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Dish Customer

Turner ranks with all the other corporation. They want to ruin America. They are all about money and not the human being. Remember Americans its up to us to stand up to these ccorporation. We will need to give things they control. We can do with out materialistic things in reality.

Baseball Playoff Coverage

Your coverage of baseball is the worst I have seen.Obviously done on a budget with one camera or a guy in the upper deck with an iPhone, I'm not sure, but I was dizzy by the second inning, by the fourth inning I was experiencing nausea, and now it's the fifth inning and I can't watch anymore.By the seventh I would have already vomited.

Why was the San Francisco Giants playoff game pre-empted by Yankees/Orioles baseball game? Just another snub of west coast baseball, by the east coast elite ??? I probably know the answer, money. Once again common sense looses out.

Gary, don't know his last name, who was broadcasting with Ian Baker-Finch on Saturday's PGA tournament should not be allowed on air. His negativity was past the point of rudeness. Unfortunately, he let his personal feelings of some of the players show through which diminished his effectiveness as a commentator. I think his co-announder might have been embarrassed by his remarks.

most biased baseball broadcast i have ever heard in my life.

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