through the reviews of all the customers complaints it is very disturbing as an American and a soldier of the United States that a company who supposed to cater to our people who serves our country are not being heard by the same people on the Board of Directors who have served our country themselves. They all should be ashamed of themselves to be even apart of claiming to serve their countries as American retired soldiers. The soldiers I've known stands for "integrity" and takes pride in what they do and who they are as American Soldiers!!!! My story with USAA is that an employee by the name of "Philip Baxter" Who claims to be the "Executive Resolution Senior" Not only lied to me about there isn't a way of contacting USAA Corporate Office. He also, informed me of how USAA's regulations for you as a parent to open an account for you and your children are sooo screwed up!!!! The employees who represents USAA are not trained nor obligated to tell you that as a Parent if you set up an account for your child when they are teenagers, when they become adults and leave home to go to college or else where You are still responsible for whatever financial situations that they encounter as Adults. That means without your authority or permission you will be liable for their financial debt? USAA will wrongfully go into your account and take your hard earned money out of your account to pay for your grown child's debt even if you're not responsible for their account. They will withdraw it directly out of your account without giving you notice, and NO NO NO NO NO they will NOT return your money to you neither. Evidently, it is your responsibility as a Parent of your Adult child to still be responsible for their actions. But the sad part is in America if your child commits a crime the parent don't serve their time they are responsible to serve their own Time!!!! But Hey! Guess who is the CEO of USAA a bunch of so called arrogant, money hungry, so called Retired Generals who looks only after themselves and so call Looking after the soldiers of the united States but they are actually screwing these poor innocent Soldiers who put all their hard earned Money into a company like USAA who does nothing but Screw them and their Families. After all the Damage the Military has done now you go to worry about our your Finance!!!!!

USAA moved money around in my account, and then charged me $290 in NSF. USAA alleges that the NSF charges are accurate, further alleging that my checks posted a day earlier than the "Post Dates" that USAA lists in their online ledger--ultimately justifying these charges of almost $300. USAA appreantly believes they should be permitted to list an inaccurate and deceptive Post Date in the customer's online account--and further that they may collect fees from the customer--even when the evidence clearly and plainly proves these fees are not justified. I disagree with USAA's "smoke and mirrors" approach to banking! I have filed with the Illinois Attorney General and with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

You must not be required to have much of an education to work for USAA. HORRIBLE customer service, they DO NOT care at all about military or their families. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.

Worst company ever....I'm going back to Geico.....

I've been a member for 50 years. I have been embarassed by USAA. They gave an oral ok to an estimate from a mechanic, then renegged and negotiate a lower payment. I always thought USAA was "my company" and as honest as I am. It isn't.

Your company DOES NOT care about the military families and finalizing a closing on a home. The process started at the end of July 2011, It now is Sept. 30th and no closing date. Your employees are not doing their jobs. It is a sad and frustrating the way they teat a person that has put his life down for this country. The lack of returning and ignoring phone calls is beyond me.

Trying to get in touch with any member of management of your Tampa Florida facility for over a month. It is apparent that either no one returns calls or mamnagement could careless. One of your employees: Jennifer Renee Hull Incardona was investigated, confronted, found guilty and then fired from JP Morgan Chase for unethical behavior. She used her position in auto collections, to pull trimerge credit reports and Lexis Nexis reports for personal and financial gain. The personal part was for anyone who her ex boyfriend may have an interest in. She does not believe that the current laws apply to her. As this was my case. Dan Delmonte in Global Security performed a full investigation and found that she had pulled credit for the reasons stated above. When questioned directly, she lied and stated she did not know who I was. She also denied pulling credit reports and Lexis Nexis reports for several auto repossessors who call on her and her position at Chase to pull credit reports and detailed personal information and provide them with the information, which assists them in locating their clients and also provides them with financial gain for all parties. And please note, that she had been doing this for years. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and called your 1-800 number so many times and yet, I still cannot get a single person to call me back. So I am posting this here and if I cannot get anyone to call me, I will have to file another complaint. It's apparent she falsified her prior work experience and reason for leaving Chase. Please feel free to call Chase's Vice President of Global Security. His name is Dan Delmonte and his direct phone number is ?. I have it, if you care to call me back. If not, I'll will post this on every website that ¥ou have. Ms. Incardona does not deserve the privilege of free access to all of your clients information. I can only hope she has not sold their information. I can be reached at 813-300-9453. Call anytime.

Gary Summers in follow up to submitted proposal on how better to serve US Military and thier families. My proposal was sent to your corporate offices six months ago. USSA boast that they are the most dedicated company that helps and services military families...hum...I wonder. Please go to www.savcard.com for a profile on what I have in mind...However, and lacking on the website is how it can be offered to through DeCA operations. I am sure you are familar with DeCA...There are 5000 in the chain that services military and their famlies. If you would like more of a briefing please feel free to contact me. Your front door doesn't seem to work...Attempting to get someone's attention via this weblink to you. Thank you. Retired Fortune 500 Exec I AM, Gary Summers gsummers@woh.rr.com

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